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HOH/Veto results are in: Flopte is still a FLOP


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This season has provided extraordinary entertainment! The characters have delivered plenty of amusement. The game play by L6 from the very first week has been solid. Flopte may be the worst team we’ve ever seen in BB history but they’ve given us endless gif’s and memes! While we’ve arrived at F8 and feeds begin to slow down on a daily basis the game hasn’t! Angela is the HOH and this week leads up to a jury but back followed by a DE which is always one of the most exciting nights in any season. There’s still plenty of RealiTea to sip! 


Friday JC was making a run flipping Brett. JC told Brett he needs to come with JC/Haleigh/Faysal/Sam. They can take those 3 out. Tyler is with Angela. She needs to go. Brett is definitely listening but I’m unclear in this moment if he’s ‘hearing’ him. We will talk about whether or not Brett runs all this back to any of the members of L6 in just a bit. 


JC was trying to gaslight Brett about Angela saying she was going to name Faysal/Haleigh/Brett HN. Why is she naming you?! Why can’t she name Kaycee. See your not with them. It’s Tyler and Angela now. They will cut you in a minute. JC spends the weekend ordering Brett to hang out with Angela upstairs so Tyler can’t be alone with her. 


I’ve said it before I will say it again...JC working against Tyler where Brett is concerned will bite him in the butt! Tyler will find out and JC will become a liability in Tyler’s mind because JC knows more than even L6 does about Tyler’s game. 

This will end up being the move that implodes JC’s game. 


If you watch the LF you know JC has been playing a great game! He’s managed to stay on the line between the two sides because he makes both feel like he’s with them. JC has done what Scottie couldn’t. JC has had as much influence over people and weekly strategy as Tyler has. JC has a relationship with every single player except Haleigh but Faysal provides the bridge to her. If Faysal does in fact go out this week, Haleigh has no one but JC! 


I’ve enjoyed JC all season long. His first week he was behaving so socially aggressively I worried for him. After the House was unilaterally reminded they are seen 24/7 he reeled that in and made his overbearing personality his greatest asset! People say, don’t worry it’s just JC that but also are strongly influenced over everything he tells them! I would have loved to see JC in a F4 with Tyler until this last week. It’s the first sign we’ve had all season of him working against Tyler versus actively protecting him. 


JC is really the only one doing much this weekend. Unfortunately for him he’s doing too much! However I LOVED when JC told Faysal about himself! LOL 


JC told Faysal he made himself a target. He explained that Faysal has a big mouth, it’s his own fault. JC scolds him when he said Faysal’s being so cocky. Then Faysal says I’m gonna win the veto. Who else is gonna beat me? Tyler? Pfft. Angela sucks at Vetos. Kaycee SUCKSSSSS! You (JC) ehhh (using hand motions like 50:50). (IMO That was generous). 


JC’s response to Faysal’s arrogance in this conversation gives me LIFE! It’s a perfect example of why I love JC! After Faysal finishes tooting his own horn JC smacks him down to reality so fast Southern CA residents thought we had a small earthquake! 


JC looks at Faysal and says, Angie SUCKED at competitions! She came in 2nd in OTEV, you came in FOURTH! That’s not even a bronze, that’s not even a metal! You couldn’t even get a metal (in OTEV). 


I’m loving every second of JC checking Faysal. Haleigh can’t do it. His arrogance smothers any breath she has wasted on telling him to stop saying and doing ridiculous nonsense. Faysal marched into the HOH Friday night (just after Haleigh finished her 1-1 and playing the submissive role) telling Angela YOU CANT put Haleigh up! Don’t you dare put Haleigh up. Faysal behaving like he still has any power in this game! 


I don’t know how Haleigh does it. It’s the equivalent of Tyler enduring Kaitlin for 3 weeks. Ugh! Haleigh had spent her 1-1 time downplaying any animosity between her and Angela. Haleigh told Angela she understands Angela will probably nominate Haleigh since Haleigh nominated her. It would make sense. Angela tells Haleigh she will be putting her up as a pawn. Haleigh makes NO arguments about it. 


In Haleigh’s situation it was the best way she could have managed this pre-nominations. Faysal spent hours Thursday after the HOH being absolute there’s NO WAY Angela puts her up! It would be so stupid. The plan is to get Sam out don’t worry.


What’s funny is he never even considers he might go up next to her! All he does is reassure her she’s safe Angela would NEVER betray their 19 hour old F4 they made with Angela and Tyler. 


Haleigh knew the moment Angela won she was going up! She sulked and pouted. She knew it was highly likely Faysal would go up next to her. Faysal however believes he’s the genius of the season having taken out Scottie. In part because there was no flipped vote and it was the first unanimous vote of the season. What Faysal doesn’t understand is it was unanimous because you did exactly what L6 and JC wanted you to do! 


It didn’t help that she walked in on L6 celebrating Angela’s win! All Four of the remaining L6 players were in the bedroom jumping and celebrating when Haleigh walks in they immediately stopped! They couldn’t have made it more obvious with Brett there. They shouldn’t have stopped. 


Brett could have easily played it off as he’s working the HOH and doesn’t want to be nominated but when all 4 stop cold turkey that narrative becomes a lot harder to sell. Instead she tells Faysal they are all working together.


Everything makes sense they’ve been working together all along. Haleigh tells Faysal Thursday night, we don’t have a chance now. They got you to send our only other ally on your HOH and made it so during my HOH Angie went home! We are the worst players ever!  That all happens before nominations. 


So when Faysal blows into the HOH after Haleigh did good work here with Angela he of course manages to torpedo the efforts Haleigh made. Faysal tells Angela she cannot out Haleigh OTB. Don’t you dare put Haleigh up there! He never once campaigns for himself not to go up. It’s mind blowing to me how absurdly oblivious he is.


I had such hopes for him preseason! I can’t even say at this point that Haleigh was the cause of Faysal being such a bad player. I still think if Haleigh had not been there he would have played the same way. Brut force. 


Thursday night L6 met and confirmed the plans. Initially Angela was thinking of putting Haleigh next to Sam. We all knew that would be a strategic error. Had she done that and Faysal won Veto now he and Haleigh would be safe and they have to put one of their own allies next to Sam. With only 3 votes required to evict this week that’s entirely too dangerous!  L6 agrees Faysal needs to sit next to Haleigh which ensures one of them goes home. 


L6 doesn’t agree initially on who the actual target should be. Brett was clear he wants Faysal to go. Angela and Tyler of course are more threatened by Haleigh (as they should be). Brett is very aware that it is likely a but back happens this week and a DE will follow the next.


IMO Brett is confident he can pull Haleigh his way with Faysal gone. Competition wise he’s far more threatened by Faysal. Brett also knows Faysal will come for Brett if for no other reason than Haleigh and Brett spend a lot of time together and look what happened to Scottie. 


Tyler and Angela should be more afraid of Haleigh. She’s a better game player. She’s not as malleable as Faysal. JC has Faysal in his pocket with Haleigh gone. Tyler also knows he is more likely to be able to get Faysal in his pocket with Haleigh gone. Haleigh is the one that flipped the vote to evict Kaitlin. Haleigh is better at mental competitions which are key competitions in the last stretch of the game. L6 eventually agrees they need to target Faysal and want him to stay OTB. 


I’m hoping Tyler is just waiting to see how Veto plays out before making any moves towards flipping the target onto Haleigh. I’m also hoping his recent lackadaisical attitude doesn’t continue. What Tyler tells Angela about the nominations gives me hope he is ready to put the pedal to the metal. 


Tyler suggests to Angela that she should make sure Haleigh’s picture shows up first during her nominations. He explained that ensuring Faysal’s picture shows up second sets these nominations up for maximum affect! They expect Haleigh to be nominated so when those two see her face it won’t be a surprise. Then when suddenly Faysal’s face shows up and not Sam’s...WHAM!


Now that is the kind of thing I want to see from Tyler! It’s Angela doing it. Faysal will of course be blindsided. Tyler was spot on! When the nominations happened on Friday Faysal was shook!


Faydal didn’t see it coming! Faysal thought when he was HOH that meant he could just sit in the HOH and take a week off of playing the game! Literally that’s what he said his his HOH vlog! He also, like every other HOH this season, said he’s close with Tyler in addition to Haleigh and JC. LOL. 


Faysal was so surprised he was nominated he just sat there staring at his picture on the screen. He didn’t even hear anything Angela said! We find that out when JC asks him did you even hear Angela’s nominations speech? Faysal admits he didn’t. LOL.


You can watch Haleigh and Faysal’s reactions to being nominated here:




This is the week Flopte finally has an accurate insight into the game! A day later and a dollar short but...fortunately for LF we are gifted with their epiphany Friday night! 




Saturday morning Veto players were drawn and so far this weekend it’s been the most drama we’Ve seen on the feeds. Haleigh drew HG choice and selected SAM to play in the veto! Sam who Haleigh knows HATES her!


Faysal was the one that pushed Haleigh to pick Sam if she drew HG choice. Faysal has somewhat of a relationship with Sam. It’s possible good for him but not for Haleigh. The only defense I can make for Haleigh making this decision would be if JC had already been selected. 


Veto Players:



Players- JC, Kaycee, Sam

Tyler was chosen to host 


Haleigh’s pick for the Veto made Angela livid! She was furious that Faysal told Haleigh to choose Sam. Angela and L4 meet post veto draw and are incredulous about that! Angela even tells Haleigh later that Faysal telling her that was clearly done to try and save himself! Why would he tell you to pick Sam? He told you that because there’s a chance Sam would save him while NO chance you would come off the block if she won. 


The dramatics following the veto draw were at least entertaining. Personally, I don’t think it was that bad of a move. All of the HG know that Sam always wants to save someone from the block. If Sam were to win it may be the only shot both Haleigh and Faysal have of surviving the week.


Don’t get me wrong I don’t credit Faysal with doing it because he’s aware that’s the only shot. I’m just saying that Sam playing whether Haleigh chose her or not was actually a smart move. 


Follow me here. Let’s speculate what would happen if Sam won the veto. She takes Faysal down. Sam is safe. Now Angela either has to nominate JC or one of L6 in Faysal’s place. This could have been VERY dangerous for Tyler. Angela has talked in the DR about targeting Tyler. 


We got a leak from production explaining what Tyler and Angela discuss in their DR’s about each other. We were informed that Angela sways back and forth between getting close with Tyler. She has said she planned to take the shot at Tyler and get him out! Angela was banking on that being her ‘big game move’ this season. 


Even if Angela didn’t have the courage to throw Tyler OTB a JC nomination would have created an opportunity for Haleigh to go to work and shift the target onto JC. JC’s antics pitting Tyler/Brett against each other could have actually made this possible! So many things have happened organically to protect Tyler. It’s amazing to me! He’s playing a brilliant game and the luck aspect has also worked in addition to his active game play. 


Feeds were down ALL DAY and most of the night Saturday. Brett and Tyler were sequestered in the HOH for a good 8-9 hours while the competition was happening. Turns out Tyler not being chosen for the veto actually was in his best interest! 


Brett and Tyler get around to comparing notes about JC! The veto JC is finally playing in ends up working against him! LOL. Once Brett and Tyler mutually agree JC has been actively working to make them turn in each other the wheels start turning! Brett admits he’s been feeling like he’s the bottom tier of L6. Brett admits he’s felt distanced from the team since he’s shifted to working the other side of the house for L6. 


Tyler and Brett then discuss Angela/Kaycee’s connection. The guys discuss the fact that those two are so tight they are likely to choose each other. Tyler sells to Brett that if Brett if 4th in the hierarchy the Tyler is 3rd. Eventually these two make a F2! As annoyed as I was that this veto was taking SO long this made it worth it! I’m still infuriated that production turned the feeds on for BBAD so viewers could watch Tyler/Brett in the HOH later in the night but not the FEEDS! Why turn it on for the broadcast and not go ahead and turn it on for the LF’s? 


Feeds don’t return until after 10:30 pm and we have Faysal/Haleigh commiserating in the PBR alone! Faysal just keeps saying how did she beat me! She beat me! I can’t believe I lost to HER! This leads to me switch cams to discover ‘HER’ is KAYCEE! Kaycee won the veto! OMG! This couldn’t be better! 


Remember last week when Haleigh continuously told Faysal he needed to be targeting Angela/Kaycee? Remember all the times he’s said Angela and Kaycee aren’t competition threats to his game? Remember how many times he’s said Kaycee and JC are the worst competitors in the game?


Now! Now the week after Faysal takes out one of his own allies during his HOH reign Angela wins HOH and nominated both Faysal and Haleigh! The cherry on top of this Farrell’s Zoo sundae is Kaycee beating him in the Veto and being the one that ensures they both stay OTB! 


L6 gathered in the HOH as previously planned (just after midnight) and celebrated over Angela’s HOH wine! They had the discussion the other day about how nearly every HOH has shared their alcohol or at least offered except Haleigh. Haleigh drinks every other HOH’s alcohol but never shares hers and she and JC drank Faysal’s bottle he requested. 


What’s hilarious about this? As soon as Angela pours the wine Haleigh comes up to the HOH! I swear she can smell wine a mile away! She comes in the room and comments oh it smells like wine? Angela saw her coming and hid their cups of wine before she entered! LOL.


Honestly I don’t blame her! Angela sprays perfume to smother the wine smell. Once Haleigh leaves they are toast and enjoy their celebrations and wine before going downstairs to eat. They wanted to drink first for maximum effect. HG got alcohol Thursday night but JC, Tyler, and Sam were HN’s and couldn’t partake. So Angela made sure to propose L6 meet in the HOH at midnight when HN’s end so they can enjoy her wine together. 


There you have it! The feeds continue to slow down with each passing day. However, when things do happen they are significant! Expect to see Faysal and Haleigh side by side Thursday night! I will be tracking the target post veto ceremony on Monday. I do think sending Haleigh out this week is the smarter strategic move. Even if the jury buy back wasn’t happening. 


Tyler and Angela discussed whether he should sleep upstairs Saturday. He said as soon as she won he’s going to Saturday night. She said it was up to him but Tyler said he should sleep downstairs although he wants to spend the night with her.


Instead Tyler asks Angela for a date when they get out of the house. She agrees. Now this I’m good with! Nice work Tyler. Make sure she knows you’re genuinely interested and it’s not just game. This should help disarm and paranoia she has. Game wise it’s smart for both of them to put this new infatuation with each other on the back burner for the rest of the season. 


Meanwhile JC is telling Brett he needs to go upstairs and sleep with Angela. Brett was like, you want me to ‘sleep’ with her? JC affirms. Brett is clearly shocked and mildly amused. JC and Brett eventually make their way upstairs in the late hours. Tyler heads downstairs to go to bed.


This makes JC happy. Although when I turned on the feeds this morning Tyler was back in the HOH cuddling with Angela. Brett and Kaycee were up there until 3-4 a.m so he wasn’t up there all night but Sam is up and about before Tyler takes the opportunity to sneak out. Tyler REALLY needs to be more purposeful in his decision making surrounding Angela. 


Tyler did reassure Brett that his connection to Angela won’t interfere with his game. I just keep seeing him one foot in one foot out and if I see it so do the other HG’s. 


My dream scenario this week is: 

Haleigh is evicted Thursday. Scottie wins the buy back and returns to the game! Scottie wins HOH and takes Faysal out! How glorious would this be?! Scottie nominates Faysal and JC next to each other! It’s time JC hits the block! He is now the only player left who hasn’t tasted the block this season! Let them vote Faysal out. Scottie can’t play in the DE. Leaving JC against all of the L6. Then L6 can go after JC in the DE.


I know targeting Sam in the DE would be most desirable because they don’t have to endure a week of her paranoia but my scenario doesn’t allow for that. If Sam were to win an HOH after this point I think she would be more likely to target Angela and I’m ok with that. 


The RealiTea is L6 could actually make it to F4 together! I don’t think that’s necessarily the best case scenario for anyone but Kaycee but it’s possible we could in fact see a team that formed day 3 make it to the end together and that’s kind of exciting. As we are stating Sunday I don’t expect much game to happen today. I will be back with Monday’s Veto ceremony fallout. There is still PLENTY of game left this season! 


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