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The Fairness Of My Moderators


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Excuse me for being off-topic for a moment, I know this post doesn't sound very welcoming.

During the Big Brother season, the Big Brother forums are moderated almost exclusively by Cecimom. Cecimom has been modding here for three years now. Based on the complaints I receive, I feel she is doing a fair and unbiased job. I get complaints from "both sides," both, saying she favors, "the other side." Wouldn't this indicate she hasn't taken sides?

Cecimom donates many hours a day of her time to running the forums. The board sends me a report of all her modding activities, and I've never seen anything that required my intervention.

The volume of posting that takes place during BB is very high, and Cecimom puts in more time and effort keeping things running than anyone else.

Each season I try to bring in some extra helpers, but by the time the season starts, they've burnt out on complaints and petty bickering. Frankly, I'm almost there myself. It's a damn TV show. No one's opinion on it should cause so much concern.

For years now, people have asked me to take a more active role in managing the forums. On several occasions I have tried to do things my way, and the results were disastrous. I don't moderate, I delete. I delete posts, threads, topics and users. I don't have the time to read through all the BS, so I delete it. Recently, I suspended a few users, simply because they took up too much of my time. I regret having to do this, but I don't have any more time to devote to these matters.

Please be courteous of others. I'm asking this especially of our off-season regulars. Don't take this stuff so seriously. Please respect all our moderators, and hosts. And don't say we're not being fair, we're just doing the best we can.


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