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A Storm is Brewing: Tsunami Bay Expected to Make Landfall Monday


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It’s time to get fully up to speed before the tsunami of rage hits the BB house tomorrow post veto ceremony. I am sorry it’s taken a few days to get all

caught up but I’m going to give this my best shot!


Things have been picking up pace since the most recent Foute blindside that sent Rachel storming out of the game! Add the new Hacker twist and by Sunday’s episode tonight the game has made so many twists and turns we all have whiplash! Here we go! 


The reactions on Thursday night when Rachel leaves are all over the map! L6 is dancing and celebrating secretly. Foute turns on each other now convinced it must be one of their own flipping week after week.


Bayleigh goes on a rampage accusing each member of Foute of voting to evict Rachel. Faysal thinks it’s Angie. Haleigh is lost. It’s messy and glorious feeds! 


Before the night progresses to much the feeds for down and the new Hacker Twist is released to the HG. HG were informed of a new twist after the live show (feeds were down). The Hacker App will last for two weeks. It sound like a mix of the road kill twist and diamond veto. As far as we can tell from listening to the players discussing the reveal:


An individual competition will happen after nominations are made, but before veto it played. The winner will be informed anonymously that they won the hacker app. Then the power holder can:

  1. Change one of the nominations naming the replacement (includes replacing themselves if they are a nominee).
  2. Name one person to play in the veto 
  3. Nullify one eviction vote on eviction night 


As we eventually see on Sunday’s episode Haleigh ultimately won the hacker comp! She removes Scottie and replaces him with Tyler OTB!


According to Haleigh she is in fact targeting Tyler because she says he floats and hasn’t felt any heat and it’s time he did. We will come back around to my analysis of her decision.


What’s important to note now was everyone’s reactions to him being nominated anonymously. Basically the entire house reacts by wanting to rescue the lifeguard for a change. 


The good news is this only lasts two weeks. The bad news is this lasts the same period that both Tyler and Bayleigh’s apps are still valid. 


Homey say what? Yes! To me it almost feels like it’s meant to basically make Bayleigh’s power significantly less powerful. In the event she were to use it while hacker app is in play the hacker could then potentially put Bayleigh OTB.


What she doesn’t realize is the hacker app will in fact play a key role in sending her home this week. Too bad she didn’t use it this week. With Haleigh winning Foute would have had more power than the current HOH Angela.  


Post eviction night Bayleigh stomped around the house aggressively accusing people in her own alliance of being the mole. After 4 blindsides you’d think they would figure out their four are strong it’s the miscellaneous floaters flipping their votes. Why is it easier for Bayleigh and Faysal to believe the rat is someone inside the alliance and not outside? It’s absurd! 


Here’s the clip of Bayleigh going in on Angie. 


Bayleigh absolutely should have used her power app this week. She knows it’s been exposed. She has to at least speculate this could make her a bigger target.


If she had used it, Haleigh won the hacker app they literally could have controlled the week. The problem is there is so much dissenting among Foute they don’t even bother working together. It was a HUGE missed opportunity. Especially now when we know Bayleigh is going to be the BD target to eliminate her power app and her tyrannical presence in the house. 


When you’ve devolved so much that you’re picking fights over pita chips that aren’t even yours...you have to realize that people don’t want you around.


She literally snaps on JC when he attempts to take a chip from ANGELA’s bag of pita chips. She snatched the bag and barks at him, “ASK first!” Bayleigh you aren’t the keeper of all things in this house and you have zero power you need to take a seat and check yourself at this point. 


Bayleigh and Angela have a convo where Bayleigh leaks that she can only choose nominations before the HOH makes theirs. As if telling Rachel and leaking her advantage wasn’t bad enough, now she’s mapping out the exact path to eliminate herself to the new HOH. 


Bayleigh admits she change the HOH nominations but then the hacker app winner can change one of her nominations, select a veto player, and then even if nominations change post veto again (where both Bayleigh and/or the hacker) are eligible to be the re-nom at the veto ceremony. 


Sounds like production figures since Bayleigh ruined the depth of her power by yapping about it, let’s just go ahead and ruin it even more. To make things worse when she actually should use it this week she doesn’t! Despite knowing every single HG now knows she has it. 


This gives Angela the green light to ask Bayleigh if she would use her app to protect Angela next week. Bayleigh’s answer should have been a quick yes of course! It’s us girls to the end!


Even if it’s not true when the current HOH proposed a deal you agree! Lie! Nope! Instead Bayleigh replies telling Angela that doing that would be bad for Bayleigh. Always better to ask for forgiveness than permission in this game and Bayleigh is on such a power trip she fails to see what a horrible game move this was. Of course she’s made so many identifying this one is like finding a needle in a haystack. 


Bayleigh’s reply revealed to Angela that the hacker can put Bayleigh up. She doesn’t want to be in danger. This also confirms to Angela that Tyler shouldn’t fear Bayleigh changing anything during veto ceremony. At this point, Sunday, Bayleigh is scared and Angela smells the fear. That only confirms that Bayleigh’s power app is useless during the veto ceremony. 


This was Tyler’s  only fear. That perhaps Bayleigh could hijack the renom at Veto as well. Why? Likely because his own app is valid for both the nomination and veto ceremonies. Now that has been eliminated as a problem there’s nothing to prevent Angela from putting Bayleigh OTB! 


Alternatively Tyler’s app is also powerless against the hacker app. As we find out this week it’s near impossible for him to guess if the hacker would target him. All of the things described above could happen.


He can’t technically be BD by the hacker because the hacker nomination happens before veto. To be BD a player is not given the opportunity to save themselves with veto. The one advantage of his app he does still have is he can sit on the cloud app prior to veto ceremony. That would squash any efforts people coordinate to make sure he doesn’t play Veto and can be sent out completely impossible.


So that’s still a thing and he’s also managed to keep his absolutely secret. His power app specifically says he can use it prior to HOH nominations and Veto ceremony there’s no mention of any ceremony that involves nominations. He’s powerless against the hacker app. 


Did this amazing season of blindsides, back doors, drama, and angst need a nudge? NO! We’ve had no showmances (Chris left week 2). We’ve had no house votes. We’ve had 4 people walk out on eviction night with no hugs of goodbyes.


ALL of these things have culminated into the best season of BB probably in history at this point! Powers have been useless thanks to some extraordinary game play and they want to mess it all up! Production needs to STOP THAT! They won’t but I am a purist and don’t like the interference of such powerful twists like the Hacker app. Let them play the game! L6 has worked hard enough in the weeks prior that they managed to evade any major catastrophes this week. 


 Foute is really screwed! I mean Angela is already HOH. So one week will lean to the L6 side this week as it is. Bayleigh is made to feel safe enough by Angela. She fails to use her her power. The hacker hacks the nominations...Tyler is then saved by the veto. Now, chances are another Foute ally has an even higher likelihood of being sent out week 6. 


Back to Thursday night. Once the new twist is revealed Sam calls a House Meeting KIT with Sam after the house learned about the hacker comp was entertaining!


The Sunday episode didn’t do it justice. Angie makes herself an even bigger target really being the most negatively vocal HG arguing against Sam’s plan. Meanwhile JC is hilariously trolling Sam throughout her proposal! 


Post live eviction the player taking it the hardest is Angie. She’s dumbfounded Brett managed to escape eviction once again. She’s exasperated with the fact she’s yet again on the wrong side of the vote being blindsided by Rachel’s unexpected eviction.


Now she’s being screamed at by Bayleigh and accused of being a traitor by basically her entire squad! Her head is spinning and she’s clueless as to why it’s all happening. 


11:30p Thursday Angie having a full meltdown . She’s being accused of flipping and decompressing onto Sam and Kaycee. Kaycee & Sam console her. Kaycee asks if that’s what alliance members do? Accuse each other of thighs and turn their backs on each other? Change their votes? 


Kaycee’s advice call them out! Say, ‘why the F would I DO THAT!’ Kaycee encourages Angie’s outrage saying I’d go ham. That’s what I would do.  From my perspective this is great work Kaycee. Now as far as Angie goes if anyone is encouraging you in this game to blow up its the most obvious clue they are not riding for you. But I like Kaycee’s efforts to both console and gaslight Angie all in the same breath. 


Once Angela got her HOH room and the traditional reveal events are complete Bayleigh stays behind to be the first one in her girl Angela’s ear. My issue here is Bayleigh still behaves like the HOH is her room.


Angela tells Bay she’s safe. Bayleigh is like good. So Bayleigh is immediately disarmed and less likely to use her power app to hijack Angela’s nominations. I honestly feel as though Bayleigh buys this so easily because she’s so overwhelmed by the events of being exposed and losing Rachel not Brett. Angela and Bayleigh are both using the strategy of keep your friends close and your enemies closer this week. 


Bayleigh was talking with a lot of head bobbing and rehashing like she’s thankful they voted out Rachel (she’s not). It’s a sad little sight. Especially when Angela knows way more than Bayleigh realizes.


From Brett’s speech alone she should assume Angela knows everything Rachel knew and you have to remember exactly what you actually told Angela versus what you told Rachel. 


Bayleigh leaves to send someone else in. Faysal, Scottie, Faysal all on the sky lounge waiting in line for their turns with the HOH! I’m dead serious.


Haleigh springs out of her chair where she was playing chess with Scottie and practicality lunges in the door the moment Bayleigh exits. I’m not even sure the HOHBR door had even closed yet. Thirst anyone? 


How is it possible that these idiots don’t see how BAD this looks? Every single member of Foute is waiting at the door like puppies begging to be let in. Well, except Angie, she’s finally in the DR doing her best Josh impersonation, 


This is why they are so bad! How desperate are you all? Meanwhile L6 has been able to have little meetings all over the house uninterrupted. FOOLS! L6 is all talking about how Foute is so obvious in their alliance because they are ALWAYS together.


Fortunately L6 once again reaps rewards from Foute stupidity and has the time to meet here and there and get their celebrations in while plotting how to capitalize on the palpable tension between Foute.


12:35a Friday early morning after Bayleigh leaves her 1-1 with Angela she goes on her apology tour. First stop? 

Bayleigh puckers up in the HN room. Again doing all the talking to Brett. Yep, it’s been 6 hours and she’s already kissing his a%$! 


Bayleigh explains why she “slipped” to Rachel then:

-Says didn’t give any details just that she had an app

Brett says she must have gotten that somewhere else (he’s hinting at Faysal) 

-Bayleigh says she didn’t tell anyone because she didn’t plan to use it. Why would I? I’m like I’m good with everyone I don’t need that.” 


Then after offering truce, Bayleigh starts telling him how it’s going to be. She’s gonna start treating him like those HS boys at her school. They are gonna tell each other the truth. Friends?


Bayleigh goes on to remind Brett, Oh but remember we have 2 months in the house. Don’t cross me I will take your head off. You don’t want to make me mad if we go to jury you don’t want to see angry Bay. 


WHAT?! Wait. Wait. Wait. Hold up! Are you listening to yourself right now? Bayleigh since you won HOH you’ve consistently sabotaged your own game!


You went from being in the perfect spot in the game the end of week 4 to now being enemy #1 week 6! I have zero sympathy for her at this point. When Chris left and she was stuck with Foute I did feel a little bad for her. At this point she’s dug her own BB grave. 


I didn’t watch Haleigh’s full 1-1. She has barely spoken to Angela all season. We know it. She knows it. Angela certainly knows it and Bayleigh’s conversation with Brett was far more interesting than anything Haleigh had to say. What she did say didn’t have any value. Her game really has zero value until she wins the hacker comp this week.


Faysal was up next. He’s fumbling around trying to find a common ground with Angela who he also never speaks to. Sam interrupts this was a great break that allowed Angela to shew Faysal out. 


Scottie 1-1

Says something random and then the only other thing is any of questions you have for me? She says I heard from several people that you said you were going to put me and Rachel OTB.


Angela pushes Home the point by telling Scottie, “I mean not one person but multiple people.” Now this is really quite a performance by Angela.


Watching Angela’s 1-1’s where she listens far more than she speaks is refreshing after Bayleigh’s week of nonstop yapping. Angela is relaxed, welcoming, seems interested in what people want to say even if she really isn’t. I took a picture of Bayleigh during her HOH 1-1’s and Angela during her 1-1’s and they are polar opposites! 


Angela gives Scottie a heads up that if she does put him OTB (meaning when she puts him OTB) just know you’re not the target. Scottie leaves with a clear understanding he’s going OTB. 


Friday arrives and Angela nominated Angie and Scottie. No surprises here. Then the hacker comp is played. Haleigh wins and nominates Tyler.


We do see Tyler sweating but he goes into over drive like Dan in his 24 hours of isolation and starts playing scenarios in his mind and creating moves for all the different possible scenarios. Haleigh better pray Tyler doesn’t confirm it was her next week. Not that he’s not going to target Haleigh and Angie next. He will. 


Since the RealiTea is this will cover Thursday to Sunday night let’s put a pin in this because as you will see the events of Friday are explained as I outline Saturday. 


Saturday began with Sam getting her weekly, “don’t worry about anything you hear just know we are doing what needs to be done to save, insert level 6 player name here, just know it’s all for the greater good,” speech.


Angela and L6 plan to make it seem as though they don’t like Tyler right now so anyone like Scottie is picked to play they may use the veto to save him. Level 6 understanding a key element of game play here. Make sure you have who you need to have on board to execute a plan. 


This is where Haleigh fails in attempting to make a big move! Winning the hacker app was fantastic for her game! I actually respect she was willing to make her own move and take a big swing! Even though I doubt she would have taken the swing were she not doing it anonymously. 


Those are players we typically love! The problem for her is she didn’t consider if I do this...do I have the pieces in place to pull it off? She didn’t and that’s why her swing will be a whiffer! 


Week after week I outline which paths Tyler has created or capitalize on. The longevity and abilities to be successful when making plans and moves is reliant on having allies throughout the house that you can easily slide in and out of rotation when needing help to accomplish a goal.


It’s no accident everyone in the house is wanting to ‘save’ Tyler or upset he hit the block! He’s done all the leg work to set it up to be that way.


While he couldn’t prevent the hacker from taking a shot he certainly has the strong relationships in place to avoid falling victim to it! 


Saturday morning Veto players were drawn pretty early. 


Week 6 Veto players: 

Hacker veto player: Kaycee


veto players drawn: Scottie Brett


HOH:  Angela

nominees:  Angie Tyler 


Haleigh chose Kaycee to play in Veto. I have no idea why? It makes no sense. I. Know we heard Scottie say after the nominations are changed by the hacker he wants to play so he can take Tyler off the block.


Maybe she feared naming Scottie for that reason? The only logic I can identify for selecting Kaycee is that she is the only one close to Tyler that we haven’t seen her comp abilities when she’s actually trying to win?


So Haleigh chose the ally of Tyler’s she felt was least likely to be able to win? Was her goal to try  to make it look like someone from their own side did it?  I have no idea.


You know why I have no idea? I think it’s because Haleigh has no idea why? The veto player selection was a poor move after a strong move nominating Tyler.


Haleigh absolutely gets props for knowing he’s a threat and taking a swing. I think where she fails is planning it out with details. You can’t put someone up you will never have to votes to get out. Even with the ability to eliminate one vote there still wouldn’t be enough votes to evict him. 


Then she should have considered what nomination to make by evaluating who would be eligible to select for veto. The only people from her own side would be herself. Nope terrible idea. Bayleigh nope if she wins and takes Angie down Haleigh or Faysal May go up because Bayleigh now has safety. Faysal has done well but if he’s safe and happens to take either down (he’s reckless in his game play) then Haleigh or Bayleigh could go up. Angie is already OTB. That left some slim pickings. 


After the Hacker removes Scottie from the block and before veto players are drawn he  is clinging to this terrible notion that he’s being set up for a BD.


In his theory he was taken down so he can’t play in the veto and then be put back OTB. Which makes absolutely no sense. That should give you a clear view of how much all of this chaos has made him completely twisted in his entire view of the house dynamics. 


Scottie is primarily focused on the fact people are pinning everything on him. The plus side for L6 is at this point when he does get drawn he’s thinking he will take Tyler off to prove he’s to be trusted. Remember Tyler took Scottie off the block weeks ago when Kaitlin was HOH. 


Haleigh is really making it blatantly obvious she’s the hacker. She is continuously denying she’s the hacker in every conversation. Now granted this wouldn’t seem odd. Except she’s doing it when no one is talking about the hacker.


While nominating Tyler was a FABULOUS game move for Haleigh, it’s also a very dangerous one. Foute seemed just as mad Tyler was nominated as L6 is. Many of them talking about voting Angie out over Tyler. 


Veto plays out before any of this information really becomes relevant. Everything will change now based on Angela winning the veto. Odds are in Tyler’s favor. He had, Kaycee, Angela, Brett, and Scottie essentially playing to remove him from the block. While he’s in danger at the moment all of the work he’s done the first 5 weeks will be what saves him this week! Tomorrow Angela will pull Tyler off the block. 


There were prizes/punishments and Jesse hosted the veto competition. This creates some controversy within L6. Brett is really annoyed Tyler didn’t take the veto. Instead at Angela’s prompting he took Brett’s prize which was a Hawaiian vacation! Lol! Don’t worry I will come back to this.


 Here’s the breakdown of winners and losers from the veto comp:


Scottie $5k

Tyler Hawaiian vacation 

Angela power of veto 



Kaycee Peanut costume


Angie Jesse’s fitness hack she must cook meals and perform fitness tasks assigned by Mr. Pectacular


Brett Granny punishment


You can get a sneak peak of Kaycee and Angie’s punishments here: 





Even though Haleigh can cancel a vote there’s a high likelihood Tyler would have stayed. That’s irrelevant now. Angela plans to put Bayleigh OTB tomorrow at the veto ceremony!


Can Bayleigh survive eviction? The fact Foute isn’t working together really makes Haleigh miss the mark and Faysal is the one most vocally suspicious that Haleigh is the hacker! Haleigh does still have the ability to cancel one vote come eviction night. 


Let’s run the numbers! Heading into week six there would be 8 HG’s casting votes this week. Thanks to the hacker there’s no chance of a tie because Haleigh can eliminate one vote. That leaves 7 total. 


L6 will all vote to evict Bayleigh. That’s Kaycee, Brett, Tyler, Sam. So Haleigh is most likely to eliminate one of their votes. That’s 3 locked to evict Bayleigh. Scottie will evict Bayleigh! That’s four and that’s all they need. Faysal, Haleigh, and JC can all vote against Angie in the worse case scenario and voila! Level 6 manages another blindside (BD Bayleigh) and evades the entire Hacker twist this week! BOOM! 


I think before the hacker nominated Tyler Angela would have found a justification for not targeting Bay. We saw Thursday evening and early Friday she was more focused on Scottie or Faysal. Brett, Kaycee, and Tyler pushed for Bayleigh but it wasn’t until the hacker took a shot at Tyler that Foute was laser focused on her! 


Even Haleigh could have been in more danger than Bay. Now that all of L6 is absolute in their convictions that Bayleigh is in fact the Hacker Angela WILL BD Bayleigh. Haleigh is actually going to manage to get Bayleigh evicted because she won the hacker app and no one on the L6 side can be persuaded it wasn’t Bayleigh based on the Tyler nomination. 


Bayleigh goes on on Angie after the HOH competition. Bayleigh and Haleigh make their way to the HOH room throwing Angie and Scottie to the wolves!


Today, Sunday Faysal and Haleigh made another trip upstairs individually. They may as well have gone together since they both said almost the exact same things. Like Bayleigh they are selling that Angela leaving Tyler up or replacing one of the nominees with Scottie will be the ‘biggest’ move and go down in BB history. 


Remember I mentioned that Angela asked Bayleigh if she keeps her off the block will Bayleigh promise to use her power to protect Angela as well? Remember how I said Bayleigh said no she can’t it would be bad for her game? Well she circled the wagons and ate some crow today doing anything she can to protect Faysal.


Bayleigh back peddled and told Angela hey btw I will actually use it to help you. My bad. Now I’ve had time to think and realize saying no was a horrible game move so can you just buy what I am selling now? Bayleigh and Haleigh also tried to reignite the AGA. I mean they are doing work they’re just clueless to what they need to be doing and wasting energy because Angela has their numbers and their numbers are up! 


Angela isn’t buying it! Too little too late! Not only that but around 10 pm Sunday night she is in the HOH with Tyler, Kaycee, and Scottie and she reveals what Foute is proposing which is make a BIG move send Scottie home. Scottie has been sucking up to L6. Now normally I wouldn’t give this much weight. It’s Scottie he’s a coaster. 


However Scottie has said and done some things that makes me wonder if he really is finally jumping ship on Foute? He told L6 about the “Hive” alliance. He explained about Bayleigh making him literally swear on a bible and how that made him mad.


Well Bay making him swear on the Bible must have annoyed him  because he’s been holding onto that for a week! Angela confirms that Foute all threw him UTB the same way Bayleigh spilled to Angela that Rachel threw them UTB. The irony of that isn’t lost on me. 


I think that about brings you up to speed on the happenings in the house since Thursday’s live show! Let’s talk about some lighter game intel. As you know three veto players ended up with punishments. BB is handing out punishments this season like candy on Halloween. 


Angie received a punishment where she has to constantly perform workout tasks as delivered by Jesse. Such things as arm curls, running, jumping jacks, etc are to be performed either during or after making a healthy meal/snacks ordered by him as well. She’s been a great sport about it so far. I wouldn’t hold your breath though. It’s been less than 24 hours. She’s OTB. Her body will start to feel the shock of so much exercise. 


She’s volatile anyways so by Monday night I expect her to start complaining. She made pancakes this morning and had to do jumping jacks while each side cooked. Last count she had done about 750.


Prior to that last night she made muffins and had to do arm curls for the entire 20 min they were baking. This is no easy punishment. Can you imagine if she were to end up a HN this week on top of all of this? 


Kaycee is now in a peanut costume and when prompted she has to use these ridiculously oversized dumbbells and sing some kind of song. If you remember her stint in the pinwheel costume she is always a great sport no matter where she is or what she’s doing when she’s called to task.


Brett has a granny punishment  and being given random tasks. Sounds like someone dressed as a granny comes in the house and harassed him similar to the guy that yelled at Rachel

for her crap app? Feeds keep going down when his happens so I haven’t seen this yet. The only insight we get is HG talking about what happened when feeds return. 


Brett’s punishment may drive Sam over the edge though. Today he had to mess up all the beds. Just before 10 pm Sunday, I saw Sam still remaking all the beds in the house. Sam is one that makes her bed every day so no chance she’s going to like this very much.


Speaking of which can you imagine Sam has if she’s still in the house when they play hide the veto? Omg! She’s going to lose what little sound mind she has left! I just keep picturing her cleaning when it’s her turn to be looking for a Veto! Captain Camo better be grateful he wasn’t on the same season as Sam! LOL


Ok, back to the current activity in the house. When feeds returned from Veto Brett was visibly pissed. Eventually it comes around as a plan to seem pissed so he can now be the wounded bird Foute clings to. Although my perception is he was seriously mad Tyler took the Hawaii trip from him and not the veto. 


Tyler is OTB after all. Some of that was because they didn’t want to make it too obvious that Angela is aligned with Tyler but after Monday that will all be out in the open anyways.


Brett doesn’t understand why Angela would insist on winning the veto when Brett could have just won a trip. I say this because even when he was alone with Kaycee he was acting mad? If he wasn’t genuinely angry why keep a facade up when he’s alone with an L6 member? 


Tyler and JC had a discussion where Tyler pushes the narrative he already created. Remember JC is in fact playing the middle. JC has consistently pushed for an even elimination where one Foute goes one week then a L6 the next.


His strategy is to allow the two sides to pick each other off while never allowing one side to have greater numbers than the other. Tyler has explained this is JC’s strategy to people on both sides of the house. 


Now that we’ve made jury Tyler wants to go ahead and wipe out Foute, the time has come. This required he sell the idea that the time to take two shots at the opposing side has come, don’t worry I know you like to keep the numbers even but we need to take out two of their numbers next. 


Tyler understands now that L6 is down to 4 members they cannot lose any more because his effectiveness at playing double agent between both teams is about to expire. He won’t be able to hide the fact he’s team L6 side of the house now that numbers are dwindling and they have the hacker app to deal with. Also once this week plays out and if Bayleigh does go out Foute is dead in the water even if they win HOH. 


Foute has fallen! They don’t have the numbers to make what they want to happen especially if a L6 member wins the next Hacker comp. With Bayleigh gone and Scottie jumping ship it’s not looking good for Haleigh and Angie. JC may be able to preserve Faysal but if Veto forces another nominee JC won’t sacrifice himself for Faysal. Tyler is the first to admit after week 7 there will be no more teams and the real game begins! 


Brett wants to position himself into the danger zone this week. As we know Faysal is already not a Brett fan because of the amount of Haleigh time he dominates. Brett tells Angela he plans to buddy himself up to Bayleigh (just before they BD her) so when she leaves he can then mourn Bayleigh’s end of her BB life and win Faysal over. 


LOL! Brett you are taking the wrong approach here, Bayleigh is not the one dividing you and Faysal. Haleigh is your road block and you’re intentionally driving yourself into a dead end by not seeing that and enjoying making Faysal jealous. Faysal will target you so he has Haleigh to himself.


Tyler is going to now start setting you up to fall because you are stepping on his toes and he can’t afford for you to redeem yourself with the Foute side giving you the numbers necessary to survive the next few weeks. He’s their pet not you. 


I feel like these little things Brett is doing also are his attempts to diffuse Foute’s disdain for him since they’ve now targeted him and missed twice. He’s been seen doing some very minor things of his own volition not specifically part of the L6 plan.


The problem for Brett is he thinks Tyler being OTB makes him too busy saving himself to notice. Trust and believe Tyler notices. I imagine he’s annoyed as much as threatened game wise because Tyler worked his butt off to save Brett both of those weeks. Expect Brett to be the next Level 6 sacrificial lamb with Angela not far behind him. 


While as a team mate having an Angela who plays fearlessly vicious is a short term asset she’s a long term liability. I mean she had a F2 with Rachel and look what she did to her. Ouch! Now she’s been close with Bayleigh and is methodically drawing her in closely and disarming her before stabbing her in the heart while looking her directly in her eyes. 


That’s not a player I want running out of targets and looking at me like a hyena. Tyler, Kaycee, Scottie, and JC can now join forces and pick off Brett and Angela. Brett and Angela win week 8 they may still be more likely to aim at JC and Faysal. That’s great news for Scottie. 


Brett is to Foute this week as Scottie is to L6. Lol. Both are playing the roles of innocent victims being scammed and left in the dust by their respective sides.


Scottie was seen crying and delivering a lengthy apologetic hug with Brett yesterday post veto. Going on and on about how his side tricked him into hating Brett. He feels so bad can you ever forgive me? They’ve been lying to me to make us hate each other I’ve seen the light. While Brett is telling Faysal and Haleigh that he’s alone on and island. Which has them discussing wow maybe we were wrong and Brett has really been on his own all this time. 


Yeah sure Faysal and I have the most amazing beach front property in Kansas I want to sell you! While Foute at the very least is pondering if this could absolutely be true, L6 is still suspicious of Scottie and carefully using his new allegiance found for a vote this week.


Oh Scottie you want to prove to Tyler you’re grateful that week he saved you with veto? Sure then shows us by doing a, b, c this week. It’s funny to watch because there are several of these parallel players in the game. 


Bayleigh and Angela are actually both savage and unforgiving. Each wishes to make people squirm and then deliver a death blow. They just approach how they go about it differently but make no mistake both a power hungry mean girls with a taste for blood. 


Bayleigh is going to be feeling like she’s been hit head on tomorrow. She and Haleigh absolutely believe they have Angela wrapped around their fingers and have convinced her to replace Angie with Scottie.


What we don’t know for certain is how vicious Angela’s actual renomination will be. We are in jury. It’s one thing to send Rachel home with a bad taste in her mouth. It’s another to start slaying jury members. She may have a taste for blood she can’t resist not that she finally has some power but I would hope for her sake the things she’s been proposing are pure fiction because if not she will never have a chance at winning. No matter who she would sit next to. Paul anyone? 


Bayleigh isnt the innovent victim in all of this. She dug her own grave and hasn’t been doing herself any favors this weekend. Today she was talking to Faysal as they planned what to say to Angela. Bayleigh says, “I was like, you Scottie, don’t care about anyone but yourself. You got Greece. You got $5k and you’re safe this week!” Faysal of course says she should bring that up to Angela. I of course am like Bayleigh you have a lot of nerve since YOU are most guilty of being the most selfish player in this house. 


Meanwhile Angela is telling Tyler what she plans to say at the veto ceremony tomorrow. Angela says she’s going to be like, “I’m sick and tired of everyone trying to pin everything on Scottie! The fact that you (Bayleigh) had him put his hand on a bible and swear to God is dirty, wrong, and bullying. I will not stand for bullying.” 


Haleigh is busy trying to deflect from her hacker moves and is heard repeatedly saying they HG’s like, “Tyler is a lamb being thrown into the lion’s den.” 


Well that brings us up to speed! Sunday night is almost over and tomorrow is the Veto ceremony! Expect Tsunami Bayleigh to make landfall once she’s put OTB in place of poor easily manipulated Tyler is saved with the veto. I’ve cleared my morning to prepare for the storm that is sure to make landfall at the CBS Studios when Bayleigh’s time in the game comes to an explosive end! The RealiTea is BB20 is never short on excitement! 













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I agree with everything you said - especially about not wanting to side with Angela long term. She is lethal! 


I am concerned that Tyler has too many people convinced that he is floating along in the middle. At some point he needs to give people a reason to vote for him to win and he never gets credit for his game play because they are so blinded by his mist! He needs to start laying that jury ground work regardless of who he might be sitting next to at the end.

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I was just pondering that issue last night. When it comes to finale and Tyler says I flipped Kaitlin to vote Steve out, I’m the one that convinced Kaitlin to put Soggy up...will these Foute people believe him? He’s done such a great job of making himself seem like the beta and Kaitlin the alpha. 

However, it’s jury house so the level 6 people that have gone out will

spill on all the work they did as a team including what Tyler has accomplished so...

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