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Good V Evil

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oh you scared me by even mentioning Cowboy. Good lord, if he had been in the house this year I would have died from boredom. Even during his rare outbursts in BB5 they were boring. (like when he was convinced Holly had a twin, I wanted to gag him, his stupidity was so grating) He was one of the only ones out of the 6 that I did NOT feel bad for about being locked out. Maybe it was because he looked so convinced America would vote him in so we could hear him cry for 90 days about how much he missed his wife and family. When they announced the 20 candidates my sister and I both threw our remote controls when Cowboy came up. I wanted BB5's Will to at least be a candidate. ANYONE, but Cowboy. And what was it that he said? "Big Brother has never had a contestant like me before and I want to thank all of my fans." I couldn't believe how arrogant he was!

Ok, I ranted and raved, see what the name Cowboy does to me? :o

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