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Faysal HOH is a wrap!


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Feeds have been a lot of rinse and repeat given everyone believing Scottie will be voted out Thursday. There’s been some talks between different combinations of L6 and JC about who to target in the event this week is a DE. We know it isn’t this week but their plan would be to target Haleigh telling her she’s a pawn next to Sam. This ends up being tossed around Tuesday/Wednesday. 


L6 minus Brett talk again and decide in a DE it’s better to bite the bullet and nominate Haleigh/Faysal side by side. Tyler/Angela/Kaycee have said they prefer Brett win the next HOH and take the shot. JC knows it’s in his best interest to avoid winning HOH and he’s correct. For now. 


Faysal and Haleigh believe Sam is the house’s next target so while they all have the same plan they have different goals. Faysal and Haleigh want Sam out next. Everyone else wants Haleigh out next except for Brett. He of course has bond with Haleigh so he would target Faysal over Haleigh. Although Tyler and JC know they both have more influence over Faysal. The power struggle within is already beginning to emerge. 


JC can’t stop harping on Tyler about not getting into a showmance with Angela. Tyler has assured JC he has nothing to worry about. I’m not confident that’s the case. I think it’s more than halfway through the season, he genuinely likes Angela, and they are spending way too much time together.


I hope that Tyler maintains his preseason attitude and doesn’t get distracted by her. He can take her out somewhere very nice post season with $500k! I’m just saying. 


JC is JC. He’s a HN this week which means he’s cranky! He rearranged the letters on Brett’s granny sweater from his punishment. JC wore the sweater making it say “I’m Angry”. What it should say is I’m HANGRY (hungry+angry). That’s what my daughter is when she’s hungry! JC doesn’t do well with lack of sleep, food, and hot showers. Unlike Tyler who seems to always just soar through it with flying colors. 


JC has gone to Tyler multiple times emphasizing being linked with Angela is bad for them both! JC of course fears if Angela and Tyler become a pair that leaves him in jeopardy of losing Tyler. Eventually JC admits to Tyler he’s jealous of his connection to Angela. Tyler needs to be VERY careful here. Wednesday JC went to Brett planting seeds about Angela and Tyler becoming an item. 


This is a common strategy for JC. Go to Tyler and make him feel threatened by Brett. Go to Brett making him feel threatened by Tyler. What’s unusual is JC always protects Tyler. That’s not the case in the scenario. Quite the opposite in fact. Tyler has played a very smart game that now. He needs to watch JC closely. JC better hope Tyler doesn’t begin to really doubt JC because he’s an easy one to expose and make a house target. 


Targeting Sam during the DE wouldn’t be a horrible idea. She had less than an hour to freak out! That’s everyone’s feat of nominating Sam! She will freak out all week and loose canon honestly isn’t good for anyone’s game!


The DE should happen next week. Tonight’s HOH is similar to the candy/carnival one we’ve seen a lot of the last few seasons. Collect tickets turn them in for chances to roll the ball and win HOH. Based on the numbers and imminent DE I’m expecting a reset twist of some sort. There won’t be a jury buyback competition. At least not one that includes Bayleigh and Angie. 


Tonight’s HOH comp is terrible for Haleigh (yah!). She’s basically up against the entire house since Faysal can’t play and Scottie will be evicted. What L6 needs to be careful of is the temptation to work together feeding tickets to let’s say Brett. That will expose and facade that still exists heading into tonight. Remember Angela/Tyler now  have a fake F4 with the showmance. Kaycee also struck her own deal with Faysal. 


Wednesday the house was heating up! It was fire this afternoon! Literally! Brett proved he is the IDIOT, not Blockstar! He caught the oven on fire while cooking bacon in the oven. Feeds were down while production managed the problem and the clean up. Sam did put it out! Here’s a brief clip of the oven catching fire.  




Sam is attempting to quit smoking despite the fact Faysal didn’t nominate Haleigh. She and Scottie had a long talk. Apparently Scottie gave a rousing speech against Sam during his veto speech.  Now remember he believed Sam was going to be the replacement nominee after he tried the hustle Faysal. 


Scottie had some serious damage control to do with Sam. I don’t think it makes a difference. It likely even Sam will vote against Scottie now!  He gave her a run down of how the hive was always so mean to him. Faysal is the one that told him the only shot Scottie might have to stay is put Sam next to him. 


Scottie also decided to raid the house supplies as he packed his suitcases Wednesday. He took everything he could think of that everyone in the house uses like razors, shampoo, sponges, mouthwash, even an entire box of condoms! Yes the season’s virgin king snagged a Costco size box of Trojans. LOL Here’s a 20 minute clip of his shenanigans: 




I figure there are one of two reasons he would take condoms. Maybe he is preparing for all the Scottie STANS post show who are eager to deliver not only his first kiss but much more. However my other theory is he’s taking them in an attempt to perhaps keep Faysal from sealing the deal with Haleigh? That seems much more like a Scottie thing to do. Eventually production called him to the DR. It’s not unusual for HG’s to snag some BB memorabilia on their way out of the door. 


Remember Big Meech took props from around the house to sell on eBay in BB18 and Paul’s duck! I loved that move it still makes me laugh! Kidnapping Pablo was epic! However it is a first to see one take actually house supplies from the SR room! He came in a RAT and is leaving a RAT. Not only that but this move also makes me think he’s already a bitter juror and he’s not even out of the house yet! 


Tonight’s live eviction vote shouldn’t surprise anyone. The entire house knows Scottie needs to go. Faysal is just dumb enough to send one of his own allies out! 

I will be curious to see if we can continue the trend of a new HOH every week! It’s time for a Kaycee win and I could see Themis potentially being her comp. as long as Haleigh doesn’t win things look pretty good. I’m not so sure Brett winning is the best idea but maybe he’s unaware enough to tow the L6 line one more week! The RealiTea is the people left outside of Haleigh and Faysal will turn inward this week! Even if it’s just setting up targets for the next HOH which will be the DE HOH.

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