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August 3rd - Grammar Corrected Version


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12:30AM BBT: The doorbell rings and Dustin comes in. Dustin has noticed that Dick is freaking out and wants to know what is going on. They talk about the second vote. Dustin mentions something about what Dick said to Kail. Dick says Kail has been hiding the entire fucking time (with Eric) and everything is becoming clearer and clearer. Dick says he is flipping out and to let him flip out.

Daniele tells Dick to stop flipping out. There's more talk of Eric. More "F" bombs from Dick about Eric. He is very, very, very, very, very pissed. Daniele doesn't want to put Eric up because he'll go crazy. Dick says to lock herself in the HoH. They're counting votes. They think that Jameka, Jessica, and Zach don't want Daniele out...

Daniele thinks that she needs to put up Kail and Jen and act cool. "If Eric gets PoV, we get screwed. We need to backdoor him." [This would possibly be the third week in a row, and a Big Brother house record, where Jen and Kail are nominated at the ceremony but neither one will go home.]

Dick: "Jameka let it out today when she started cheering for Kail. I called her out saying that she knew that she wouldn't be going up anyway."

Now talking strategy

Dick: "Eric is the brains of the whole thing."

Once again, the plan is to backdoor Eric by nominating Kail and Jen for the third time in a row. [sorry if this all sounds repetitious, but that's the way things are in the BB house when they talk strategy.]

Daniele says this won't work if he can't keep quiet. Dick says is doing the same thing with the Mrs. Robinson Alliance, "Feed Kail a line and see how she runs with it."

Daniele: "For you, me, and Nick, we need Eric out of here."

Dick: "Fuck the LNC, it's all bullshit."

Daniele: Last week Dustin showed how selfish he is and that he didn't care about Amber. We might be able to use that at the last minute. DO NOT tell anybody. If PoV is not used, we

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