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We Definitely Have the Votes!


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Monday after the veto ceremony things in the house were relatively ho hum. There were of course some initial emotional reactions from both Angie and Haleigh. Haleigh seemed more annoyed than anything. Angie was just dumbfounded he wouldn’t take the deal and thinks he is an idiot for passing on their nonsensical ‘we will keep you safe for 5 weeks. 


Angie commiserated with Kaycee. It was amusing to watch. Tyler popped by to tell her he’s sorry she’s been put in this position of being on the block. He knows it sucks but at the end of the day he had to do what he thought was best for his game. He also points out she’s in this position because of Haleigh’s hacker moves last week. The idea Tyler would use the veto on her or just not use it never made sense. 


Angie then interrupts Tyler and Kaycee in the geo room a few minutes later. This was amusing on every level. Kaycee doesn’t make much effort to seem upset she’s been put OTB.


Tyler again trolls Angie a bit emphasizing its Haleigh’s fault Angie is just collateral damage being nominated because Haleigh’s HOH. He really drives the ‘this is all Haleigh’s fault I can’t believe she screwed you like this by coming after me.’ He exits so Angie can talk to Kaycee alone.


Angie is welling up with tears as she tells Kaycee how sorry she is that Kaycee ended up OTB. This appears to be Angie’s version of damage control. The way she words things she essentially saying I’m sorry you’re going home instead of Angela. But as you go to jury just know this isn’t what I wanted. I wanted Angela gone I can’t stand her. It’s awful but in the best way. LOL. 


Angie is so cocky to be assuming Kaycee needs to be consoled because now she’s going home. Really Angie? She hasn’t been OTB 5 minutes and you’re not commiserating oh it sucks WE are both OTB. It sucks Angela came down and you went up. That’s not the tone. The tone is oh are you ok since clearly you’re going home? 


Haleigh is upset after the ceremony but seems to get over it pretty quickly. I really think Haleigh may be blindsided by the votes. I also know she will be worried losing a number of course. However, I think just as when Bayleigh went out she will get over it very quickly.


Haleigh’s been over Angie for a while. She complains about her to Faysal and vice versa. By Friday she will be like Angie who? Mostly because if Scottie or Faysal don’t win HOH she knows she’s in trouble.


Angie talks to Scottie and makes yet another strategic error. Are we really surprised at this point. She says to him ‘just in case’ you are the hacker please don’t cancel one of the votes in my favor. Please don’t do that to me...


Angie what made you believe this was a good idea? First of all if he is the Hacker clearly he’s against you. The hacker put you OTB. The hacker chose TYLER the veto warrior to play OTEV.


Why would you think that the hacker would ever even take this under advisement? In RealiTea If Scottie isn’t the Hacker (he’s not) he’s with Flopte, making him a number for you and now be saying this shows you don’t trust him? 


Remember the week when Kaitlin and Angie were OTB? Remember how I explained both girls were campaigning in a way that was counterintuitive? Yeah that’s what Angie is doing again. Saying exactly the reverse of what she should be saying and doing because she’s overconfident about staying this week. Angie would be far better served to just not talk at all. 


Later in the day Angie tells Haleigh that she’s positive she has Sam as a vote to keep her. No doubt in her mind at all. Sam’s on lock with Faysal l. Haleigh then says she’s certain she has Brett and Scottie. They are voting to keep Angie. With all of these votes JC will fall in line.


From Haleigh’s perspective she’s thinking ‘I mean there’s no possible way that JC would upset Faysal voting the other way’. Haleigh says ‘when we have the numbers to keep you anyway, (with 3 locked and the 4th probably Faysal canceled) JC will vote with us too. 


Makes perfect sense! Brett, Scottie, JC we have the 3 and I will break the tie. We’ve got this! Haleigh and Angie are going to be SHOOK if they don’t sniff this blindside out before the live show. I feel like Sam or JC may spoil the blindside at some point before the live show.


Here’s the deal. In Flopte’s defense in their line of thinking they’ve pulled Brett in. They don’t think or perceive that Brett floated to them. In their minds all they had to do was finally talk to him socially and say hey come be with us over here, with the batting of Haleigh’s eyelashes. They don’t consider the outliers. They are ABSOLUTE in their assumptions about the votes on Monday.


Let’s pretend to be Flopte for a moment. —We put Brett OTB twice in 5 weeks. 

-Brett lied in his eviction speech when he was OTB with Rachel. 

-Brett sabotaged Bayleigh by outing a power we didn’t know about. 

-Brett was really only doing that for survival right? 

-Brett’s completely forgotten Angie walked around the house yelling at him, banging pots and pans. 

-Brett didn’t care Angie spent days telling him he’s disgusting was so long ago he doesn’t even remember that! 

-Brett is with us now because he’s so smitten with Haleigh l! 


 Flopte knows or believes all of the above. They must have been taught common core math?  There’s seriously no other explanation for how the math adds up given the points above. 


Haleigh clings to the idea that Scottie and Brett were close before this week. Scottie is Floote’s link to Brett from her perspective. Brett is loyal to Scottie therefore he is loyal to us. Angie told him she hated him and will get him out of this game but...now...Angie said she used to hate him but now (that we need you as a number and have spent some time with him) she likes him. He must believe what they’ve sold him, right? Absolutely Brett is a vote for us. 


NO! What are you talking about? These are not straight lines. They see all of those rationale as straight lines that lead to their conclusions. In RealiTea the lines between them and Brett are as crooked as Lombard street with at least half a dozen detours. 


No logical human looking at this from the outside can justify Flopte. Even if they think all the things they think why would they not play out what reason could he have for the sudden 180 degree turn? Winston left and he still rode hard with Angela and Kaycee. At the very least legitimately considering that Brett who was with Angela/Rachel from the very first day in the house suddenly flipped week 5 to their side. 


If they did seriously analyze the FACTS of the case of Brett still landed on well let’s hope he’s with us. Great! They did their due diligence L6 has done such a remarkable job. We can’t lay any of the blame of Flopte, they’re victims of amazing game play. While L6 has done very strategic work to create this narrative it works because Flopte is so naive. They NEVER throw out a well, what if this...and go a step further to really break down ok if this is the case then...


From what I see on the feeds their moments where they vocally speculate an opposing view or a conspiracy it feels more like they are doing it so production has footage of them saying it. Another example of that relates to the Hacker. Haleigh KNOWS 99.999999% Kaycee is the hacker. 


Haleigh was the hacker last week. She knows the cameras followed her just like they did Kaycee. She also is positive she heard Kaycee jumping in the room next to her when she won the Hacker comp. Even so she throws out well maybe it’s Tyler or Scottie. It could be Brett. 


I’m not saying with absolute conviction this is what Haleigh and Angie are doing. Don’t get me wrong. Instead my point is the way they do it, is the same way so many players for years and years have done it. When HG know they are the storyline they often force conversations just for the edt. 


Even Jessica last year did this. She saying that’s what she was doing while talking to Cody in the HOH room. Jessica flat out told Cody “I’m saying this but that’s just so they have footage” and that’s where it ended. How Flopte puts so little effort into pondering alternatives is reminiscent of that same surface let me just say this but I don’t really think that. 


What could make this vote count between Angie/Haleigh even more entertaining to watch? At this exact same time on the other camera we have L6 counting the votes. They are accurately assessing the current vote tally! L6 knows Faysal and Scottie will vote to keep Angie. Faysal’s vote will be canceled at this point leaving 1 vote against Kaycee. This leaves 5 votes to evict Angie: Tyler, Angela, Brett, Sam, and JC all voting as a block to send Angie to jury. 


It’s absolutely pure #teamgoodfeeds to witness both sides having the same conversation about votes at the exact same time! Flopte being as confident as L6 in their assessments. All the while Flopte is absolutely WRONG! LOL 


Flopte has consistently delivered some of the worst game play we’ve ever seen by a ‘team’ or individually it’s always entertaining to watch and makes LF laugh all day every day as it occurs. Pure feeds gold. 


Sam and Tyler are syncing back up this week. Her talk with Kaycee getting reassured that they are still a F3 seems to have resolved her weariness about them. Monday’s Sam tells Tyler she is voting to keep Kaycee. 


They are all good. Sam also appears. She also says she’s not telling anyone about her vote this week. Sam will resort to two dots in a cup responses again this week when asked. Ironically Angie doesn’t ask! LOL.


If you have not seen Brett and Angie’s F2 conversation you are in for a treat. This is so fun to watch. It’s terrible game play by Brett now that we are in jury. Intentionally making a fake F2 deal when she’s OTB and you are about to vote her out and she has no idea shes going home is an awful game move. She hated him the entire season. He’s made great efforts to reel her in and this is just adding salt to the wounds to a player he knows is an emotional player.


Tyler and Faysal agree to not target each other. This was just a quickie Fly by convo but important to note. If Haleigh is the one to go next week this is Tyler laying a path. Ironically Haleigh and Faysal get into an argument later Monday night! Faysol

tells her again he plans to Target Scottie if he wins the HOH. She says WE need to get Tyler out first! Faysal says why? Tyler isn’t coming after me? 


Haleigh loses her mind in this! Tyler is targeting ME! Hello! Why would you target someone helping me over someone who is actually coming for me?! Faysal points out times when he’s said Scottie needs to go because he’s trying to separate us and he’s coming for me but you don’t care about that do you? 


Faysal is saying this because he sees Scottie as a threat to his relationship with Haleigh. It has nothing to do with his game but Scottie is a threat personally. He hates that’s Haleigh rides so hard for Scottie. Scottie won’t protect Faysal he will protect Haleigh. That’s Faysal’s point. Tyler isn’t coming for me...so...


Haleigh is being hypocritical. Like Bayleigh, she treats him like the muscle. Just like JC says Faysal isn’t the brainsies. Haleigh has managed to work a path where Faysal should be protecting her. She’s flirted he way to a path where Scottie wants to protect Haleigh. She also wrongly believes Brett will protect her. So in her mind she has these 3 guys willing to do all they can to keep her safe. 


I agree two of the three fellas will protect her. Where she has failed is keeping them in separate corners. She’s never forged a bond between Faysal and Scottie! Actually she’s said so much she’s made the huge divide Faysal feels for Scottie by telling him everything Scottie says! Again one step forward, two steps back.


Monday afternoon we get to see JC tell Tyler he told Faysal he’s not talking game this week. JC confirms he is voting Angie out. His excuse to others for not telling anyone how he’s voting is he doesn’t want the hacker to cancel his vote. Great!


In that same conversation Tyler talks about how Angie followed him for 2 days all day long to get him to use the Veto on her. Tyler finds it hilarious that after he didn’t use it she Ghosted. Tyler jokes how bad her game play is. LOL. He’s right. She is.

Also good to know Tyler is paying attention. Don’t assume Tyler is sitting back ringing his hands bellowing an evil laugh.


Monday was a lot of listening to Angie again. Angie talks to Faysal about securing JC. She admits she doesn’t feel confident about with JC or Scottie. She KNOWS she has Sam and Brett but can’t be certain about the other two. 


This is Angie just believing what she wants to believe. Ihave not seen Sam promise to keep Angie. She’s just assuming because I also have not seen Angie ask Sam if she Will vote for her.


Angie doesn’t campaign to Sam at all. Instead she goes to Sam and says I need you to tell people you are voting for me. Go ahead and let everyone know you are voting for me to stay. Angie does eventually get around to actually asking Sam about her vote on Tuesday. We will get into that tomorrow. 


The RealiTea is Flopte believes they have the votes against Kaycee. Kaycee was willing to go back OTB because L6 knew Angela/Angie come eviction wouldn’t be a home run. That was risky. Now that Tyler saved Angela with his Veto and Kaycee is OTB L6 knows they have the votes! L6 managed to save all 3 of those in danger this week. Even better they effectively send Haleigh’s closest ally out on Haleigh’s HOH! 








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