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Celebrity Big Brother Season 2 - Episode #12

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Previously on Celebrity Big Brother, with Tom controlling all the power, he put the wrestler and the runner on the block. Before the live vote, Julie made a blockbuster announcement. At the first eviction of the night, the Total Diva got totally booted. Before the dust settled, the final breaking celebrity news twist was unleashed. So the final 6 went to battle for safety and Tamar punched her ticket to the final 5. With HOH on the line, Lolo ran away with the victory and she went after the other side of the house. With a veto on the line, Tamar got her 2nd win of the night and she put the final nail in the comedian's coffin.


At the 2nd live eviction, the house sent Tom on a road trip out the door. Tonight, the battle for HOH begins. And Mark McGrath and Marisa Jaret Winokaur visit the house. Plus, revisit some of the craziest moments of the season you haven't seen! The road to the finale begins tonight, right now on Celebrity Big Brother!


We pick up after the double eviction ceremony. Tamar tells us she cannot believe she's in F5. She's had dreams of making it to the finals of BB. She was more than grateful that Tom was evicted, she had a Hallelujah moment. Lolo tells us she wishes both she and Natalie were both still in the game. But she's being represented, they played the game together and Lolo making it to F5 feels like they both did. Now it's time to win. Ricky tells us it's amazing to be in the F5. This is the 4th quarter; he did his best in the first 3 quarters and now he has to give it his all for this final quarter.


Lolo explains to Kandi that the only reason she put her up beside Tom was because she knew he was leaving. Kandi tells us she survived the block yet again. Right now the only 2 people she kind of trusts are Tamar and Dina. The only person who will get her to the end of the game is herself.


The HG's are treated to a champagne breakfast when Mark McGrath rings the doorbell. Tamar tells us he was cutie patootie back in the day. He still is but now he's married and all that. Mark tells us he never thought he'd be in the DR again. Feels like home, the couch suits him well. Mark offers to teach the HG's how to get to 3rd place in the game. They all laugh. They toast being the F5. Mark brings up the CBB1 cast. Last year they had Omarosa, this year was the Mooch. Kandi loved Anthony. They connected immediately. Tamar says he was not shy about telling his stories in Washington. We flashback to night 1, where Anthony recounts his dismissal from the White House.


Mark asks what the toughest thing about living in the BB House. Kandi says you have to watch everything you say because there are people everywhere in the house. And who's in the room, Tamar reminds her. We flash back to day 3, where Natalie and Lolo discuss an F2 name and don't realize Tamar is in the room.


 Mark asks who the messiest in the house was. Tamar says Tom was and Mark goes to investigate the fridge, which is a disaster. They blame Joey. We flashback to day 1 when Joey is telling them he likes to end the day with the house looking perfect.


Mark asks them about Kato. Ricky thought Kato was funny 1000% of the time. Kandi mentions they called him Kato Potato. We flash back to some of Kato's funnier moments.


Mark said one thing that was craziest for him last season was living with all these roommates. Lolo says she's had roommates but she had to adjust to different personalities a lot. She doesn't like it. We flash back to the different personalities and some fights in the house.


Mark mentions that Joey and Ryan bonded quickly, seemed to be good friends. Tamar says it was like a boy band showmance. We flash back to different moments of their bond.


Mark says he got hood winked in his season by people who knew each other - Marisa and Shannon. They kept it from the others, which was a good move. Lolo says she knows Ryan, thought they were going to work together and they didn't. Mark says everyone thought they had some kind of Olympian handshake. We flash back to where Lolo and Ryan's alliance fell apart.


Mark mentions that this game has a way of bringing people together. Tamar says she and Kandi have known each other for 20 years, but they never really hit it off on day 1. Kandi agrees, and we flash back to their relationship from day 1.


It's time for America's Favourite Houseguest! The celebrity BB HG's have fought hard, laughed, cried and played their hearts out. Now you get to award your favourite HG $25,000 in cash. The winner will be announced live during the 2 hr season finale on Wednesday, February 13. Go to cbs.com/cbbvote and vote for your favourite HG now!


Mark mentions when you live in the house, naturally you get close and open up about your lives. Ricky says that was his favourite part. Kandi says everyone showing their pasts and opening up about themselves helped everyone put their guard down and it could either be used against you or be your friend after that. We flash back to a moment between Tamar and Lolo discussing Lolo’s desire to remain a virgin until marriage and how important that is to her.


Ricky to says people were vulnerable enough to be genuine and share things from their heart. Even Tom opened up about his cancer. We flash back to Tom telling Ricky about a surgery for his testicular cancer; he's been cancer free for almost 20 years.


Dina mentions how Ryan opened up to them about his challenges as an Olympian and how he is not seen as a person; only headlines. Kandi chimes in and agrees. We flashback to Ryan telling the scandal that happened in 2016.


Mark says they may not know that Tom Green would stay up late doing wacky things. The live feeders know it though. Dina says she knew that, Kandi says she knew Tom likes to make up crazy songs. We flash to that.


Mark says the house gets super crazy. The DR is the BB Nest; the sanctuary. We flash to some random DR sessions.


Mark thanks everyone for letting him back into the BB house. He toasts them one more time. Lolo tells us it's awesome celebrating the F5 with Mark McGrath. But they have an HOH competition to play and it's come down to this - only one person can win. Mark leaves and the HG's go into the BY. Marisa is there waiting to greet them. Kandi tells us it feels like they on broadway. They see seats, curtains and then Marisa. Marisa won last season of CBB, she's a Tony award winner. If they are performing, this might be something she's good at!


Marisa tells us she's so happy to be back in the house hosting the competition. She misses the house so much, she misses just sitting around talking all day without cell phones or distractions. Or jobs. Or families. 
In the BY, Marisa reads "Theatre, like BB, is something I know a lot about and today you are about to star in my musical production, Bats, the Musical. Here is how it works, when the horn sounds, press your starting button to active your magnetic puzzle board for 20 seconds. The goal of this competition is to fly like a bat while racing to assemble the production poster. But be careful, because the clock is ticking and if you don't fly back and hit your buzzer before the 20 seconds runs out, the board will demagnetize and your metal pieces will fall which means you have to start all over. If your buzzer is not reset within 10 seconds, you will be eliminated from the competition. The first person to correctly assemble the poster, fly back and press their buzzer will be the new HOH."


Kandi tells us this entire experience has been a roller coaster of emotions for her. She's tired of surviving; she wants to win! Dina tells us she's proud of herself and she thinks her children will be proud of her so far. She knows she hasn't won a competition yet but if anyone thinks she won't play to the end, they're wrong. Ricky tells us right now there are sides in the house - he, Lolo and Tamar vs Kandi and Dina. No matter what, Dina or Kandi cannot win or they will come after his alliance.


The horn goes and as the flying starts, Tamar starts screeching. She tells us she's scared of heights, there is so much at stake here, she needs to secure her spot in the F4, she needs to face her fears and JUMP!

Who will win the HOH? Plus, with 3 comp's and 2 evictions left, who will defy the odds and emerge as the winner of CBB? Find out on Wednesday in the live finale of CBB!

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