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Hacker Hits and Misses: Veto week 6


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How is it possible that it’s week 6 and the house has finally found a common reason to unify? This is the most and least unified Foute has been all season! The RealiTea is these punishments are in fact creating positive group interactions. It was nice while it lasted.


Every time Kaycee’s space peanut song plays basically everyone in the house dances with her. At one point yesterday Kaycee was in the HOH with some HG when her cue sounds and they all dance with her. Meanwhile Scottie is downstairs alone and still dancing along. Production is having some fun with this because Kaycee was prompted one time after another after another all day. 


You can see Kaycee do her dance here: 



At 4 am Angie was called to task. Jessie wakes her with a smoothie request and 1/4 mole run. Haleigh, Faysal, Sam, and eventually JC can be seen in the KIT showing support. Sam even runs along side her. This is literally the only time any of Foute has been nice to Angie for days.


Sam has consistently helped her. Flipping flax jacks Sam helped her figure out how many jumping jacks per flip. Meanwhile Bayleigh has been horrifically vicious to Angie. Every time Angie speaks Bayleigh jumps down her throat. If she’s not being mean to her and Angie saying I’m sorry for absolutely no reason. She’s done NOTHING wrong! Angie has been the most loyal of anyone in Foute. 


Late last night (12:10 am)  Angie, Haleigh, Bayleigh are whispering together in the PBR. At one point Angie says her week has actually been pretty good. This week has been way better than last week. Bayleigh snaps at her. Tells her to shut up! Goes on to say Bayleigh and Haleigh are having a terrible week and how dare Angie say it’s been a good week when they’ve had to work all week to try and keep her. 


This is round 742 where Bayleigh tells someone (who is in danger) they are being selfish and only worried about themselves and being selfish! She did it with Rachel. She’s done it to Brett.


She’s constantly brow beating Faysal. I mean how dare Angie say she’s having a better week despite being OTB for the second week in a row, having a punishment that has her working out all day! I mean the nerve of you Angie! Angie is literally moving around feeling bad because Bayleigh is saying this all happened because she was trying to save someone. 


Hmm. How about this all happened because you leaked your power. This is a direct result of your power trip. This is actually happening because little Haleigh sitting their pretending to be shocked was actually the hacker! She caused them to target you! How bout that? 


Yesterday she told Faysal to shut up! Stop talking don’t tell me what you think I should do, I tell you what to do! Bayleigh snapped at Sam which annoys Sam further.


JC has had enough after the whole chipgate. To the point JC’s plan is to bring that bag of chips to the veto meeting and sit there loudly eating the chips as Bayleigh is BD! That’s how sick people are of Bayleigh’s tyrannical behavior. Whereas we just constantly seeing poor Angie apologizing when she’s done NOTHING to warrant Bayleigh’s nastiness towards her. 


The veto meeting is happening this morning. I’ve landed on one of the best fan quotes of the season (on one of the fan pages) that had me laughing and spitting my tea all over!


Bayleigh and Haleigh had a coded convo that seems clear they are discussing when Bay plans to go ahead and take a pregnancy test. So this is still happening. Bay says next week, maybe the week after. Haleigh starts to ask how that will effect her playing the game moving forward? 


Here is a link to tweets that cover the full convo if you’re interested. 





This means that Angela could be making BB history after all. I mean they kept telling her she’d be a legend if she gets both Tyler and Scottie OTB. But could she be the first HOH to nominate a pregnant HG? That’s pretty legendary. 


 “Angela, how dare you put Bayleigh on the block 9 MONTHS before Bayleigh’s daughter’s birthday!” 




Feeds went down about 11:15 a.m.! Here we go! Feeds return and Bayleigh is marching herself into the PBR. After fumbling around she heads back out and up to the HOH. Scottie is seen in the kitchen others in the BY. 


Bayleigh knocks. No answer. Eventually Angela is heard saying she doesn’t want to talk right now and Bayleigh says ok and walks away. As Bay makes her way through the kitchen we see Tyler at the sink wearing the Veto! Bay is silent. 


Haleigh asks Bayleigh if she’s going to talk to others to get their vote. Bayleigh replies, “NO! I don’t want to stay here with you white people!”


Gee and I wonder why you’re OTB Bayleigh. You are now moping around and later talking about how these people are terrible lying people as she sits and lies about details. 


Sam heads up to the HOH from outside and Angela let’s her inside and gets hugs. Sam offers to do her laundry so Angela doesn’t have to come down for a while. Angela is talking to Sam about knowing Bayleigh was the hacker. Bayleigh’s been lying to her for 3 days. 


Angela is explaining to Sam why she lied to Bayleigh about not knowing what she was going to do. Angela goes on to tell Sam about the Bible swearing and how mean they’ve been to Scottie. She knows Bayleigh is the brains of that side and now she’s cutting the head off the snake. 


Good work by Angela. Everyone tip toes around Sam with the lying. Angela quickly explains why she targeted Bayleigh and why lying to her about the replacement nom was important. How Bayleigh has a power and now she’s using the hacker app to hijack her HOH. 


Sam is proud of her for defending the little guy. Tells her good job. Tyler enters. Meanwhile Bay is packing/cleaning out her clothes while Haleigh sits nearby. Sam says it’s your week. Your HOH. I support you. Sam goes on to talk about jury. Tyler sits patiently listening. 


PBR 12:26 pm Bay to Haleigh, “It sucks. I really wish I was the hacker.” As Haleigh sits there saying NOTHING to that. That’s crazy to me. Honestly I should have known better (than to try and make a deal with Angela). Bayleigh goes on to seemingly blame all of this on her efforts to try and save somebody else. (Angie/Faysal). 


Not sure why she was up there throwing Angie to the wolves more often than not. Scottie and Angie have joined the PBR. No one is talking. Bayleigh cleaning and the camera just keeps alternating between Angie and Scottie zooming in. Bayleigh finally says she’s just confused and something inaudible about the lies she’s been told. The other two remain speechless looking stunned. 


Bayleigh exits with dishes talking about canceling Tyler’s vote as she passes Haleigh re-entering PBR. This is seriously the most quiet I’ve ever seen this group! Haleigh sits behind Scottie and leans her head into his back. Angie is now making her bed. 


Sam is leaving the HOH and she tells Angela she is her Handmaid and JC is her jester and squire. Lol

Sam exits and Tyler goes over to the bed where Angela is laying and gives her a great big hug! They talk about Bayleigh trying to BD (Tyler) the last two weeks. Bayleigh denting she’s the hacker. Seems Angela went straight up stairs post ceremony because she’s asking Tyler what Bayleigh is saying. 


Kaycee is in geo room. Bayleigh comes in asking why Kaycee just walked away from her. Kaycee is in fact crying. Bayleigh is being the most vocal since feeds return. Kaycee says I do care about you. The way stuff goes down it’s just hard. It does hurt me to see you go through this. Tells Bay she does care about her. 


Bayleigh denies being the hacker. Swears she didn’t get any of the questions right. I didn’t use my power because Angela told me I was safe and she didn’t want take the power away from Angela. Now she looks so stupid! Bay says I got zero answers right! I told people that! Why would I lie. She tells Kaycee Tyler just went off on me in the KIT saying I was trying to BD him. I literally saved him last week. I told him I wasn’t coming for him. I look like such an idiot. 


Bayleigh complains about Angela not letting her talk to her. Bay says Angela just publicly told her to get off her high horse honey. Talking now about Angela saying she would never touch her all the while setting her up to be BD. 


Kaycee is being genuinely sensitive here. However she is also playing her role. She asks Bayleigh repeatedly if she’s the hacker. Bayleigh exits saying her heart is literally broken. I give up. Kaycee tells her don’t give up that’s not what you do. Bayleigh heads to BA alone. 


Now Brett, JC, and Tyler are in the KIT. Bay comes in nose to nose with Tyler. I am

Going to look you in the eye and tell you I’m not the hacker. It was never my plan to BD you, you can laugh in my face if you want but I just want to look you in the eye and tell you. As Bayleigh leaves Tyler says nicely OK. Then says JC I guess that means you’re the hacker! You can see the exchange below:




JC starts explaining why he can’t be the hacker. English isn’t his first language. That comp was not built for me. It was funny. 1 pm. Meanwhile all of Foute except Bay is in the PBR silent. They are all there including Scottie and no one is saying anything. 


Bayleigh’s storm is building. She wants to ‘clear her name.’ Angela is avoiding everyone for now. No explosions. No rants. Sounds like Angela did deliver a harsh Veto renom speech but nothing savage. I feel like this is still the warning phase before Tsunami Bayleigh makes landfall in the BB20 house. 


Tyler is consoling Kaycee who is still having her first cry of the season in the geo room. Kaycee is just having a moment. She does feel bad for her friend. 


Bay is outside aggressively debating with Sam. Sam continuously trying to encourage and motivate Bay. She lies to Sam and says s Tyler just yelled at her (he didn’t).  During the veto ceremony he said he knew she was trying to BD  him. Later in the KIT she approached him and you can see exactly 


Bay on the other hand is blaming everyone else, they are all liars, snakes, manipulating pos. She wishes she had nominated herself last week and they had sent her home. She doesn’t want to be here all week with ‘these people’. 


Angie and Bayleigh are OTB. Tyler is safe. Level 6 will come out of week 6 in tact. Foute will be down to Faysal, Haleigh and likely Angie come Thursday night. The boys are currently bonding in the kitchen so let’s enjoy the day! I will be back later with the full details of any happenings as the day unfolds. Bayleigh and Haleigh are snuggled up in the PBR now, Angie trying to appear she’s sleeping in another. This is going to be an interesting couple of days. I see some paths a good player could use to secure the votes to stay. We will see what Bayleigh is made of. 







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