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Engines are Revving Up!


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Happy Tuesday! Where did the holiday weekend go? Well in the BB house the game certainly hasn’t gone anywhere. With a reset week on the boards this week there has been a serious lag in the house this week! It’s been far more eventful for production and social media. 


Last I brewed a fresh pot of RealiTea Faysal was evicted and Scottie rejoined the game. Scottie won the jury buy back competition and has been stuck in the revolving door ever since! Tyler won the HOH competition. It came down to Haleigh and Tyler after Kaycee finally dropped! Kaycee performed very well but just couldn’t hold on quite long enough to outlast Haleigh’s tenacity! 


Tyler is this week’s HOH! Now I’m guessing many of the readers have caught wind of the conspiracy theories and possibly seen our resident production leaker’s tweet. I’m not going deep into this because it’s literally one of the most absurd conspiracy theories I’ve seen from our fandom! Flopte fans have been chewing on this like the toughest Beef jerkey you’ve ever attempted to sink your teeth into. 


What I will say is TYLER WON THE HOH! There is NO rule that says a foot or both feet have to remain on the disk. Proposing one foot must remain as a rule is just the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard! It’s impossible to keep just one foot on a small disk attached to a rope! That being a rule wouldn’t even make sense! We’ve had this comp nearly every season since BB15. That’s never been a rule and will never be a rule.


We ALL saw and HEARD Tyler during the comps hanging on by upper body strength only! He never touched the ground, his feet never even fall below the disk, and he never sat his bum on it. They even showed it on the episode! LOL! It wasn’t a quick touch off and touch back on. He was dangling for some time! Production would have seen it. The HG all watched and it was talked about by many of them including Tyler when it happened. Moving on.


Friday, Tyler nominated Haleigh and Scottie for eviction. No surprises here. It’s basically a rinse and repeat week beginning to end swapping Scottie for Faysal OTB and Tyler for Angela as HOH. Nearly everything has been exactly the same as last week. Haleigh isn’t the target (that could change). 


Saturday Veto players were drawn and voila! The exact same veto players are drawn as last week! Veto players:





Veto is played Saturday and shocker! Kaycee wins again! Did you think I was being dramatic? Nope exactly like last week! You go Kaycee! She’s turning up the competition heat just as I’ve predicted all season she would. She’s putting in work and maintaining and exceptional social game as well. Kaycee, believe it or not, is in an outstanding position in the game and is definitely a contender to win if she makes it to those F2 seats! That’s great for her! That could also mean real trouble for some others. 


Haleigh knows post veto competition that nominations are likely to stay the same. She’s trying to get some traction with her social game. Unfortunately she’s also hitting a wall being OTB for 2 weeks in a row and realizing again if Scottie goes she’s all alone. I’ve seen her do some work. 


Haleigh is working on developing some genuine inroads with Angela and Kaycee. She is now forced to interact with people throughout the house. I wish she had been doing this all season. I see potential in her. Not this season, don’t get me wrong, she is going to jury. She has some tools that were she more eager to use them earlier in the season she could have proven herself a contender. Coulda. Woulda. Shoulda. 


Scottie has done well this week. He’s laying low. He sees the writing on the wall. He is a super fan so you have to realize he knew coming back in there was a high likelihood he would go right back out again if not this week then next. He knows JC and Brett were against him. He know Haleigh does nothing for his game. He’s staying calm. He’s socializing and making everyone comfortable and that’s really his best chance to survive this week because Haleigh is not! 


Haleigh has had a meltdown nearly every day. She’s been told by all of L6 and JC that she is safe this week. Scottie is the target. Now, I can’t blame her for being worried! She should be. However, this is BB. You work behind the scenes, maintain your composure, avoid making people feel uncomfortable. Apply a strong social game and let that do the work for you.


Instead every day Haleigh is sobbing in a corner somewhere at some point over some thing.  Kaycee works hard to reassure Haleigh. Tyler has rolled up his sleeves and put a lot of time and effort in to making sure she knows she’s good and reminding her to just chill so she’s doesn’t create a target where there isn’t one. It’s exhausting to watch so I know the other HG are tired of dealing with it. 


I’ve  said before I think Tyler should be targeting Haleigh. Same is true this week. She has ties to JC and to Brett. If they wanted to turn the house upside down and join forces they easily could. They absolutely should! Haleigh has also devoted a lot of time and effort to bonding with Angela and Kaycee. They could easily turn around in the next week and the one after that and say, ‘JC and Sam’ are bigger threats than Haleigh.’ That would be no Bueno for anyone but Haleigh. 


Haleigh has also spent an enormous amount of time trashing Sam. She goes on and on and on about how much she loathes Sam and wants her out! I think this is true in that she hates Sam. I think you have to be an idiot to believe if she won HOH Sam would be her target. Haleigh has shown she can be very good at mental comps and after this last HOH on the disks she’s no slouch in endurance either. No one should want her anywhere beyond F6. She will have 4 locked votes in that jury and ANYTHING can happen towards the end game. If you’re Haleigh talking about your disdain for Sam 11 hours a Day is a good strategy. People hear things long enough they begin to believe it. 


Brett and JC are certainly clinging to this narrative. Whether they are buying it remains to be seen. However her narrative works to their advantage for the moment. Both these guys are terrified of Scottie! Whereas eliminating Haleigh and keeping Scottie who has NO ONE but Tyler is the better move for Tyler, Angela, and Kaycee as well as Sam in the short term. Scottie definitely needs to go but he can go next week. If Haleigh wins the next HOH JC and Brett will be on her like white on rice. 


JC. JC. JC. Although he’s not been able to win anything all season JC has played a stellar game this season. He’s worked with Tyler all along and helped to ensure many of the L6 decisions have been flawlessly executed in more often than not. Socially he is fire and ice. He’s the most entertaining on the feeds. However he pushes the envelope and has been at the center of a lot of controversy. Some justifiable and some absurd. 


JC was putting a lot of time and effort into Brett last week. About midway through this week he jumpstarted that again. I also see Brett conspiring willingly with JC. We haven’t seen him talk about it in his DR’s yet, but I’d wager it’s coming. These two constantly discuss the need for Angela to go. The problem is neither one of them wants to pull the trigger because they fear the blowback. That’s a problem. They should be going after Angela for some reasons but not all of those are the reasons they are considering. 


JC is on Tyler like a fly to a cow pie. He HATES Angela and Tyler spending so much time together. He and Brett try their best to c@(& block the pair whenever possible. If Tyler and Angela are in the HOH 90% of the time so are JC and/or Brett. I get it! JC should be worried. He’s put ALL of his eggs in Tyler’s basket and if Tyler does get into a showmance in the 4th quarter that could be a disaster for JC’s end game. The problem I have is the aggressive nature by which he’s conveying his perception. 


JC and Tyler have replaced the daily arguments of Haleigh and Faysal over the Angela business. It’s exhausting to watch at times but more often than not I find the scenes where these two go back and forth over whether Tyler is in a showmance or not and whether Angela needs to go sooner or later. Tyler continues to lie and say he’s not in a showmance with her. He is! Absolutely 100%. He’s already asked her out after the game. 


Sunday night the house got liquor. Right after HN are announced for the week! Lol. What’s hilarious is it was actually in the SR Saturday night but no one discovered it. So they end up not getting it until Sunday night. Well, HN’s were selected by BB and were the first 3 players to drop from the HOH competition. Sam/JC/Scottie. You know what that means? JC the terror is stomping around the house! OMG! When they find the alcohol he says “they did on purpose! They (production) waited until I’m a HN to give us alcohol!” 


Ok so after some cocktails Angela and Tyler decide to spend the night up in the HOH room. She’s stayed until the wee hours before but sneaks down to her bed at 3-4 a.m. because she’s aware of JC’s nightly bed checks to confirm she’s not snuggling up to Tyler all night. Well he’s up multiple times checking the bed or standing in the KIT staring up at the HOH with smoke coming out of his ears. He goes to Tyler and says I KNOW SHE SLEPT UP HERE! I KNOW I CHECKED HER BED AT 4:51 a.m. and she wasn’t in it! 


JC also said this to Brett. Brett says he saw her in bed at 6 a.m. JC dismisses that saying he checked her bed at 4 a.m. and she wasn’t in it! This is one of many examples of the outlandish behavior JC is demonstrating with regards to the threat he’s feeling about Angela replacing him as Tyler’s ride or die. What’s amusing is JC has no idea Angela or no Angela Tyler never planned to let JC make it to the end. It’s always been Kaycee! LOL. 


Angela and Tyler were in the HOH cuddling and saw JC coming to the door. As usual Angela jumps from be bed and sprints to the couch. The problem is JC heard her! LOL. Here is a funny clip of JC confronting Tyler about this incident and digging his heels in on the subject. 




I think Tyler needs to deny, deny, deny. JC is smart to see what’s happening and has every reason to be concerned. What he shouldn’t be doing is obviously blocking the two all day every day. Stalking the house all hours of the night to track Angela’s movements and perform frequent bed checks. It’s going to wear on Tyler and Angela quickly. 


Have you ever heard the saying, “what you fear you create.” That’s what I see here with JC and this situation. Unfortunately for JC he is not aware that Brett told Tyler about JC’s efforts to flip Brett and target Angela. Tyler I do believe is slipping up some with his distraction. Tyler is also aware of the dynamics of the jury thanks to Scottie. I do believe he was willing to pull the trigger when necessary (not yet) but....Scottie may have changed all that. Bottom line JC needs to back off or he could end up going out because of the pair which is his fear. 


Scottie has told Haleigh (now the whole house is aware) that the current jury HATES Angela. Scottie has also shared that Bayleigh and Angie made a pact with Scottie that Flopte will agree on one player as we get closer to the end they all agree none of them will vote for. They are very aware of the fact it’s very likely all 5 remaining Flopte allies will be on the jury together. That’s a 5 person voting block that could agree, for example, none of us vote for Angela or maybe JC. 


Scottie sharing this valuable intel was meant to be a strategic move. In RealiTea it was a boneheaded move! You’ve just guaranteed L6 will want to sit next to a L6 regardless of what happens the next few weeks. Tyler is also now aware of the odds against Angela getting the votes to beat him at the end. His plan has always been to make it there with Kaycee.


If I were Tyler and I heard this there is no one else I want to sit next to but Angela. Even if all 5 don’t follow through (it is Flopte they haven’t managed to accomplish anything all season) I can guarantee Angie/Bayleigh/Faysal would be a 3 vote lock against Angela for sure! Scottie and Haleigh may stray. If I’m going into F2 knowing I have 3 votes on lock is an odd I would bet on. 


I do think Brett and JC could flip soon. If Haleigh or Brett win the next HOH I can easily see one of the core L4 players falling victim to a coo! They would be idiots not to. However if Kaycee, Angela, Sam win the next HOH Haleigh and JC are in the most danger. While the week has been incredibly slow and boring on the feeds the game is starting to rev back up.


We’ve heard Tyler waver on whether sending Scottie out this week is the best move because Haleigh has been very emotional and needy. JC has also questioned the target. Brett seems to be clinging to the idea of Scottie going but he’s the only one I see actively taking this stance. She needs to sit back and chill or she too could create a situation where what she fears (being evicted this week) she creates. 


We are at F8 again with the jury buy back. As of Tuesday morning Scottie is still the target but it’s a long way to Thursday night! Haleigh could continue to make people annoyed and inadvertently send herself right out the door! Once this week is over, regardless of which one of those two heads off to jury we are down to 7! Four of which are members of L6. The in-fighting is already beginning to spark.


People are actively positioning themselves for the long haul. If JC and/or Brett don’t get control one way or another of the next HOH and take a shot at Angela they won’t have the numbers to make the move later. I expect this re-energized vigor  to continue gaining momentum. They all want to be in the F2! No one is saying I’m just happy to have made it this far. I’m happy to make it to jury. No one! Next week should pick up as people retreat to their actual endgame allies. Then we should have a DE taking us quickly next week from F7 to F6. The RealiTea is this season still has some legs! 

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