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Big Brother Trivia


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So We've had the pleasure of reading some Big Brother Trivia during the FOTH, but I'm getting bored of the same questions...please post your favorite trivia questions to see if you can stump any of us viewers!

I posted the ones that are playing during FOTH (answers in white, if you want to see the answer, just highlight the word with your mouse)

On BB2 Will was known for shaving his entire body. True or False? True

On BB2, who won the car in the first competition? Autumn or Kent Kent

What was the name of the pet the HGs received in BB1? Chiquita or Banana? Chiquita

What was the name of the alliance of Will, Boogie and Shannon. Chill Town or Hot Town? Chill Town

What did the Big Brother 2 HGs get to communicate with the ghost in the Big Brother House? Spirit Board? or a Psychic? Spirit Board

What toy did Dr. Will receive for the house as a result of an America's Choice Question? A Volleyball Set or A Trampoline? A Trampoline

Who won BB2? Monica or Will? Will

Which BB2 HG was known for her expression, "It's awn!" Nicole or Monica Monica

Who was the first person ever evicted in Big Brother history? Will Mega

What type of pet did the HGs get in BB1? A Kitten or a Puppy? Puppy

Who save the Big Brother pet from drowning on a live show? Eddie or Will Mega? Eddie

What type of pet did the HGs in Big Brother 2 receive? A Monkey or a Pig? Pig

What was the name of the pig the HGs took care of in BB2 Ophelia or Juliet? Ophelia

Who tried to convince the BB1 houseguests to walk out? Eddie or Chicken George Chicken George

Who wore a space suit and attempted to launch out of the Big Brother shower? Brittany or Chicken George? Chicken George

Chicken George's wife united his hometown by creating a voting campaign in an effort to evict Brittany from the Big Brother house? True or False True

The houseguests were offered $250,000 to move out in BB1 True or False? False (It was $20,000)

What was the name of the woman that would have moved into the Big Brother house in season one if someone had accepted the $20,000 offer? Becky or Beth Beth

Houseguests received messages via planes flying banners in BB1 True or False? True

What was the name of the boy band the Big Brother 2 guys started? "The Big Bros" or "Too Hype" "Too Hype"

The houseguests in BB1 wrote and sang lyrics to the Big Brother theme. What was the name of the song? "Into Our Lives" or "Welcome to our World" "Into Our Lives"

Who was the winner of BB1? Chicken George or Eddie? Eddie

Contestants from Survivor competed against the HGs in BB2. True or False? True

Which two house guests from season two became engaged at the end of the show? Kent and Sheryl or Mike and Krista? Mike and Krista

On Big Brother 2, who's toothbrush did Shannon use to clean the toilet? Mike Boogie's or Hardy's Hardy's

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