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Think, Erika-remember your talks with Janelle just a few days ago?


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As happy as I am that Erika is getting exactly what she asked for, you gotta feel a little bit bad for her...

Last night Boogie asked Erika how it was for her last time around, re-acclimating into society. She told him how she went straight into heart-break...literally: she actually went home to find her house empty-Josh had moved all his stuff out. This year ain't gonna be much better.

Hard to imagine. But she did bring this on herself. it was just a few days ago that she and Janelle spent an entire day and a half going over and over every example of how they were EACH being completely TAKEN by their respective Chill Town men, and how STUPID they felt! How is it that she used these past couple of days just pining away after Boogie to such an extent that she has not only completely forgotten all that, but she has pathetically re-fallen for him? It makes me cringe - I feel like apologizing for women everywhere.

Here's an example from just last night:

in the showers -- Erika was already in her shower when Boogie headed over to his - she held her door open to let him in to share her shower, but *diss* he walked right on by and into the next stall. A few minutes later Erika poked her head around the divider and announced that she <might> peek.

Then they talk some small talk, and Erika leads the conversation around to whether Boogie really thinks she's hot...then she confirms for him that he really is sexy...as she walks over (she is now out of the shower and in her towel) and looks straight at him in his shower. He tells her that he now thinks that he is a little bit sexy, but he used to be only funny.

Boogie pleads with Erika to PLEASE go NOW to ask them for a movie tonight (thre reason for our extended FOTH right now) "Maybe Meet the Parents" and he adds as she is walking down the hall, "I'll do whatever you want-" so she calls back "You will??!" all happy, but he didn't get it, because he answered "yeah, I think we like the same things."

It was sad enough watching Erika pining away after this guy who she was about to learn some heartbreaking news about - watching her stand behind Boogie at the door, not looking at him as he would not even glance back in her direction after they announced that he won - and right after she saw a few clips of the REAL feelings he had about her -

well, THAT was pitiful.

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