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Week 7 Eviction Week 8 HOH Results


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This week’s vote was flapping in the wind this afternoon when the feeds went down. Sam was putting in some effort to flip JC. She said Angie was more fun than Kaycee. JC and Sam volleyed back and forth. Sam and JC have now made an alliance and in the end he did manage to keep her on board with ‘voting with the house’. It was crazy to see her trying to save Angie after promising Tyler and Kaycee should wanted to keep Kaycee. 


The votes came in at 5-1 and Angie was shocked to hear she’s been evicted! She was NOT expecting that. Clearly she had to have some fear that a worse case scenario could happen but hearing 5-1 you know in her mind for a moment she was relieved believing it was Kaycee. Nope! Angie heads to jury! Finally! 


Angela’s GBM was b*tchy. She called Angie out for calling her a privelege princess who always gets her way. Really we can’t be upset about that since that’s EXACTLY what Angie has been saying for weeks and weeks! Not a smart move on Angela’s behalf since Angie will be a jury member. No worries Angela is NEVER making it that far. 


Brett on the other hand was brutal. His GBM was harsh and unnecessarily mean. His messages are reminiscent of Paul’s game play last season. Let me just sh*t all over you while you’re down.


I don’t care for it. There is no game value in it. A lot of his showman tactics are humorous because he’s just OTT. However I didn’t care for a few things he did this week and that was nasty, spiteful, and just plain immature. Again nothing for him to worry about because he’s not making it to the end either. 


Imagine if he goes out next and has to go live with Angie in the jury for a month until finale? Actually they deserve each other. She was constantly talking crap about Angela, Rachel, Brett. Winston all season. What goes around comes around. People playing this game would be wise to remember that. 


The slip and slide HOH competition is a fan favorite. Some of the best blooper moments come from people falling all over the place. This competition fell flat. It was over in 20+ minutes.


Faysal just glided is way right into a long overdue victory! I was shocked because would get to the tube and hardly have any liquid left! Half the time what he did have, he spilled over the back of the tube! Tyler, Scottie, and Brett were neck and neck with each other but Faysal flew in this comp just lapping people! Our new HOH....Faysal! 


Feeds return and Faysal and Haleigh are in the geo room. I was annoyed he’s COVERED in crisco and laid all over the cushions leaving a disgusting trail of grease! Dude at least lay a towel down! I’m sure Sam will love that!


Faysal is still whining about the vote. Haleigh is already over Angie’s departure. Clearly she’s all business. Guess what Haleigh? Faysal is going to expect you to be in that HOH bed with him ALL WEEK LONG! 


We hear Faysal mention Brett and Sam. He’s focused on the votes. After he leaves he’s been telling people he’s not talking game tonight. That’s code for I know what I’m doing, I don’t trust none of ya’ll, deal with it! Ok Faysal look at your with your big boy pants on! 


He’d be wise to remember it’s just him and Haleigh at this point! He can’t compete next week! This is a common error Flopte has consistently made every time they’ve had power! They’ve been in power more often than not.


Kaitlin lost her mind (thanks to Tyler) and took out Chris her own teammate. Two weeks later Kaitlin went home. Bayleigh won and lost her damn mind! She thought this meant she had the HOH power every week. Then she exposed  her power app and bye bye Bayleigh. The. next week Bayleigh went out. Haleigh is just coming off of her HOH which sent her BFF home. 


JC and Faysal have been bickering non stop. JC doesn’t like Faysal’s attitude now for a couple days. Faysal is being curt and snappy with him. Here we go! Faysal do you realize that in order to accomplish a goal this week you will need the votes! Haleigh and Scottie aren’t enough. Same old same old Flopte! 


Sam is pretty happy go lucky tonight despite losing her smoking pal. She really didn’t want to let Angie go but apparently bounced back quickly knowing she now has JC, Tyler, and Kaycee. Wait until JC shares with Tyler she made a deal with JC now too! I won’t be surprised if Sam goes out on an oops! How did that happen this week? It’s too early to know what Faysal will do. I can see him throwing 2 people up and BDing Scottie! 


I have no idea wth Sam is doing? She’s all over the place! If I figure it out, you will be the first to know. 


Faysal is petty. He will target the guys hogging Haleigh’s attention. That would be a terrible move for his game. Scottie is in Haleigh’s pocket whether he likes it or not. Haleigh is already off whispering with Scottie. 


I appreciate the fact Faysal didn’t follow suit with Haleigh and Bayleigh holding 1-1’s the moment they went back into the house. I think it’s a mistake not to have 1-1’s. He can know what he’s going to do and not be movable from him own plan. He can also still let people come to him, share some information, maybe strike a couple 1 week deals and still do what he wants without telling people nothing you say is going to matter! That just prevents people from Leaking information. 


There you have it! Week 8 is under way! After this week we will have arrived at F8! Tyler has his power but he also made a deal with Faysal not to target each other. Scottie, Brett, Sam seem like the most likely targets! We will have a DE this season and clearly no jury buyback so some kind of reset has to happen for the numbers to come out in the wash.


The RealiTea is Faysal isn’t likely to take any big swings right out the gate. Nominations are tomorrow and I will be back with e everything that leads up to the ceremony. 


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