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Monday, Martch 24th

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This was supposed to be in the March 23 thread, so looking at it here may not make any sense so I deleted some of it.

My opinion / theory what ever you want to call it that every person has some just don't say it was all about having fun since our HG are not that entertaining lately and seem to be lacking common sense and a few functioning brain cells. I also said double eviction this week would be great but doesn't mean it's going to happen at all in the show. I did not say Chelsia was paid $21,000 to keep her mouth shut and that they are all in on James winning. It was just funny when she's leaving she wins money. Maybe she's lucky good for her but we can say what we want about it believing it or joking about it. It's not like anyone here on the BB board is forming a boycott because they believe the game is fixed.

I thought people came here to discuss the show, give opinions, let others know what they missed and what they think about the show the people etc and to have some fun.

People here or anywhere else can believe the show is fixed or not it's their opinion and I'm not here change it or prove anyone wrong. It's their opinion and I respect that.

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