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House Meeting rocks BB Nation


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Wacky Wednesday is in full effect! After Tuesday’s comical moves by Foute they have set up today to be a GLORIOUS day of feeds! While Haleigh hmm’d and hah’d about calling a meeting to Bayleigh she talked a lot about it last night with Faysal. I am fully prepared for a house meeting! None of us will be disappointed! The RealiTea is this house completely explodes by lunch time! 


10:48 am Wednesday LR

Angela and Bayleigh have a convo finally. Angela says she sorry. She did what she thought was best for her game. Angela said she really meant what she said the other day. She genuinely wanted Bayleigh to have the chance to be the first black person to win the game.


Bayleigh says that from day 1 she’s been the one true friend she had. When her entire side was wanting to take her out she was the ONLY ONE that saved her! She doesn’t understand why Angela wouldn’t have given her the chance to defend herself. Why didn’t she ask her if she was the hacker first? She isn’t the hacker.


Angela calmly relies, “Can I ask You something?” To which Bayleigh snarls I’m response, “WHAT?!” That first HOH, If we were such good friends why did you put the last ball in my tube and

Eliminate me?” 


Bayleigh is indignant about this. Actually I don’t blame her. Bringing up the first HOH

Comp in week 6 as a rationale for nominating her is dumb! It’s not a good look. You’ve been friendly with her and Bayleigh’s response isn’t unreasonable.


She tells her if she had a problem with it then she should have said something when it happened instead of holding a grudge all this time. Then the light bulb goes off in my head! 


Watch the full clip here:



Ugh! Although in Angela’s defense how Could she? From what we know Bay/Angela hit it off night 1. Something occurred to cause a rift then inevitably was the accelerant in creating the teams.


Wasn’t it Angela that Soggy proposed, regardless of which one of the two of them won that first challenge, agree to save each other? I’ve always suspected this is where the Angela/Foute angst was born because he immediately went back on the very deal he proposed night one and didn’t save Angela. 


So when Soggy flipped on her. Bay aligns with him, when and how was she to make this an issue then? She needed to lie low all of Foute was in FACT gunning for her and Winston. I also remember Bay saying someone else in her group will have to take the shot at Angela because she made fast friends with her even if they don’t hang out now because the line was made down the middle of the house. 


Let’s also remember while we’ve heard all season that these two women would actually be friends if they met outside the house. Bayleigh and Foute did nothing but talk about targeting Angela out. Haleigh, Angie, Soggy, Faysal, and Bayleigh have trash talked her for weeks when the season began. Bayleigh didn’t bother to talk to her or hang out with her until Chris was evicted and after Scottie’s HOH. 


Suddenly when she needed some new allies she decided to go back to her ‘girl’ Angela. She also spent all of last week telling Foute they need target Angela/Kaycee/Rachel next but leave Rachel for last since she was just OTB. 


So if for any small minuscule reason you may be feeling bad for Bay...remember the history. Bayleigh is not the victim this week. She’s getting what she deserves in the game. Don’t write checks your game can’t cash. Bayleigh is really mad that she got GOT before she could get Angela. That’s the RealiTea. She spilled her power. 


Bayleigh treats EVERYONE including her own team like crap. She lies and attempts to manipulate people all the time and does it so poorly that people see her for what she is in this game. She says over and over she hates white people. She’s bias and culturally insensitive. She’s a very selfish teammate. 


Who would see her and all her glory as a potential ally? At the very least you have to ‘seem’ as though you are a potential asset for people to justify your existence in the game. Being an out right threat and then knowing you have this awesome power? Of course they want you out! They would be fools not to.


11:32 am Bay relays her version of the convo with Angela in her most condescending white girl voice. Then she says she’s is about to spaz out! She’s about to go off. Bayleigh is again cleaning and packing her stuff. She says she trying to keep herself calm but these people don’t deserve calm from me.


Angie fiddles around but she’s much more zen and clam than usual. She calmly sits on the end of the bed sipping her tea. She’s channeling me at the moment! LOL. 


Bayleigh says at the end of the day that’s what THEY want. They want me to go off. They want me to yell and scream and make myself look like the angry, crazy  uncontrollable person. I won’t do it. I’m not going to give them what they want. 


12:22 pm Haleigh calls a house meeting! JC wants snacks! LOL. Tyler the first one to the LR. Then Bayleigh and Kaycee before Haleigh is done calling everyone. 

OMG! I am so excited! Haleigh this is terrible but I can’t wait to see it! 


Haleigh positions a stool at the head of the room. begins by saying, “I’m going to start by saying I love all of you. You all owe Bayleigh an apology. Last Thursday I won the Hacker comp.”


This quickly turns into one of the MOST explosive HM in the history of BB! Bayleigh went full balls to the wall crazy woman! She was so angry as she was screaming she had to go to the DR because her mouth was bleeding! 


Here’s the clip! I can’t do this justice! 




Angela eventually exits. Bayleigh as you see leaves and returns several times. Tyler keeps his cool. He defended himself without going low. He checked off FACTS. My heart broke for how upset he was once it ended. I don’t think it was the personal attack so much as his frustration of being made a villain and concern for his game. 


While nothing was outed his team didn’t know about it draws a huge target on his back with permanent marker with players on the other side he wasn’t worried about. He was already a target but this just basically created a billboard in the living room for all to view. He’s a low key player. He certainly didn’t care for his character to be attacked but in this game (house) you can’t just walk away. In this game you can’t say or behave in reaction you may want when someone treats you like that. 


Bay comes off HORRIBLY! They all realize later it was completely staged since both dressed for the occasion. No leggings and sports bras. Both ladies were camera ready! 



I will post a blog with complete coverage of the fallout this afternoon. The immediate movement is here but this will be the source of everything that happens the rest of the day.


What I can say now if Foute didn’t gain any brain cells or votes from this nonsense move by Haleigh. In fact once Bay goes out Haleigh’s now on everyone’s radars. 


Haleigh says she was the hacker and people owe Bay apologies for treating her so poorly. She says she loves

Everyone. Tyler I nominated you because Kaitlin told me blah blah blah. It’s not fair Bay got blamed. Everyone should apologize to her. 


Bay goes full balls to the wall crazy person! This was hands down the most explosive house meeting in BB history.


We’ve seen a lot of fights, arguments, house meetings over 20 seasons but I cannot think of one where a HG screamed and comes completely unglued as Bayleigh. 75% of what she said was completely fabricated or her own narrative of the house at the very least. For me, this surpasses Evel Dick. 


Tyler stuck to the facts. Tyler said she has a power. He never threw Angela UTB. He defended himself without yelling. She repeatedly called him a little boy (watch Scottie when she says this) for not manning up and apologizing for treating her like crap (he Hasn’t). She stormed off a few times and then returns to the halllway. 


Angie’s BF tweeted and made me laugh hysterically! He said if he were Tyler in that position he would have sat there not saying a word just laughing at Bayleigh. Secondly he said when they get married if Angie asks Bayleigh to be a bridesmaid he’s making Tyler a groomsman! LOL! OMG! I love this kid! That’s a great analysis of what transpired. #teamTyler. How bad does Foute have to be for one of their members boyfriend outside the house to basically publicly come out in Tyler’s corner.


Eventually Angela exits LR. Sam, Haleigh, Angela ran after her. Tyler went upstairs loft to cool off. JC followed him. Tyler told JC just to leave him alone and let him cool off for a minute. Once he catches his breath he heads into the HOH, lays in Angela’s lap and hides his face. 


With Angela ,JC, and Tyler in HOH they are both consoling Tyler. Tyler doesn’t understand why she yelled at him like that? He’s never seen anyone in his life scream that way. He’s not the villain in the house. 


JC goes on a gloriously accurate rant screaming about Bayleigh. Calls her out for exactly what she is, how she’s played the game, and the constant playing the victim in every scenario. He goes all the way back to his controversial conversation earlier in the season. JC says even if by some chance the show doesn’t portray her exactly as she is and somehow edits to make Tyler the villain they have Twitter! 


When we get out I will get on Twitter and list line by line she did this. She did this. She did that. Don’t worry about it. They know. They know how horrible she is! They see it! They are watching right now! 


Yes, yes we are JC! This is the fastest I’ve ever seen a video clip get posted in the game! I love JC’s efforts to have Tyler’s back. We know he doesn’t like Bayleigh. The chip incident only made it worse.  Now this? 


Back to JC’s rants that are giving me life right now! Kaycee enters the HOH to tell JC everyone can hear him downstairs. She’s like dude I wanted to give Tyler some time and not run right up here but Faysal, Scottie, Brett are all down in LR and KIT where you are yelling so loud we can hear you. JC’s like oh crap let me go do damage control. He heads down to find Faysal and make sure he didn’t just out himself. 


Tyler was actually genuinely upset Sam ran into the BR to console Bayleigh after she just attacked him like that. Brett and Scottie just remained alone of the couches as people scattered! At least 30 min they stayed there. 


Foute huddles up in tbe PBR. Bay heads to the DR for her bloody mouth. Angie is still cheering Bay on for attacking those entitled rich white kids in their boat shoes. Haleigh goes to work on Scottie. Bayleigh and Haleigh go to work on Brett. 


Faysal tells JC he’s positive they will have the votes for Bayleigh to stay now. JC points out to him that Haleigh making that hacker move was putting Faysal in danger. He asserted Haleigh chose Kaycee for veto knowing you could be the one that is the replacement nominee?! This was JC doing his damage control after realizing Faysal could hear him ranting upstairs. 


Kaycee lures Sam up to the HOH later (2:45 pm ish) She tells them this house is nuts. She doesn’t care about any of that she will always believe her people! Right here the first people she bonded with in the house. No matter what.


I won’t run down all of Sam’s ramblings but it ends with her and Angela in tears.Eventually before she exits she makes Tyler get up and give her a hug. She says she never wants to see him hurting.


Meanwhile Bayleigh goes into HN to talk to Brett. Brett says her mouth bleeding will make a great cliff hanger for the show. She says she didn’t know she had that in her. Bayleigh immediately starts with Haleigh did that to clear my name. I’m not the hacker. Brett just appears to be shocked by it all. 


Bayleigh, “I feel terrible. The whole world is going to see me spaz out.” 

Brett, “You were fine. You were upset. You didnt do anything to cross the line. It's okay to be a human and be upset about things.”

 Bayleigh, “You are making me feel so much better.” 


Brett asks Bayleigh about what Kaitlin told Haleigh. Bayleigh used this to say Kaitlin told Haleigh she and Tyler planned to work both sides and make them attack each other. Bayleigh says when Tyler brought up her power she’s like I got the power because Tyler BD Soggy. 


Brett is working Bayleigh beautifully. Once they chat about the fight and she apologized again saying Rachel outing her power caused all this. Bayleigh owns it’s her own fault for telling Rachel about her power. She’s not mad at him for his speech. Even Angie hugs Brett after all of this and says her and Brett are friends now! LMAO! Yeah just wait until you go out and realize he’s been playing all of you again! 


Bayleigh tells Brett she sees how it is now. Kaycee hasn’t even talked to her. Brett commiserated with her saying he had Kaitlin and Angie blew up on him. Bayleigh replies he can relate to her now. Tyler told her she was the replacement week 1. Then Soggy left week 2. She goes on to say JC told her nobody trusts her. Brett says you have to take this game 1 week at a time. Bayleigh quickly replies my power lasts 2 more weeks. 


She’s 100% working Brett here. Dangling the power like keep me and we can f#%* some stuff up. We are buddies now, you’re alone, vote for me? Good job Bayleigh. If Brett wasn’t playing all of you and you weren’t blind to it this would be a great strategy. 



Angie, “I like Brett now.”

Brett, “You didnt like me before?” 

Angie, “I have grown to like Brett.” 


1:27 pm

Haleigh says, “America, give us a power.” Angie replies, “Seriously.” Then Bay who got a power says, “But seriously.” 


What? Powers are what made this week so damn messy for you all! You aren’t experienced or smart enough to be entrusted with heavy machinery. No. No more powers you’re already sending two of your own out the door because you had power! 


This all happened before most people finished their lunch today! Kaycee is showing us more and more how observant she is and that she has her finger on the

Real pulse of the house. Kaycee does think Haleigh is the hacker.


She agrees it was a ploy to keep Bayleigh but she’s seen and heard all these things that she’s sure of it. After Sam left the HOH she says she feels bad that Sam has someone in her ear and getting her all twisted up. It’s likely Angie because she’s been spending a lot of time with her. She feels like they are playing with Sam’s emotions and it’s getting to Sam. She assures them she will get to the bottom of it! 


They all LOVE Sam. Aside from game they love her as a person and hate that Sam said she feels like people make fun of her. They think she’s dumb. She hates this game. This all made them emotional feeling like Foute is playing with Sam’s emotions for a vote. 


This has been the highest and lowest point of the feeds this season. Even Tyler is spent and says at this point he doesn’t even care if Bayleigh stays this week. He eventually comes to the conclusion that he doesn’t think Bayleigh was acting she was genuinely emotionally upset. He believes it’s ooss Bayleigh believes her own narrative. 

Tyler says again it’s fine if she stays, they will deal with it. Kaycee is immediately like what are you talking about? No, Bayleigh is going home this week.


#teamgoodfeeds for another win. Sadly as much as it pained me to watch Tyler face all of it, I think in the end it will be turning lemons into a lemon drop. No more blind spot with Haleigh. This should eliminate the cockiness I saw a glimpse of yesterday. It will light a fire for him to go balls to the walls in the HOH. He’s now faced some real controversial moments. The RealiTea these are real people, with real feelings, and real families! Big Brother is a game and we all need a reminder of this time to time.






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