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Foute is in power! Or Are They?


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Last night’s eviction and the HOH competition delivered some glorious television. However the real show unfolds on the live feeds! Make sure you are comfortable because from the time feeds return post HOH and the nominations and hacker play out there’s an ocean of information to be shared! So much I’m feeling like I can’t keep up sometimes. 


I don’t know why this cast feels as though the second they re-enter the house 1-1 conversations must begin right away. There’s rarely some group moments shared. Haleigh takes up residence in the HN room. I swear production ends up waiting longer to give them their HOH rooms because there is game talk happening. 


Just to confirm, Haleigh is the new HOH and this seriously could not have happened at a better time for her. Coming off a week where she created a target the size of Texas on her back this victory was 

absolutely required to avoid being the target.


Bravo Haleigh! It’s also the first moment Angie has had to breath all week. Being the season’s pawn can be rough. She’s counting on being able to sit back and pick off one of ‘those people’. She shouldn’t get too comfortable though. 


1-1’s happen and while some deliver extremely valuable information (in her mind) others are just eh. I do sadly see her following a pattern that Bayleigh mistakenly made. Remember Bayleigh talked more than anyone in her meetings. 


Haleigh has a far better social game and makes everyone feel comfortable, lures information and makes some strides. However she leaks so much of what she learns in these same convos it significantly reduces the value she could have secured. 


Scottie has a convo where he makes some sligh remarks to create doubt and paranoia. He fabricated some info but mixed it with actual real info which is how he tends to operate. Last week when Angela was HOH he went to L6 with tears accusing Foute of bullying him and saying he’s done with them. While L6 certainly welcomed his shift for voting purposes they were always cautious. Haleigh ends up spilling this to both Kaycee and Angela. Good Lord even when Foute is good they are so BAD! 


L6 being cautious was a smart approach. The things that were discussed (generally brought up or relating to Scottie) that he’s know run back to Haleigh. Haleigh and Scottie have this very strong mutually beneficial flirt relationship. He’s now sharing all sorts of random information to reel Haleigh closer to him while creating suspicion and conflict between her and the people on the other side. Great idea but he should really screen his ‘allies’ better. 


Damn near everything Scottie has told her she reveals to people from L6 in conversation which completely confirms L6 initially hesitation with trusting Scottie. Now they all KNOW 100% Scottie is not to be trusted. I don’t understand how she so easily shares Scottie told her...she has zero ability to stick to someone told me or I heard...Instead she begins with that only to say well Scottie told me...


By Friday morning all of L6 knows Scottie is a snitch and it’s not good for his game or Haleigh’s. Winning HOH at such a critical moment should have been an opportunity to shrink the target last week’s Hacker drama generated. Instead she continues to say and do things that keep her at the top of L6 list right next to Scottie. It’s also drastically inflating Faysal’s disdain for Scottie. 


9:40pm Faysal and Haleigh HN

Haleigh asks Faysal if he laughs about the girls alliance and he confirms he of course he did. He attempts to spin it like I had to play along that way, so I just said don’t worry a bunch of girls can never group up without having drama it won’t go anywhere. Haleigh is really going all in on Faysal in this conversation and this continues as the night unfolds. Scottie told Haleigh that both Faysal and Bayleigh has all these other deals which appears to be his attempt to separate her from Faysal and draw her closer to him. She also tells Faysal that Scottie told her Faysal also flipped his vote the week of Bayleigh’s HOH that led to Rachel going over Brett! Lies but this comes back around later tonight and explains why Faysal is now gunning hard for Scottie.


Haleigh is telling Faysal that’s why she was so upset last night. Haleigh says it it really upset her to learn Bayleigh/Faysal were working separate from her trying to secure alliances. By the end of Thursday night Faysal wants Scottie’s head on a platter! 


10:40pm HN Sam/ Haleigh 

Haleigh tells Sam, “Sam, I love you and I don’t ever know where you head is at. In the event that you win HOH next week, will I go up again?” 

Sam, “ahhhh.. no! Is that what you want me to stay? I feel like a big joke and that everyone is making fun of me.


Sam goes on to say I don’t belong here and I want to go. Right now I am just kind of like .. what do I do? You’re the HOH, you tell me. You dont want me to put you up next week. Sam continues spiraling out of control as this 1-1 continues. Sam goes on to say, “I won’t.” 


Sam leaves. Brett joins Haleigh again. Haleigh expresses the hardest part of putting up people is she is going to have to justify whatever I do. She tells Brett she has an idea of what I am going to do. And if I do it, justifying it is going to very cringy. I am not doing it because you attached me. I am doing it because this, I am doing it because you are a game player that will float by the entire time and will sit pretty for the entire game. She never says Tyler’s name but like L6 we all know it’s Tyler she’s referring to. 


Now Brett has confirmation for Tyler that Haleigh is in fact planning to BD him. This is of

course what Tyler wants! He has the cloud and he’s hoping this power will help him keep everyone on L6 safe this week with the Hacker twist also in play.


Brett has completely without question infiltrated Foute! They want it to be true so badly that they essentially bring him into the fold without hesitation once Haleigh snatches up this HOH! It’s brilliant game play and he has done remarkable work even if Foute is easily hoodwinked from a game perspective the wheels L6 started turning during Bayleigh’s HOH have paid off huge dividends this week! 



Haleigh tells Brett you need to get better at talking to me. You never asked me what I was doing. Brett tells her, we just talked the other night. Haleigh says you ever told me what you would do. I really like Scottie. You need to get better at talking to me. Brett  finishes the convo with a smile and let me know if there is anything you need.


11:20pm Havenot room. Haleigh, Angie and Scottie. Haleigh said, “so I am thinking that next week is going to be a double eviction which means one of you motherf**kers has to win.” 


Scottie asks, “both of them?” Angie said, “we just need to keep winning. Sam is totally loyal.” Haleigh fears Sam is just acting like she isn’t having that much fun.


Angie tells her its because she doesn’t know what she is doing but with guidance. Haleigh isn’t as sympathetic as Angie. Haleigh feels like someone close to Sam just needs to be like look this is the game you signed up for. Angie reassures Haleigh that she did. While Angie is all in on Sam, Haleigh is not. 


This delusional conversation with Sam should clarify why. 

11:34 pm Sam/Haleigh HN

Sam comes in and demands that Haleigh tell her who is making fun of her. 

Sam and Haleigh. 


Sam, “who is making fun of me?” Haleigh explains she doesn’t think anyone is making fun of Sam. Haleigh comforts her saying, “I think people take advantage of the fact that you’re a genuine true person. And I think that some of the people that you have put your trust in don’t have your best interest at heart.” Sam again says who is it? 


Haleigh again tells Sam no one has said anything. Sam is all over the house for days worried people are making fun of her (they weren’t). Haleigh, “why do you think that?” Sam, “I don’t know. I just think that things are happening and I need you to tell me. Tell me who is making fun of me?!” Haleigh, “no one is making fun of you. I promise you that! In this game people get nervous of you because they know you’re an honest person and that is not how people are playing this game. If I heard people making fun of you, I would not let it happen. I have never made fun of you.” Sam , “Haleigh people are making fun of me.”


Haleigh is growing in her concern now but not because she worries people are mailing fun of Sam but because Sam is behaving like a lunatic. Haleigh asks again why do you think that? 


Sam, “I am not just coming up with this in my head. I do not want to look like a dumba$$. I mean I am just going to start going around being really sh*tty if someone doesn’t tell me what is going on. Haleigh again what makes you think something is going on? Sam, “AHHAggh .. never mind then! Nothing in here is real! Nobody is going to tell me the truth if I ask.” 


Haleigh manages Sam here really well. From a human perspective Haleigh appears genuinely concern about Sam. Haleigh tells Sam, “I am sitting here telling you.. F**k the game! I don’t care about the game! I care about you being visibly upset right in front of me.” Sam goes back to saying it is probably just all in my head. Its all a bunch of stuff I made up. Seriously! That’s it. Haleigh consoles Sam saying lets talk about it and if someone is making fun of you I have the power to do something about it. 


Sam is making this all up in her head. Just to clarify she’s lost her marbles! Sam, “there is no solid concrete anything. Its probably just all in my head. I don’t have any facts! Its all in my head. I will let it go.” (She won’t). Haleigh tells Sam that the  only person that brought you up was Angela. She was annoyed at something you said .. and basically brought you up to remind me that you put me up. That is the only thing. It wasn’t anything bad about you. 


Sam, “I don’t want to cry any more. I am going to let it go. And I will be here for as long as I have to f**king be here with all you f**king people! I trust you. And you can trust me. I feel like I am the only f**King real person in this f**king house and I am trapped in here with all you psychos! And everyone is always talking over me and its starting to piss me off. Like I am going to get mad and snap and everyone is going to regret it! Seriously, I am almost to that point… like one more motherf**King thing and I am going to lose my sh*t!! And I don’t want that to happen. I sat there and looked Bayleigh in the eyes and told her not to do it and I’m not going to do it either. Everything that happens in here means nothing to me. My family and the little girls looking up to me mean everything to me. Not the fake computer parts and fake people! Not you.” Haleigh reassures Sam, “I’ve had this exact conversation in the DR.”


Sam isn’t comforted by anything. Sam says, “whatever happened yesterday and today is 100% made up in my head and I feel like I am a psycho. I feel like I am losing my mind. I am just ready to leave.” 


Just a reminder this is still Thursday evening. Sam tried to self evict. At this point she’s feeling like she’s being held hostage. No one can talk her down. 


Haleigh tells Sam, “you literally have a room (HOH) that you can hang out in for the rest of the week. You deserve to be here. You’ve been here this long, you might as well win the whole game.” 


Sam reacts agitatedly, “I don’t want to win the game. I want to leave!” Haleigh trues to tell her she doesn’t want to leave she’s worked so hard to be here. Sam, “I didn’t! I don’t understand why I am still here! I really didn’t think I would be here this long and now I’m stuck here. I am not going to be here with a bunch of people taking advantage of me or making me look stupid. You tell me one time that someone is making fun of me and I will rip them limb from limb and rip their bottom lip clean up over the back of their head and they will regret the day they were f**king born! And I do not want to do that! Tomorrow is my brothers birthday.” 


Haleigh is clearly disturbed by Sam’s irrational behavior again tries to console her, “I know. I was going to remind you. When I think of who I want to be it is you. Every quality of you is good.” Sam condescendingly says, “yeah okay!” Haleigh replies, “I f**king love you Sam. You remind me so much of home.” 


This doesn’t help Sam defuse. Sam goes into telling Haleigh, “you are the one that is doing so well and I think you’re going to win. I look forward to congratulating you at the finale. Whatever foot work you’re doing here is excellent. Your gorilla tactics are phenomenal! You’re a f**king monster! If there’s a competition beast, you’re a house monster! You’re winning on every other platform. Just slay! Just slay!”


Yes folks this is the same woman who put Kaitlin and Haleigh OTB! Same person who publicly called them harlets and shamed them in front of the whole house and on national TV! Sam leaves and heads into the PBR with Angie. 


Here is the clip of this exchange between Haleigh and Sam. While I can tell you word for word what happens watching Sam’s behavior and Haleigh’s genuine concern will drive home just how volatile Sam is behaving after trying to self evict just before the live show. 




11:45pm Sam/Angie. Sam expressed frustration with Haleigh saying she wouldn’t tell me who is making fun of me. You better tell me who it was? Angie, “no one is making fun of you.”  Sam – then why did you say that?” Angie, “in this game people throw out names of who to put up but that’s not making fun of you. That is just their strategy. 


I’m not positive what Sam’s referring to? Angie clearly told Sam someone threw her name out and from her convo with Haleigh I’m assuming it’s Angela. Sam is EXTREMELY jealous of Angela after last week and feels as though Angela stole Tyler away from her. Boy I wish Tyler had not told Sam about his power! This is going to continue to become an issue as the next 24 hours plays out!


Sam, then why did you say that?!” Angie, “because that’s what I thought you were getting at. No one is making fun of you or thinks you’re ridiculous. Promise!” Sam asks again, is anyone making fun of me? This same back and forth happens several times. Sam, “so all the c@mel t*e and birth stuff, that has nothing to do with me? Stinky breath?” Angie explains, “JC is making fun of me.” 


This is legitimately exhausting to watch! 


Sam, “ I just get the vibe that people are talking about me.” Angie, “no one is making fun of you. Sam – maybe its all in my head.” Sam, “Indefinitely feel like I can trust you and I felt like I could trust Bayleigh. Tyler is talking less to me now.”


Angie looks like she just won the lottery! “Tyler is talking less to you?” Sam, “yeah, he’s a shaddy motherf**ker and I am going to tackle him one of these days. Pouring salt in your sugar isn’t going to make mine any sweeter! Pissing on your grass isn’t going to make mine any greener! You know!? It might be satisfying if I am drunk but its not going to.”


Wait for it...there’s a reason I have transcribed this film conversation. 


11:50pm Sam says to Angie. pinky promise you won’t tell anyone?” Angie says – yup- Sam. “I want Angela and Tyler out of here! 


Angie, “did you tell her (Haleigh) that?” Sam says no. I don’t need to tell her that. She didn’t tell me either. As long as she’s not putting me up or you up .. I’m not putting her up next week. Whatever.


Sam has completely come unhinged. Whatever Angie and Bayleigh said to her added to Tyler wanting Bayleigh out and telling Sam about his power! This is like a fast moving wild fire with no chance to escape! Eventually Sam heads to the kitchen and starts washing dishes. 




JC comments on Sam’s plants. Sam says those plants and me are the only real things in this house. 


JC/Faysal Geo RM

This exchange with JC freaks JC out! He grabs Faysal and starts flipping out about Sam insinuating JC isn’t ‘real’. He’s repeats to Faysal what Sam just said that has him paranoid she was directly talking about him. Faysal assures JC Sam is just spiraling and JC doesn’t have anything to worry about. JC like many of us feels as though if Sam wants to leave so badly we should just vote her out! Haleigh needs to put her up. 


Good job JC! That’s the way to present Sam as a necessary target to preserve your game as well as Tyler’s.



12:30pm HOH Haleigh/Kaycee 1-1

Kaycee tells Haleigh she cares about her as a human being. I care about a lot of people in here. I feel really bad about Bayleigh but at the end of the day its a game. Haleigh shares with Kaycee that Sam is having a really hard time right now. Kaycee stays focused on her goals and doesn’t take the bait to talk about Sam. Good girl Kaycee! She says again just know that I care about youand respect any decision you make.. you were never on my radar. Haleigh responds I care about you too. This convo is innocuous but again by tomorrow things change.



JC/Haleigh 1-1

JC asks Haleigh“did you tell Sam or Angie about what I said about putting Sam up?” Haleigh tells him no and asks are you talking about her freaking out? JC confirms. Haleigh explains that Sam thinks people are making fun of her. JC, “Fes and I were trying to figure out what is going on with Scottie. We don’t know where his loyalties lie. I know like this week I am safe but I am talking about next week. If Scottie’s plan is to separate us all and make us paranoid .. like swinging votes and making us go crazy .. then its working. I think you need to put Sam up and then one of those two (Angela or Kaycee).”


12:54pm HOH Tyler/Haleigh 


Haleigh, “as far as you saying that I am playing Scottie. I want you to know that I truly and genuinely care about him as a person and a friend. I don’t want you thinking that.” Tyler says, “I know.” Haliegh begins tip toeing around Tyler as this progresses. She says, “I would like to think .. if I can be blatantly honest with you .. I feel like if I don’t .. then you will come after me.”


Tyler spraying his charm mist all over Haleigh telling her that even before the hacker thing .. He wasn’t coming after her (true). Even though you targeted me I never saw you as a huge threat that I had to get out. (Also true) 


Haleigh goes on to say I will say this week has shinned a lot of light on the house and things are continually changing. I know you are coming for me. Tyler asks flat out are you putting me up? Or going to backdoor me. Haleigh toys with him or I don’t put you up. There are a few different options. 


Tyler starts to lay it on a little too thick. This is where he needs to tread lightly because he really underestimates Haleigh. But he’s working the angle of everyone reminding Haleigh that if he plays in Veto he is very likely to win. 


Tyler says to her, “you know I am going to win the veto if you put me in it. Literally whatever you do I am not going to sit and scream at you.” Haleigh spins her web, if you do win the veto I would hope you talk to me to find out what I would want done with it. Tyler reassures Haleigh that, “next Thursday I am not going to come after you. You put me tomorrow I will play in the veto and probably take myself off. We can build something if you want to. Are putting me up? 


Haleigh says she’s leaning towards not putting you up. They are wrapping things up and Faysal barges into the HOH. Without any warning Faysal puts Tyler on the spot, “tell me if this is true? Right before the eviction .. the Rachel/Brett eviction Bay called me into the room and said that Rachel needs to go. Right?


Tyler confirms what Faysal has explained to Haleigh. Faysal continues, “she tried to pin you and Bay against each other right? Tyler again says yes. Faysal marches on “and then you told Bay that you were going to veto to evict her. And I said we stick to the plan and we could get Rachel out next week.” Tyler says yeah. Haleigh finally piped in and explains to Tyler that she heard (from Scottie) that Faysal was the one that flipped because Bay told him to. Tyler says no it was me, 100%.


You can watch the clip of the entire scene here. Once Tyler exits Haleigh lays into Faysal for putting her on the spot in front of Tyler! It’s really amazing to watch her suddenly assume Bayleigh’s role of brow beating Faysal. 




Since Haleigh told Faysal all the things Scottie has been whispering to her Faysal has been furious! He wants Scottie out of this house. Both because Scottie is clearly playing all sides but more so because he is VERY threatened by Scottie/Haleigh relationship and her absolute desire to keep Scottie in the game! 


Haleigh scolds Faysal! “Don’t sit here and come barge into my HOH room .. I just got on good terms with Tyler and you’re going to come in here and put him on the spot in front of me. And then you’re going to continue to tell me that I can’t trust Scottie. I told you it doesn’t matter.” Fes is frustrated and exclaims it matters to me. That motherf**k say that sh* pisses me off.


As we would expect Angie has been chomping at the big to run up and betray Sam’s trust by telling Haleigh what Sam said to her. I found it hilarious she’s been camping outside the HOH waiting 2 hours to tell Haleigh and Haleigh’s response falls flat! She pretty much just says the tides are turning.


By the end of the night Haleigh is pretty sure she will put up Angela and Kaycee. She really would like JC up but she doesn’t want Faysal to be furious.

She tells them both that JC wants Sam up. Angie is adamant about not putting Sam up. Despite the fact Sam is begging to be put up and voted out. Haleigh affirms that Sam pinky promised she wouldn’t put her up for the rest of the game. 


Sam has jumped ship and has told both ladies she will never vote them out or put them OTB. Both Haleigh and Angie are drooling over knowing at least 1 person in this house guaranteed them safety.


If I’m Faysal I would be concerned by their desire to keep Sam because Sam isn’t offering Faysal the same deal. The problem is two fold. One, Faysal is fuming over Scottie. More significantly he’s desperate to make headway with Haleigh now that she has the HOH room. He isn’t playing BB he’s playing whipping boy to Haleigh and it is actually concerning the way he behaves. 


Haleigh tells him over and over and over he can’t sleep in the HOH with her. He is that aggressive guy that no matter how mean you get he follows you around like a lost puppy. It got to the point Thursday night that when Haleigh has told him 10,000 times to go to bed downstairs he went into her room when she wasn’t there, turned off the lights and crawled into the HOH bed under the covers. Haleigh arrives and is like WTH are you doing? This isn’t happening get out of my HOH room! 


The more she says she doesn’t want him the more he wants her! She has made it abundantly clear all season long she doesn’t want to be involved with him this way. Yes, in her desires to manipulate him she flirts and alludes to things when she needs something from him but she’s also said to his face looking him in the eyes more item than not that SHE WANTS NOTHING TO DO WITH HIM! It’s just creepy and gross at this point. Faysal looks pathetic on so many levels. 


Haleigh needs to start planning to cut Faysal loose soon. He is going to further mess up her game. I also see a path where his absolute hatred for Scottie combined with her absolute desire to keep Scottie leads to Tyler, JC, and Brett reeling Faysal in. 


Faysal also needs to have Haleigh gone. She is his cryptonite! He can’t see anything past her. She is NOT looking out for him the way he would for her. These two are absolutely oil and water. 


This is still only the end of Thursday! All of the action post post live show was dynamic and constant. Another win for #teamgoodfeeds. Haleigh seriously considered putting both Sam and JC OTB. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb have thrown wrenches in that.


When Friday morning comes Angela and Kaycee will be the nominees for the week. I will be back with the full pot of RealiTea on how nominations and the hacker competition plays out and what happens as a result. There is nothing boring about this season! With numbers being so close on both sides and two twists in play things could get VERY interesting. There is a high likelihood that Haleigh’s HOH could send of her own out the door come eviction night! 

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