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Napoleon Dynamite’s Reign of Terror


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I am seriously overjoyed with all of the chaos this week! Sam winning HOH on Thursday was still a horrible game move but...she’s managed to make it one of the most enthralling week of feeds in years! Sunday was the only somewhat calm day and the rest of week 4 has been a G force roller coaster ride! Go ahead and get comfortable because there’s A LOT to cover! 


JC and Tyler went round and round Tuesday. I know JC has a meltdown Monday after fearing he was about to hit the block. He’s played a much better game than I think any of the fans could have ever expected. As I watch him get more and more aggravated and his aggression grow with each conversation it strikes me. 


JC has been so marvelous at manipulating people all over the house and lying without skipping a beat. He’s actually gotten so good at this point he’s believing his own lies! JC genuinely believes Tyler is being misted by Kaitlin!


JC has spent weeks telling people this so they don’t suspect Tyler is manipulating her. Now not only does he legitimately believe Tyler is under Kaitlin’s spell but JC has also convinced himself that he himself in fact has been the one running the house not Tyler.


Tuesday every two hours or so we see JC corner Tyler in a room and yell at him. Throughout the day the aggression grows to the point last night after 8 pm JC whisper screaming at Tyler that he’s so f’ing stupid, Kaitlin’s manipulating him. That Tyler’s thinking with the wrong head. Kaitlin needs to go! From a #teamgoodfeeds perspective these repetitive arguments between the two are so funny! Tyler grows increasingly frustrated with JC. 


At one point in the evening Tyler says with some frustration and annoyance that no she’s not! I’m controlling her! I can’t stand that f’ing girl! I can’t wait for her to leave but not this week! I don’t want anything to do with her. I’m the one manipulating her! She does WTF I tell her to do! I’m the one that got her to turn on Soggy! 


Listen Tyler may coddle Kaitlin but with JC he’s had enough of trying to patiently rationalize and defend his logic to JC and just loses it on him. They both say the other is being an idiot! JC says we need to vote the same way and initially Tyler agrees but says they need to keep Kaitlin just this week then he will kick her out! 


Eventually late in the evening 12:30 am he tells JC maybe they don’t need to vote the same. He tells JC it’s fine vote how you want. It may actually be better we don’t vote the same way. JC of course is not disarmed by this and while chomping on an apple the last 30 min continues to berate Tyler while he brushes his teeth and washes his face.


Bayleigh and Faysal also tangle Tuesday afternoon. Faysal’s sudden new found confidence has quickly devolved into arrogance. At one point they are talking and he’s frustrated with people asking about his vote and tells Bayleigh she’s the only one he’s told he’s voting out Kaitlin and she better keep her f’ing mouth shut!


Whoa. First Bayleigh hasn’t said anything to anyone and had made this clear. Second of all who the heck does Faysal think he is talking to Bay like this? She’s FUMING the rest of the day. Each hour that passes this week Bayleigh is less and less on board with keeping this F2 relationship with Faysal because of their ties to Chris. She’s over it. Over Foute. Over Faysal. 


Eventually around 4:30 pm Tuesday Bay talks to Faysal about yelling at her and his ‘sassy mood swings’ but I don’t see where this is anymore for her than keeping Faysal in her pocket the way Tyler does with Kaitlin.


While we are on the subject...this was resonating with me yesterday. It’s looking more and more like Faysal is to Bayleigh what Kaitlin is to Tyler. When you look at it from this perspective you can see how similar Bayleigh and Tyler are. What’s even better to me is where each is weak the other has that strength and if they would stop targeting each other long enough to be REAL with each other they could easily dominant the entire rest of the game together. 


The only one I’ve seen her have any real legit strategy sessions with since Soggy left is Scottie. Let me say this right now. Scottie and Bay duo is a very lethal pairing! They both genuinely seem down for it. Bayleigh has done some marvelous work gaining social capital with Scottie and Sam while Tyler has been distracted by Kaitlin and JC. It’s impressive. 


Ironically I still can’t get behind Bayleigh. She was the first to walk into the house on premier night so there is virtually no chance she wins. I enjoy watching her now but I don’t see myself ever being team Bay. I’ve said it since the game began. That first one in the house never wins curse is very real! She’s not a Janelle or a Rachel Riley that would prompt me to speculate she could be the one that breaks the curse. 


What’s funny is Tuesday there’s a casual convo in the BY on the couches with Scottie, Kaycee, Rachel I think with Bay working out nearby. They are trying to figure out who was the first one in the door this season. Bay admits she was the first one and you can here Scottie audible response to that information, “oooooooaah...”. Scottie knows this random fact about the game and is now working towards a F2 type position with her only to realize she’s has zero chance of winning in his mind.’


Now if I’m Scottie I may be more likely to keep her to the end! I mean he’s pretty certain based on this curse he wouldn’t lose to her. Just sayin’. 


Kaitlin really got Tyler fired up. She comes out to the pool and demands to know why he isn’t out campaigning for her. She wants to know who he spoke to and why he isn’t working harder to help her stay by securing votes for him. Listen I’ve said numerous time he has the patience of a saint but between JC’s ‘in your face’ approach trying to strong arm Tyler to send Kaitlin home and her constant badgering about the votes he’s bound to snap! 


JC is still going on and on about how Kaitlin has to go. He wants her gone and Tyler is being stubborn. They go round and round and round. Tyler tells JC he can vote however he wants. They don’t have to vote the same way but regardless Kaitlin’s not going home this week. Point. Blank. To the period. 


JC leaves the BA when Bayleigh enters to use BA. Next we find him in the geo room with Brett. JC starts with I really want us all to vote the same way. JC says understand with Angie causing all the problems with him with the bullying and stuff. Brett says let me stop you right there, I want Kaitlin gone! JC squeels! OMG! Brett you are being so smart right now! Then JC starts with the whole Kaitlin has been lying to both of them. She’s telling Tyler and Faysal both that she has feelings for them. She’s a liar and I want her out. 


Now JC is on to Rachel. JC throws Tyler UTB. Rachel defends Tyler  and points out Tyler is not mystified by her. She’s made it clear she’s voting Angie out. Rachel says over and over Kaitlin doesn’t have Tyler.


Geo room 1:08 p Angela/Brett/Tyler

Brett telling Tyler about convo with JC. We catch Brett later in the evening again back in the geo room with all the people above plus Kaycee suddenly seriously wavering on switching his vote and targeting Kaitlin over Angie. At one point Rachel comes in and Angela exits so it’s not all of them alone in the room together. Tyler, Kaycee, and Rachel are all still telling Brett that Angie needs to go first this week. She’s told Angela that she will target Brett/Tyler. 


Now when Brett agrees with JC earlier in the afternoon I thought he was just placating JC. Remember they’ve all agreed JC is a lost cause and they will be telling everyone they’re voting out Kaitlin but really going to vote for Angie. When this later convo in the evening happens it’s clear Brett really has flipped his thinking?! 


Now listen I had not planned to mention some under the sheets questionable movements between Brett and Kaitlin the night before. There’s clips of it flying around all over social media. While we all assume and have commented that if that is in fact what’s happening (happy ending for Brett at Kaitlin’s hand) the irony that last week when Brett was leaving she HATED him and now she needs votes and there’s some ‘more than cuddling’ happening she’s doing EVERYTHING she can to secure her votes.


I didn’t really give it any thought beyond that until this sudden change of heart by Brett to send Kaitlin out. I don’t see any other rational reason based on the feeds why he would want her to go now? However it’s looking more and more to me that he did take advantage of her desire to be ‘friendly’ that night and he can’t have Tyler or Faysal targeting him if Kaitlin spills this. You can decide for yourselves but seems very suspect to me. 


Monday afternoon Tyler tells Kaitlin that Haleigh and Faysal aren’t voting for her to stay. Haleigh was in fact actively campaigning against Kaitlin (which is fact). Kaitlin has a difficult time believing it but seems Tyler does a good job of making it clear he’s heard it with his own ears, there’s no question. His biggest point is he has 5 votes to keep her but she needs to stop asking people how they’re voting because it’s pissing people off. He tells her not to talk to Haleigh or Faysal they are NOT on her side. 


Of course this is Kaitlin and she leaves this and basically goes straight to talk to Kaitlin. Haleigh and Kaitlin have a long talk and Haleigh is pretending to still be BFF with Kaitlin here. There’s some exchange about Angie v Kaitlin, but Haleigh knows Kaitlin well enough to know how to step around her psycho tendencies. Faysal has done the same with her today but not as effectively as Haleigh because he’s Faysal and just hmmm’s and hawww’s which should be enough to prove Tyler is right but I don’t think she wants to believe it. 


Rachel has been all over the house tallying votes since Monday afternoon. L6 agreed early on this week to just tell everyone they are voting for Kaitlin to leave. They don’t want the other side working against their attempts to secure the last vote they need. Rightfully they’ve focused on flipping Bayleigh (who keeps saying she will vote with them) and Scottie. JC is a lost cause. However Rachel constantly checking in with people is one that is irritating others like Sam and Bayleigh. 


By Tuesday afternoon Sam has told people that if it comes to a tie she’s putting two dots in a hat and picking one and that’s the person she will evict. Sam’s exasperated with people asking her. This really frustrates Rachel. She’s like this is a $500k game you cannot choose with dots in a cup! Sam tells Angie the same thing. 


Tyler is speaking to Sam in the HOH Wednesday 3:15 pm but Angie knocks. Sam tells him to hide/ Tyler hides behind the HOH bed so no one knows he’s in there. He stays there for the 7-10 min Angie talks to Sam. Sam is 100% ok with Tyler listening. In the convo Angie tries to convey she’s done all she can do. She’s talk to everyone. More than anything here the moment Tyler arises from behind the bed when Angie leaves is Fabulous! So comedic! Definitely FB 3:20 Ish and watch! 


Back to Angie/Sam convo where Tyler is present but unseen. Sam tells Angie she’s been telling people flat out if it comes to a tie she’s putting two dots in a hat and that’s the one she will evict. Angie is obviously not happy to hear this. What’s key is Sam’s motivation for telling people this. Sam hopes people will be so afraid of her doing that and stop going back and forth and just decide how they are gonna vote. 


Sam’s point is actually a good one. She’s tired of people running up taking to her about the vote. She doesn’t want to break a tie and hopes this forces people to work it out! However if she does break the tie we will be sure that it’s going to be Kaitlin she’s sending out. She really can’t stand Kaitlin she rightfully sees her as the bigger threat. 


Don’t misunderstand me. I don’t think sending Kaitlin out over Angie this week is the best strategy. But she’s reading the pulse of this house and is absolutely spot on that if people believe Sam will leave her decision to a dot again they are going to work much harder to make sure it is not a tie! These are the moments I love Sam! 


Once Sam not so subtly dismisses Angie from her room, she and Tyler returned to their discussion about which one should leave. Sam’s perceptions are based on who she sees as a bigger threat. Tyler points out Angie is coming for him! Sam says he doesn’t need to worry she won’t win anything and even if by some miracle she does they will protect him. Tyler asks what if Kaitlin comes right back in? 


Sam says I will kick her a$$ right back out again. Then Sam makes me LMAO by saying with some vigor, “I will stomp a mud hole in that B*%#&es chest!” She quickly covers her mouth and says I can’t believe I just said that! That’s the competitive part in me. They both laugh hysterically. That happens because Sam has made it clear both dots in the hat will be the same color but they don’t need to know that. Tyler says Kaitlin? Sam says yeah. Tyler knows Sam well enough that he’s shared his thoughts when she asks but doesn’t push back when Sam says how she feels. 


At this point they exchange their I love you’s to head downstairs and Sam quick wittily follows up with, “not like that though.” As they decide to exit Tyler says she should open the door and he will roll out to the left so no one sees him. This makes Sam Question how many times Tyler has hidden behind the bed and listened. He swears it was the first time and he only did it because SHE told him too.


Ninja Tyler rolling out of the HOH and slithering onto the futon upstairs when Sam exits HOH so no one sees him leave the room. Again the exchange between them when he suggests she opens the door and he will crawl out to the lounge when she opens the door and then actually does it made listening to all of the back and forth the last 36 hrs worth it! 3:34 pm cam 4


Sam did point out to Tyler, like many others Tuesday that she doesn’t think these people realize when they made these 5 person alliances while she was a robot that they weren’t seeing the realness of the people in the house. She’s aware that people come in wanting the  portray themselves a certain way but that’s can’t be maintained in the long term and now week 4-5 the real person is coming out. 


Sam tells Tyler that Tyler, Sam, JC, Kaycee, and Scottie is the 5 she’s comfortable with. She’s not saying she doesn’t think that an all Girls alliance is a bad thing but she’s not playing so ONLY a woman wins. She wants the best player to win and won’t decide things because they’re woman. She loves Tyler is he was there she’d want him to win. If Bayleigh is there she’d be happy if she won. 


Tuesday Angie is pretty sure she’s the one being voted out. She says she heard Rachel having a conversation about who next week’s HN should be and said Kaitlin’s name. Clearly Rachel believes Kaitlin will be here. I’m not as sure as she is anymore. 


Tuesday Brett has wavered. By Wednesday we hear Kaycee and Angela discuss the fact that Angela wants to vote what’s best for her game. She’s speculating that voting to keep Angie is better for her. That they want Angie to believe she’s responsible for bringing together an all female alliance but she’s targeting Brett and Tyler not the girls and that’s good for them. 


Listen this is the first week where L6 isn’t necessarily on the same page which is way more than we can say about Foute. 

Kaycee is agreeable in this conversation and they agree not to say anything to Rachel until just before eviction because she’s a maniac and they don’t want to give her details in advance. Angela finished with she will tell Angie minutes before eviction night that she’s voting to keep her. I’m unclear whether Kaycee is really on board with this or just agreeing for appearances sake. 


What I do know is Kaycee and Tyler made a F2 before feeds went live. We were given this information by the production leak. Days after we learn of their F2 Kaycee went to work buddying up to Angela and Rachel so she and Tyler planted themselves into the foursome (Bro’s/Angela/Rachel). So when things are said or occur we always see Kaycee at some point run the details back to Tyler. If she’s not truly planning to jump ship we won’t see her warn him about Angela’s. Let’s all remember Kaycee did tell Tyler about the all girls’ alliance when it happened but this is more about the vote. 


What is HAPPENING?! I’m so confused. I mean is all of JC’s badgering effective all of a sudden? That’s what the last 2 days of campaigning and strategizing to seize the majority vote has felt like. Monday it was a clear divide down the middle Foute voting for Kaitlin to leave while L6 voting for Angie to leave. Both knowing they needed one more vote to prevent a tie. 


Now by Wednesday afternoon JC and Tyler are in a power struggle. JC is adamant about flipping sides in the vote this week for the first time this season believing Kaitlin has to go and then he will control Foute side. Tyler is battling JC’s Napoleon complex and Kaitlin’s dramatic emotional terrorist attacks. 


Faysal started the week planning to take one off the bloc but finding a way to save them both. Now that JC has told him that Kaitlin’s been saying the same things to Tyler as she has to him he’s on board with sending Kaitlin out. 


What’s most puzzling to me is the fact all of these players are battling so hard when they know there’s a chance either one is likely returning. Tyler is the only one in the house that’s playing from the perspective it’s likely that if Kaitlin is voted out she comes right back in and all hell will break loose! Whereas Angie going out is the best odds of the evictee possibly failing to accomplish whatever task. He also sees that Angie going and coming back is likely to secure Kaitlin firmly on the L6 side of the line in the house and they can count on her to target Faysal. 


So it’s Wednesday evening now. The Veto episode is underway and we have no clear indication which nominee will actually go out tomorrow. I do believe Tyler is smart enough to not keep pushing his personal agenda aggressively. Even if he can’t swing the vote to send Angie out he will vote to keep Kaitlin so she will still ride for him and she will target Faysal and Haleigh for evicting her. That’s the end result he needs and if his alliance doesn’t see his desire to help position L6 the best possible way. JC doesn’t see he’s burned a huge chunk of his social capital in a week that really means nothing! 


The veto ceremony, Bro Fund Me,  is similar to kick, slap, punch  from last season. Players are going to be kicked, hit on the head (bonk) and chopped in the waist in a sequence and they must be able to identify when a certain action happens. This one is always fun to watch and poor JC the chopping action was leveled straight at his micro penis and needs an ice pack once the comp is over. 


As we know Faysal wins. As we saw Kaitlin corners Faysal before the comps and says she’s winning this and he has a choice. She can win and save herself or she can throw it to him so he’s safe and he can save her. He agrees yeah throw it to me and I promise I will save you. Then Faysal goes to Haleigh tells her about what Kaitlin just said but just know she said this but he’s going to save Haleigh he just wants to make sure if Kaitlin can throw it to him she will. Listen we all know Faysal was always going to save Haleigh. 


It’s time for the veto meeting! What we’ve all been waiting days to see! No pleas or speeches shown. Faysal saves Haleigh now Sam steps up. Sam says, “Fessy won the veto and chose to use it. Now I have to put a 2nd person. I haven’t really thought about it. Right now I’m going to put up someone I don’t think will leave. This person is well liked by everyone and is actually my best friend.” 


JC says Sam this isn’t a good idea. I don’t think you should do this. 


Sam says ok. I guess I will put up Angie (R.S.). and that’s all they showed. Very anti climatic compared to explanations when feeds had returned post veto ceremony but it did seem to get the point across. Sam tells us in her DR she really thought putting JC up was the safest move to ensure Kaitlin went home but when he reacted and spoke up she lost her nerve. 


Well good job JC. I’m not mad at that. Most people wait until they are OTB to save themselves but he took a stand right then and there and said Sam don’t do that and she folded like a Hamazon delivery box. There you have it! You cup runneth over with the RealiTea the last few days heading into eviction day tomorrow. I will be back tomorrow post eviction with all the RealiTea Bitez of details leading up to the vote and how this +1Life app plays out for the evictee! Faysal better pray it’s not Kaitlin because she’s crazy on a good day I can’t imagine her fury if she is sent out and comes back to win HOH! 







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