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WEEK 6 Eviction and Week 7 HOH winner


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Last night’s live eviction episode delivered shocking moments both on the broadcast episode and behind the the scenes. Bayleigh is inevitably evicted but Foute blindsided themselves by voting with the house only to realize Sam voted for Bayleigh to stay and they actually could have saved her. Instead they are actually the reason she goes out! Fortunately the HOH win by Foute deflates the shock they had initially. 


Were you as surprised at the votes as I was? Scottie managed to convince Haleigh to vote with the house late last night. Yep! That of course sets up Haleigh and Faysal to go ahead and be on the ‘right side of a vote’ for a change. 


Scottie was up to his evil genius ways. It’s crystal clear by the hours he spends talking to her that he was playing a role with L6 last week the same way Brett was with Foute. He spills a lot of intel he gathered about side alliances Bayleigh and Faysal had with each other and others which has her melting into his grip on her like cotton candy in his hand. 


Don’t worry too much about him. Scottie has been able to remain incognito much of the season. He’s absolutely done some outstanding work, but he’s getting got. People are absolutely on to him. This conversation between the two sitting at the chess game late night lasted for HOURS.


As I watched I’m wondering at first, wait did Haleigh just manage to flip Scottie’s vote? But he rallied and played her narrative to be able to turn around and sell that the votes don’t look like they are there. He goes on to sell his original motive, explaining that of the votes aren’t there it may be wise to vote with the house. 


This was HUGE! Scottie managing Haleigh the same way she attempts to manage him is great feeds! Both are very smart players. Both are sloppy in many ways! So watching his plan ultimately be what actually sends BAY out made last night’s eviction even more exciting. If he had not done that it would have been, Haleigh, Faysal, Scottie, and Sam for Bayleigh and she would have remained in the house with a power and a score to settle! WOW! 


Foute has been so annoyed week after week after week because they are always on the wrong side of the vote. The week they FINALLY decide to vote with the house is ABSOLUTELY the week they shouldn’t have and Bayleigh would be there! LOL! Even when they think they are playing ‘good’ they are so BAD! 


During the week 7 HOH, we watched Brett make some key mistakes during the competition. He has been just as effective as Scottie but in reverse. Brett has Foute eating out of the palm of his hand. Even Angie! However, Haleigh doesn’t miss the fact that Brett chose to pick Two Foute players to face off both times he gets to choose. This brings into question why he would do that? Fortunately for him Foute subscribes to beliefs that fit what they want to be true over the Reality of what is happening. 


Additionally, JC also gets into a spot with Tyler as a result of the HOH comp. JC also didn’t think strategically about his selections. JC selecting Tyler to face off Angie right off the bat causes Tyler to call him out for it. JC does apologize later but I’m confident Tyler files that away. 


That clears up how the votes landed last night. Except Sam’s vote was also a complete surprise. Prior to feeds going down Sam had promised Tyler again she would vote Bayleigh out. It’s in this conversation that Tyler makes a huge mistake! 


11:15 am Tyler told Sam about his power, exactly what it is,  and she’s upset at him. She says he doesn’t trust her? He explains he does, he hasn’t told anyone else. He’s telling her now. She’s like but why wouldn’t you tell me when it happened? I told you? 


This happens while Sam is already experiencing her weekly meltdown that happens every Wednesday and Thursday leading into eviction. Tyler did a good job otherwise but I can’t come up with one logical explanation (strategically) why he would fumble the ball on this one. Why in the world would you reveal your power in the same week that L6 BD Bayleigh because her own power was exposed? WHY? 


Kaycee spoke to Sam after Tyler and this is where things got Messy! Like Tyler we all know you have to manage Sam like a 5 year old. You have to show patience, make her feel safe and loved. You spend 90% of conversations just letting her talk and playing the role of interested listener. Kaycee pushes way too hard and makes some comments that end up annoying Sam. It’s unclear at this point why exactly she’s triggered.


Later we hear Tyler tell Angela that Sam made some odd comments to him about her. Sam mentions that ‘Angela is better for him than she is. That she can tell.’ She goes on to say that she just sees Tyler as a friend or brother when Tyler asks Sam, “What are you talking about?” This becomes VERY important on Friday. 


We also learn Bayleigh talk to Sam about something while feeds were down. We have no idea what. Like Bayleigh Sam’s perceptions versus reality are skewed by her own inner dialogue. It’s unclear whether this was an accelerant or irrelevant. However what happens next should shock us all! 


Before the live show begins the production leaker tweets out that Sam tries to self evict. WHAT? Apparently she entered the DR at 5:00 pm just minutes before the live show.  By 5:15 pm she told production when she’s called there to cast her vote she’s just not going to this week. They of course explain that’s not an option. She broke down crying most of the time then she attempted to use the exit door in the DR to leave the game. 


We are still getting tweets of leaks at 6:19 pm, well into the show saying she’s just leaving the DR again. She was told that if she self evicts she will go from one of America’s favorites to being disliked. If she stays and votes America will tally for her being strong and not hate her for the vote. 


This is incredibly concerning for me on some many levels. First from a game perspective production feeding her outside information is undeniably interfering with the game! As a super fan that infuriates me. Secondly, it’s apparent she is coming unglued. It’s been going on for days. She mentioned self evicting live Wednesday night saying she’s going to just stand up, sacrifice herself, then both Bay and Angie can stay. She will take their place. 


Sam also began repeatedly talking about people making fun of her. She knows she’s weird. She hates all the people in the house. They’ve witnessed her devolving. Nothing in the efforts to broadcast a show should supersede a players mental health.  This kind of manipulation and interference is HORRIBLE! 


Just as horrible is the fact that L6 is exhausted with Sam’s emotional neediness and erratic instability. While Angie sees it as an opportunity to use her like L6 had been doing for weeks. I am so conflicted over all of it! The human in me feels so much concern and empathy for how being isolated in this house and game are absolutely having devastating effects on her psyche. 


The fan in me is frustrated. None of us appreciate players who don’t want to be there. Players who don’t want to play the ‘game’ annoy LF. So many people want the spot in the game. It gets to a point where listening to someone like Sam, or Meta (CBBUS), say they want to self evict so many times you end up saying JUST GO ALREADY! Let the people who want to be there play. 


Let’s just say many in the house have the same sentiment at this point. I fully expected Sam to go to the new HOH and demand she be nominated. Then I envisioned Sam calling a house meeting (HM) and telling everyone they better evict her! That’s how bad it is. 


Hopefully this clarified for those who weren’t watching the LF why the vote and eviction played out as it did. Last night’s live episode and evict provided PLENTY of entertainment! While Haleigh is the new HOH, with the Hacker, and Tyler’s app in play there is no way to predict whether she will actually manage to eliminate someone she really wants out of the game. Tyler.


SO much has occurred since Wednesday night! I have a river of tea to serve you! Hopefully the clear view behind the scenes provided clarity on the 6-1 vote. I will be back with the full rundown of how the rest of the night played out. I will also share Haleigh’s nominations and how the next Hacker competition plays out! The RealiTea is this has not slowed down as the numbers have dwindled. 

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