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Ninety two days in the house! Th final week of BB20 has arrived! This season has had some incredible highs and lows but as the end nears there is no time to sit back and let fate take the wheel! Last Thursday sent Haleigh to the jury and delivered an excitingly unexpected DE for everyone in the game! 


In the DE we watched Tyler win the HOH. He nominated JC and Sam. The look on JC’s face at finally hitting the block was worth watching in and of itself. The veto played out live and Angela finishes the double eviction with a bang! Brett should have kept his ‘plans’ to himself and never told Tyler to his face he wanted to take a shot at Kaycee leaving Angela to be both Sam/JC’s target heading into F5. That was a crucial error and one that led to the end result of the DE. 


Angela used the veto to take JC off the block sayin she calls this move being one step ahead. Tyler followed up her ONE with his TWO punch saying he calls this being two steps ahead landing Brett OTB at the hands of his own alliance, L6 and inevitably sending Brett out the door to be struck with the RealiTea not only of his crucial error but the fact he is about to spend the next two weeks in jury with Angie! This was a great gift to fans regardless of who you prefer because we had some excitement for the first time in two weeks since Scottie was sent packing. 


Following the live epidsode the F5 HOH is played. Once again Angela wins the HOH! At this point of the last 10 competitions Kaycee, Tyler, and Angela have won every single competition setting them up to actually possibly make it to F3 together if they want. Angela nominates JC and Sam again. That’s not where the real excitement happens. JC reacting to the fact his ‘not so secret weapon’ (Brett just got sent packing by JC’s ride or die! 


JC was furious with Tyler! Yes, in part because Tyler made a move JC didn’t want him to make but even more so because JC completely understands he’s now at F5 with 3 women who would take Tyler to the end, leaving JC blowing in the wind at F4 when they take Sam out. He is never really concerned Tyler or Angela will take him out at this stage but he’s furious he’s feeling betrayed by Tyler and for the first time all season feeling like perhaps Tyler isn’t his puppet! 


The weeks drags on this week. Feeds go down for longe periods with a luxury private concert, a lengthy F5 Veto, and not much else to entertain LF’s in between. It was nice to see the foursome have some fun in between the high stress of being scolded by JC repeatedly. JC says he plans to nominate Tyler in retaliation for cuttting JC’s only other lifeline in the game if he wins the F4 HOH. 


Yes, like you and I, Tyler  just laughed at the thought of JC not only actually winning something but winning one of the most high pressure HOH’s of the season. I mean JC has been a flop all season when it comes to competitions. Although despite this he didn’t feel the sting of the block for the first time until the DE and that was only for a few minutes. However when Angela throws him up against San in the F5 he will have to marinate in the heat of it all for a little less than a week. This is JC so a week feels like a month at this point. 


The feeds went down Tuesday for the unexpected early eviction. This happened last night and Sam was of course sent to the jury. Tyler reassured JC all week that this is all part of his own plan and JC shouldn’t be worried. JC was WORRIED! 


After Sam is finally sent out of the game, the F4 (Angela/Kaycee/Tyler/JC) play the F4 HOH. Before I get to that it’s important to remind everyone that in this game winning F4 HOH isn’t as powerful as winning the F4 Veto. The HOH winner does secure themselves a spot in F3 so there is that. However, the power in this position really lands in the hands of the veto winner. The veto winner is also guaranteed the spot in F3 but they also decide who the third finalist will be. They control the final nominations but they also cast the one and only vote to evict. The veto winner at F4 has the most power. 


If you don’t want to know who won the F4 HOH now is the time to hit pause. F4 HOH was what the bleep and despite feeds being down Tuesday and all day today until the episode airs, both our resident production leaker and some fans that attended the taping of the show give us the results! 


Drum roll please....JC WON THE FINAL 4 HOH! Yes I said it! I’m not being funny or playing a James level prank! The word on the street is JC guaranteed his own safety and finally broke L6 winning streak! JC has nominated Angela (no surprise here) and Tyler! Like most fans I NEVER expected JC to win anything at this point but lighting a fire under him last Thursday clearly was all he needed! 


Everything comes down to the Veto. With Tyler sitting next to his new found Love he won’t be in a position to save her (if he even wanted to). If Tyler wins he will save himself, Kaycee goes up and he’s now forced the be the one to choose who he reaches F3 with. That’s the ONE spot he absolutely didn’t want to be in. Sucks for him! He would be an idiot to keep Kaycee over Angela. Yes, Kaycee is more likely to take Tyler to F2 if she wins the final HOH but she’s also the one player left most likely to beat Tyler at the end of an epic season hosting one of the most amazing teams we’ve ever seen! 


If Angela wins I think the choice is murky. I think she realizes Kaycee is impossible to beat for her. Tyler doesn’t give her much more of a shot but there’s a small chance of the jury is as bitter as she thinks. 


Dont miss tonight’s episode! We will see how it all plays out. Tomorrow someone else gets sent packing and it will be one of the members of L6 for sure. Then we will see the start of the Final HOH of the season tomorrow. We should also expect some exciting jury deferments from the jury house as Haleigh and Brett arrive. The one evicted here at F4 won’t join the jury house. They are sequestered in a hotel and the jury doesn’t know who it is until the jury round table occurs. There’s going to be a battle to the end this season. The RealiTea is with the players left anyone can win and they would all be deserving winners regardless of how it comes out in the wash! 





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