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Friday, September 22, 2023 - Big Brother 25 Live Feed Updates

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is Pacific Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here) until Sunday, November 5, when Daylight Saving Time ends. 

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.

To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB25-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Have-Not Room (HNR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Lounge Area Across from the HoH room.  (Loft)
Theme bedroom [Upside down] (UBR )
Theme bedroom [it's a fun comic book style] (CBR)

Theme bedroom [it's scary theme] (SBR)


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Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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1:40am BBT Matt, Cory and Jag talking about how they are going to stick together and get Cam or Jared to trust them again til they can revote them out.

Jag now in HN rm telling each other bs. Blue doesn't believe him. He is confronting her about ratting him out to America.

Blue said her and America were doing this dance about playing together seeing if secrets they told each other got around. and then America spilled it so Blue never really trusted her.

Blue just told Jag she is going to have to take them out for putting her up next to Jared . She thought they were a solid 5.


Cory and Matt talking in the Game rm about how they were all going to pick Cirie til she got out of the HOH comp. Cory mad at Meme for picking Bowie first. They wanted Blue out early too.

Matt wondering what Reilly thinks about todays comp. Cory knows his family is proud of him. He says not matter what happens going forward this will be one of his best memories. Matt says today he showed his cards about whose side he was on and now has to play it out. Talking about final 4 and how anyone could win it.


2:00am BBT Meme and Jared in WA having convo about how Cory and America came to her and said they have the votes to get Izzy out so her and Felicia went that way. She apologized for not coming to him to give a heads up.

Jared upset Meme and Mama F didn't throw him their votes. She says in the moment they knew they didn't have the votes so they went with the group. She tells him the pecking order to vote out was Cam, Jared, Cirie, Bowie, Felicia and the rest of them would fight to the end. She says she would be an idiot to trust anyone's word right now and how she is going to try hard not to cuss anyone out to put a target on herself. Jared finally listening for once instead of trying to talk over her.


Back to HN rm with Jag and Blue still continuing their talk. Jag says he's been a scapegoat the entire game. He really didn't trust anything Cirie told him.


2:15am BBT Now in HN rm is Matt and Blue talking about her final 4 with Cirie, Pooh, Izzy and herself. 

Matt tells Blue he knew about all the twosomes he knew about. He's not trying to throw anyone under the bus but they came to him to not use the veto on her because they were the majority. [he is backtracking now trying to explain why they put a target on Jared] She thought Jared was going up against Cirie. Cory told her she wasn't going up but she suspected it. She knows she is on the bottom of their group. She can't trust Comerica. She says she really trusts Jag and Matt [but does she really now?]

Blue asks him how he feels bout Cory and America. He says he just want to be in a group where they can trust each other and not put each other at risk. Comerica has been coasting and this is their first big move. [I think Matt is still in the middle]

They are not sure where Cam would stand if he stays. Matt says Cam told him he wants to work with their side but he doesn't really trust him but Jared really burned his bridge with him. Matt tells her she was never mentioned as being next up. She agrees. says Jared is not her ride or die as she is here for the money so playing with him was good for her game at the time. [cant tell if she is telling Matt BS] She is not on a reality dating show. We've only known each other 50 days.

Matt wants to know what she means about not being ready for Jared to leave. Blue says she thought she had more time to keep Jared and Cory from being against each other. America told Blue to get Jared to back off Cory and even went to Cirie to get her to help. Blue said that was to cover her, americas, ass.


2:30am BBT Jag and Cory in GR talking about past seasons will stack up against this season. They are going to be up there against the best. [ Icons in their own minds] Rehashing this season and why it will be known as one of the best.


Camera on Cam sleeping in Scary Rm.


Blue and Matt done talking. She is now out with Jag and Cory all eating gummies. talking about how they failed at the question comps.

Jag and Blue going to go to bed. Jared in DR

Cory and Matt still waiting to go into DR


2:44am BBT Cory and Matt talking in the GR about their talks with Blue and who might win the comp to stay. They think Cam will beat Jared. They need Cam to stay so they can control  Blue because she would have nowhere to go but to them.

Matt goes down to WA to brush teeth

Jag and Blue still there.

Cory wants his toothbrush but lights are out in SR.

Matt talking about all the scars he has from the physical comps.


Jared comes out of DR and straight to potty.


WBRB swirlies



3:05am BBTJag and Matt in SR talking about how Jared won't come back with them . maybe they should make a fake all male alliance and include Blue. Worried about Cory always playing the middle but now he's shown his cards.

Talk of how they should have stayed with the women's alliance and then they could have run the table and been the final two but got mixed up with Comerica instead!


Matt, Jag, Blue and Jared in the WA. Jared telling them there is a comp probably later today and then a final comp on Thursday to determine who stays in the game. Plus scary verse things for the other HGs. 

Jag wants to go to bed.

Cory finally in the DR. Matt still waiting.

Jag and Matt leave.

Blue stays to talk to Jared.

Matt sitting alone on couch.


320am BBT Jared tells Blue how he doesn't like how awkward how it is between them now. They are playing out different scenarios of how their relationship could go over the next 50 days.

Cameras all cut to Matt sitting alone staring at the ceiling in LR

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[Wonder how late they will get to sleep in after staying up all night]

Cory out of DR and going to bed.

Matt into DR.

All cameras switch to sleeping HGs.


[The sun is coming up here now. I should either go to bed or have some coffee!] 


later folks



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330am BBT  Blue and Jared just popped back up. Jared asks if she trusts Comerica and she says no. How about Matt and Jag. She says to a certain extent.

He wants to know is she would have told Jag if he was the target like she didn't tell him. She said no she wouldn't have told Jag. She was actually surprised Matt didn't use the veto. Jag had asked her if she would have put up America and she said yes because she didn't trust her anymore. She really was working towards getting Cory off his back. She thought she had more time.[ Jared seems to be contemplating whether or not to believe her]

He asks if he stays will she trust him...in a game sense not relationship.

Game wise she is not sure if she can trust him as they have both lost some trust in each other this week but she is willing to see if that can be repaired going forward.

He asks if she thinks it will be bad for her game to play with him and she says sure it will but anything can happen in this game. Being with you, Jared , is a risky move on both our sides. I tried a move and it didn't work.

He said he put all his trust in her. ans Blue says she can only give him a maybe going forward {red flag Jared!!!]]

He is really hurt she betrayed him.

He wants to know if she knew Sunday that he was the target and she looks him straight faced and says she can't remember if she knew before yesterday. She's going to think long and hard about but she can't remember when she knew it. [cut your losses dude , she has moved on]

He wishes she hadn't allowed his mistakes to carry so much weight to switch sides. If Jared goes she will go back to Cory, America, Matt, and Jag.

Jared tells her that Cam told her this week was going to play out like it did. he didn't want to believe him then because he believed her and  she was still trying to diffuse the Cory situation. He made the mistake of putting Cory up when he was mad. Tells her not to buy peoples stuff they are telling her to justify their actions.

He asks her why she didn't take her ass down to the SR instead of sleeping next to someone you didn't trust anymore. She says she almost told him but then realized she couldn't tell him and risk blowing up the new game she was starting.

400am BBT America comes into the WA as she got called to the DR.

Talk changes to the drinks Cory got.


Jared tells Blue he doesn't want to be angry with her gameplay or her personally. He just wants to know why she couldn't tell him and went to Cory. She says she wanted to and not use him and their personal relationship to get further. Did she think of it ,Yes, he was a bigger target and would take shots she wouldn't and he was good looking arm candy and that is the extent of her using him.

Jared tells Blue he has  hard time accepting what she did for not telling him or giving him a heads up. Her bad for not trusting him she says. She felt it would be dumb of her to be his ride or die like he is with Cirie. She would be on the outside so she went to Comerica.

Cory told her they were thinking of putting Jared on the block. She says she told them she couldn't do that. and they said okay we wouldn't expect you to do that. yes I was in the room when it was discussed but I wasn't going along with it.

Jared I am really upset with you and Matt for not talking to me about it beforehand I get why Jag did it as there is no love lost there, but you, and Matt?

425am BBT They are circling back around again and saying the same things.[Jared said he has a comp today and he should go to bed]

He is still trying to wrap his head around what Blue did to him.


Its730am my time! I'm going to take a nap. I'm over these two now.

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3:48 BBT:  Jared, Felicia, and Cirie are talking in the comic room.  Jared is feeling down on himself like he is going to be out of the house.  Felicia tells him not to be so down on himself and count himself out quite yet.  Meanwhile, Cameron is talking to Matt in the have-not room.  Cameron is telling Matt that he wants America and Cory to be busted and on the block.  Maybe not right now, but eventually.  Cameron thinks that América is spending a lot of time with Matt and Jag.  Matt says that he thinks it’s because they can win competitions.  Cameron says they (Cory and America) are scheming everyone.

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3:50PM Cameron & Matt in the have nots room. For well over 30 minutes, Cameron has been pressure testing almost every thought in his head on Matt. Matt is Big Brother tofu—he just sits there in the marinade and no one is really sure if it’s getting through to him or not. Cameron’s main pitch is a revolution strategy to overthrow all existing alliances. He’s admonishing Matt with passionate critiques on each and every houseguest & strategy that has been played. Savage comments-all about the flaws, nothing about the positive. If this were a drinking game and I took a shot every time, Matt reaffirmed a Cameron comment, I would be dead.  

Cameron: “You were always my guy—even when you were on the wrong side of the house”

Matt: “Yeah. Yeah.”

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3:55 BBT:  Cirie, Felicia, and Jared are still in the comic room talking.  Cirie says that the only person she talked to yesterday is Matt.  Talk shifts to who Jared put up last week and then previous gameplays throughout the time there.  Silence.  Felicia shakes her head. 

3:58 BBT:  Cory pops his head in and says that they all have swim outfits.  Felicia says she thinks there is going to be a swim competition. She then follows with saying that she is going to just stop talking. 


4:00 BBT:  Cameras switch to Cameron and Matt again.  Cameron says he doesn’t want Felicia in the jury house because she’s really persuasive.  Cameron wants Matt to talk to Jag.


4:01 BBT:  Back to the comic room (cameras keep flipping back and forth).  Cirie, Felicia, and Jared still hashing over past events.

4:07 BBT:  Bowie and Jag are working out.  Meanwhile, Matt is talking to Cory while he’s in the shower.  He says that it might be good to work with him (Cameron), but that he isn’t sure if he can completely trust him.  Cory asks Matt how his talk with with Cirie.  He says that it went good.  At this point just agreeing to agree is what he is doing.  Matt knocks on the bathroom door.  All clear.  He sets his mic on the white chair by the door so it doesn’t go down the toilet (like Felicia’s has many times before.


4:09 BBT:  Jag and Bowie are now laying back on yoga mats.  Bowie tells Jag that she is just going to be normal.  It’s hard to hear the conversation, but without having to ask, Mr. B tells everyone to put on their microphones.  Bowie asks Jag if he has his microphone on.  “It’s over there,” he replies.  Instead of talking, they decide to just be silent.  Silence doesn’t last long before they start whispering again.  BB asks again for mics to be put on.  They tell BB that they aren’t going to talk.

4:13 BBT:  Matt is out of the bathroom and is back to talking to Cory who is still taking a shower.  It doesn’t last long, as he leaves and asks Jag and Bowie how it’s going.  

4:15 BBT: Someone is called to the diary room.


4:16 BBT:  Cameras flip to Jared talking to Felicia and Cirie.  Jared says that if the three of them are together then Meme will be with them since she is with the mamas.  Then, Bowie could be with them, too (It’s like bringing the family back together again!).  Meme is now in the room listening to what Jared is saying.  Jared said that when Cameron came out of the house and saw him that he said “Bro, I tried to tell you”.  Felicia asks if the backyard is open and brings up the swim outfit again.


4:19 BBT: Matt and Blue are the only two in the kitchen.  Blue is making something on the stove.  America walks in.  She says that Felicia and Cirie are still talking trying to get to the bottom of everything that is happening.  Cory walks through the kitchen.  Blue must not have heard her, so America then tells Blue that Cirie, Felicia, and Jared are still in the room.  Jag walks in and America is laughing and joking that it’s going to be them sitting up there on finale night.  She’s feeling really confident right now.

4:23 BBT:  Meme is talking about brown sugar.  She says that she heard him talking about it.  Previously, Felicia had said that she just wanted to stick with brown sugar.  (It sounds like they must have created this alliance, told someone, and then word got back to them about their name)


4:25 BBT:  “Gushers are so good,” randomly comes from Jag while talking in the kitchen.  


4:26 BBT:  WBRB





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4:32 BBT:  Meme is rubbing her eyes in the comic room while Bowie Jane is looking at herself in the mirror.  BB asks Bowie to goto the storage room to change her microphone.  Before going to do that she finishes getting ready.  She picks something up off of her bed, smells it, and then throws it to the corner.  Now she is ready to go change her microphone.  After Bowie leaves Cirie says, “So Skeezy said something about the Brown Sugar”.  Jared is sprawled out on the bed, head and feet hanging over the side, looking like a lifeless zombie.  Cirie said “In that room, they were throwing out every single alliance.  That’s how I knew he hadn’t heard that one because he didn’t say it.”  She thinks he might have been saving that piece of information.  Meme says, “I don’t even see what the concern is.  It’s not like any of it matters.”  Everything is out on the table anyways.

4:40 BBT:  America is looking in the mirror and brushing her hair while Jag is in the shower.  In the kitchen, Bowie, Cory, Matt, Blue, and Felicia are hanging out.


4:42 BBT:  America walks in.  

4:43 BBT:  Matt calls Cory Ponyboy and Cory calls him Sodapop.  They ask each other if they are greasers or socials.  America doesn’t know what a greaser is.  Felicia chimes in and says, “Kind of like a Fonzie”.  America say, oh yeah (she knows Fonzi? Lol). Matt explains The Outsiders to America.  Felicia tells Cory that he’s a social.


4:44 BBT:  Felicia is talking to Blue on the couch now.  She is telling Blue about the Brown Sugar thing and saying that she feels bad because prior to last week, she never would have betrayed the trust that they had because she looked at Jared as a son.  She tells Blue that she knows that Jared’s hurt and she’s hurt, too.  Felicia isn’t sure what got muddled and how things landed how they landed.  Blue tells her that it’s going to be one of those things that she will be able to see when she watches it back.  She says to Felicia that if she still trusts her, that she would work with her.  Felicia likes her, who her and Jared are, and she likes their relationship.  Felicia reassures her that moving forward, if she hears anything that she’s going to tell her.

4:50 BBT:  Felicia tells Blue that she just wants to do some sittin’ back and watchin’ this week.  If she gets chosen to go, then she gets chosen to go.  “Get me my bags!”  They both agree that things are getting crazier and crazier.  Felicia says that she prays that Jared stays this week.  They have done 52, they can handle another 48!  Talk changes to how they haven’t been comfortable in the house since they have been there.  Felicia was on the block the first week and Blue has been on it twice.  Blue says the week she felt most comfortable was when they knew Hisam was leaving.


4:54 BBT:  WBRB

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5:10 BBT:  Matt and Jag are talking in the have not room.  Jag asks Matt if he should tell Blue about “the deal”.  He has always had Matt and Blue’s back and wants to stay true to his word.  Both of them start talking about how they want Cameron to stay.  They are not happy with Jared and the 7 Deadly Sins “alliance”.


5:15 BBT:  Blue and Jared are talking in the scary room.  Jared is pouting and Blue is talking about how the one thing that she didn’t think about was when it’s a hard time, when she knows he’s not feeling good, it’s like “damn, I’m not the one that can make you feel better”.  She says she knows it’s going to be hard for him, and that it’s not over until it’s over.  Jared is slumped over while Blue is massaging his back saying “It’s not over until it’s over.”  Massages transition to hugs, hugs transition to massages, Jared looks down and then up.  He is “just so done with this shit, yo.”  He doesn’t care to have conversations with people.  He’s just “done with this shit, bro.”  Blue says, “For sure.”



5:21 BBT:  Jared says his life in here depends on somebody losing.  He can’t change that.  What’s killin him is that he feels like he’s leaving people behind to fend for themselves.  Blue says that Cirie and her had a conversation and that she gave her word that if Jared did leave this week that she would protect Cirie to the best of her abilities and rock with her.  Jared looks back up at the ceiling.  Then back down.  Then back up (sniff). Then back down.  Silence.


5:24 BBT:  Blue says she doesn’t want to be talking like he’s leaving soon, but that Cory and America’s ass is going to be leaving.  He tells her that at least they had the courage to do that…..don’t.  Man, Matt and Jag….if you are going to do anything for me….get one of those m’fers out, bro.  I”f I do leave (sniff), and I get on that airplane, once I get off I’m gonna be straight.  Im gonna’ pop some champagne and hang with my bros.”

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5:06PM BBT: Matt and Jag talking in Have Not Room
  • Matt telling Jag how Cam wants to make deal with them
  • Cam wants them to be alliance of 4: Jag, Matt, Cam, and Blue
  • They think Jared wants to ruin their game even if he ends up leaving
  • Jag says if we take Cam out they will target us next. Makes more sense to align with Cam than Jared
  • Cam is begging for one more week. Matt tells Jag he told Cam we can do more than one week.
  • They think America (I think he means the country, not the houseguest) will be happy if they there team up and go after Cirie and Jared
  • Matt says let's go after the ones not doing anything like Meme
  • Cam told Matt he wants to be part of what he and Jag have
  • Jag says once Jared gone they can trust Blue more
  • Matt telling many reasons he trusts Cam
  • Matt and Jag compared notes on how Cirie and Felicia were shady in past actions
  • Jag asks Matt should he tell Blue about his past deal with Cam. Matt says I don’t know. Jag says only reason he made that deal was to protect him and Blue
  • Jag thinks it will show that even when he kept secrets, he always honored Blue’s and Matt’s game
  • They are predicting lies Cirie will now tell to cover her lies
  • They are confident Cam will beat Jared.
  • Matt says Cam told him Jared has made it clear he wants them gone
  • They think if
  • They know about Brown Sugar alliance [I think Brown Sugar is Felicia, Cirie, Meme, and maybe Bowie ~Kwilli]
  • Jag does not understand why Blue does not know who to trust because the Mamas was trying to flip Bowie to vote out Blue during double eviction. So they think they can use that to get her to trust them
  • Jag wants them to lock things up by taking to Blue (get her aligned), Cam (in case he wins Zombie), Cirie (just to finalize things if she goes to Jury)
  • Jag wonders if folks know about his and Matt’s alliance with Cirie. They plan to tell her she can’t use that against them because she broke that trust and she had many alliances with everyone and didn’t keep the secret of Matt using the power on Jag.
  • Matt says Cam wants Felicia out next because they don’t want her influence in Jury
  • Matt calls MeMe a spy
  • Jag says we can get her a** out too
  • Matt & Jag plan to talk to others and make sure they are good with everyone
[I just popped in for a quickie. Have to sign off. ~Kwilli]
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5:30 BBT:  The Debbie Downer talk continues in the comic room with Cirie and Felicia.  Felicia’s head hurts.  They haven’t bought them a family pack chicken for a while.  “Can you please get some russet potatoes,” Felicia asks BB.


5:33 BBT:  Felicia wonders if they will have a whole week with no show.  She starts throwing out that maybe something on the outside world could be happening and BB isn’t going to be on TV all week.  Felicia wonders what Izzy is doing.  Cirie says that she’s watchin’ saying, “No!  Don’t listen!”  Felicia responds, “She’s all up in the TV.”

5:36 BBT:  Felicia is speculating about Blue saying that she asked her about the brown sugar alliance and if she said anything.  She said that Blue didn’t remember saying anything.  Felicia asks Cirie why she just didn’t say no instead of giving an answer.   Cirie responds, Exactly!”   (It sounds like Felicia already forgot about her conversation from earlier with Blue about not speculating about things in the future)


5:40 BBT:  Felicia can’t wait to get home and see what had happened with everything behind the scenes.  Felicia needs to get stuff for her leg cramp and put some electrolytes in her body or she’s going to be paying for it tonight.  They go and look at the swimsuits.  They are onesie swimsuits.  Felicia says that Jared isn’t going to want to get into that.  They grab chicken breasts and bring them into the kitchen.  

5:45 BBT:  Blue and Jared are still sitting in the scary room.  Nothing has changed there.


5:46 BBT:  Felicia can be heard yelling from the kitchen, “Mr. B we still need some paper towels!”


5:48 BBT:  Cameron, Jag, and America are talking on the bathroom bench.  Cameron and America are talking about whether they still hate each other or not.  Jag tells America about all of the places Cameron visited.  Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Winslow, …Texas?  “Same thing,” says Cameron.  Jag is now giving it back backwards…., sister, daughter, honeymoon suite, Valentine’s Day.   Wichita Falls, Tennessee, Graceland, Elvis.  America chimes in, “Wait…that’s one road trip?” 


5:56 BBT:  Jag is telling about another road trip in the same manner. (On that note…)


5:57 BBT:  Jared is still down and out in the scary room.  Blue has her head on his shoulder.  She’s saying, “Damn, I came in wanting to do this game and the last thing I expected was to be vulnerable in a relationship.”  Jared is looking up at the ceiling.  Now he looks down.  Blue continues, “I’ve learned a lot from you and I really don’t know how I’m going to navigate this house without you.  I’m like, damn girl, you are falling a little hard.  I don’t want to lose you.  I don’t want anything to come between us, but I’m going to have to be fine with it and move on.”  


….Well…..I’m out to watch On Patrol!  

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