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Every LF was anxiously awaiting this start of Saturday morning. HG are up early to draw for veto players. Kaitlin’s of course shadowing Faysal at this point and demanding Tyler convince Faysal to save her over Haleigh. Eventually the Veto players were drawn. 


Week 4 Veto players:







The most spectacular part of the veto draw is the fact that Haleigh chooses Faysal to play in the veto. This sends Kaitlin spiraling after the draw. She’s furious that Faysal told Haleigh to pick him to play. She asks Why would he do that after he promised Kaitlin he would use the veto on her last night? Did you tell her to pick you? But you promised me! 


Granted Friday Faysal did tell Kaitlin that he would use the veto if he won and Kaitlin did in fact say to him, even if Haleigh draws your name? This was insanely stupid on his part. He did tell both of them to pick him. 


Faysal in those moments was more concerned about getting picked to play to prevent himself from going up of one of them comes off the block. Horrible game play! Although it has created a day filled with dramatic feeds. There wasn’t really any direct threat of him being the re-nom so if you look at the big picture this is building up to potentially be one of the worst game moves in BB history.


Kaitlin has been moving and shaking leveling her emotional terrorist attacks all over the house since feeds returned from nominations yesterday. As much as I can’t stand her and count the seconds until she’s off the feeds, she’s hustled her little 4’ 9” tail off. 


Now let’s be real here she’s been way too aggressive. She knows how to adjust her approach if it’s a guy but with the women she’s always more aggressive, antagonistic, and argumentative. The other thing is she NEVER lets anyone talk! It’s infuriating. Guilt isn’t working and never does because people just get resentful. We see how this works out when Kaitlin tries to persuade Angie to keep her over Haleigh. 


Angie and Kaitlin faced off Saturday morning and I was LIVING for Angie’s refusal to back down and tell Kaitlin flat out why she’s not the one of the two she would keep. Kaitlin hears that Angie is still salty about the Chris eviction and she’s scrambling now that she realizes her own ‘team’ that she’s been actively playing against for 2 weeks is mad at her and she could go home! 


Angie calls Kaitlin out for betraying the group flipping her vote, sending Chris

out without any consideration for how other Foute people felt. Kaitlin tries to twist turn and wiggle her way out of all the valid talking points Angie has but Angie holds her own with her and it’s one of the few times she speaks that I’m cheering her on.


It’s annoying to me that more people don’t refuse to engage Kaitlin’s nonsense. Later in the day it gets even better when Bayleigh and Angie decided to wear Swaggy t-shirts which sends Kaitlin over the edge! 


From Kaitlin’s point of view this is a clear slap in her face. They are wearing them because they are still mad about the Chris eviction? In her mind how dare they still be mad and holding some sort of grudge when she stood in her truth!


I LOVE that they did this! I love that Kaitlin is completely traumatized by it! All feeds gold! Angie did not back down and counters every single self serving egocentric excuse Kaitlin tries to twist in her justification for being the worst member of a team! 


This gets worse for Kaitlin later in the day when Faysal is using some facts to justify his potential distrust of Kaitlin. But first...


Angie has exhausted her fury over the Brett situation. People in the house are just as tired of listening to her as LF’s are at this point. Angie did finally say something that made me laugh. Faysal was asking Bay to repaint in pinky nail black explaining he’s had it that way the whole game he wants it fresh for Veto. Angie says maybe he should change colors then because that hasn’t been going so well for us. LMAO


I also love a convo between Faysal and Kaitlin later after this veto comp is played and Kaitlin is trying to now play the, “but my family needs the money, I’m doing this for them” and Faysal counters her with the fact Chris tried to plead with Kaitlin along very similar lines and she didn’t give him any consideration for his desire to improve his current financial concerns. She instead offered to write him a check for $5k! 


Omg! This was so glorious! Kaitlin’s latest ploy this afternoon has been telling people her father’s bank vault was robbed and she needs this money to help him regain what was lost. Yes, she went there. This story is so asinine I wasn’t going to bother with it except it shows how her desperation grows as the day ticks on. Crying hasn’t worked. 


Threatening isn’t working. Baby talk hasn’t been effective nor has guilt. So now she’s trying to spin the most ridiculous story she pulled out of this air which is apparent by how unbelievable it is. Your dad has a bank vault? I think you safety deposit box. And all banks are federally insured you fruit loop dingus so any loss would be covered. 


Bayleigh and Foute are still sure there will be a battle back next week. I will be happy when this twist happens maybe they will stop talking about it. What am I saying this is Foute they will keep talking about it anyways. (Me sighing) 


12:30 pm PBR Angie is spitting some truth to Kaitlin and makes it clear she will keep Haleigh over Kaitlin’s traitorous self.  Kaitlin does not manage this well. Thank you Angie! Feeds go down and Veto is underway. 


Veto has been played! Of course the one player who should not win is dumb enough to WIN! Yep, Faysal wins veto!


I’m hoping that the only reason he won it was because it was down to him and Kaitlin. Otherwise this was one of the dumbest moves I’ve seen in a LONG time! Of course we quickly learn that Kaitlin did in fact throw it to Faysal because moments before they started Faysal tells her to throw it to him so he can save them both. He needs it for safety. 


Feeds return and Kaitlin is in full interrogation mode! Initially she was on cloud 9, her day one has won and she’s safe because he told her he wants to be her super hero. Then she came out of her daydreaming and see’s his seen face and knows he’s avoiding looking at her. She corners him and she says you are going to save me right? Faysal’s response his well....I need to think about it...


Let’s just pause here for a second. Let me convey to those who maybe don’t have the live feeds and can’t fully comprehend the torture it is to listen to and watch Kaitlin all day long that this moment...right here...is like a unicorn for live feeds! 


We always say, oh wouldn’t be great if this happened? Most of use are enduring this and thinking there is no way Faysal is dumb enough to want to play in this Veto. Tyler knows he doesn’t need this in his BB life so as dumb as Faysal is he won’t. Then he does! We get the one thing we know will create the MOST drama! 


Now we all laugh and discuss the fact this kid has to throw this now. He does not want to win this. He knows he would have to pick between the girl he loves and the girl who gives him all the attention the girl he loves doesn’t. Faysal knows he can’t put himself in this spot. Right? He has to? No one can be that stupid? 


Feeds return and another unicorn sighting! LF’s get exactly what we wanted but were certain would never happen. It happens again! Only this time the unicorn (feeds) is rolled in some glitter and has rainbows shooting from its butt! When I say #teamgoodfeeds this is what I am talking about! 


Game wise every move Faysal is making is exactly the opposite of what he should. As LF’s we are NEVER lucky enough to get the most ridiculous outcome possible and here we’ve had almost a full 48 hours of it.  This week was a perfect storm and blindsided LF’s in a week that wasn’t going to matter, predicted to be mildly boring because we know, Sam knows, Tyler and Kaycee know that this week is a reset week.


Week 4 the heavens opened up and we have a crazy Sam as HOH. We get crazy drama from crazy Kaitlin as a nominee. Only to be gifted a lunatic winning the power of Veto being the only person really in the game that shouldn’t have won it! 


At this point in the weekend Kaitlin is full stage 5 alert going on and on. She’s torturing Faysal with her unrealistic demands and for me of all things I wouldn’t care for the fact she’s made every thing about her. What would be smarter is to take Haleigh’s approach which is empathizing with him for being in an impossible position. 


Kaitlin doesn’t even know how to chill! She swings uncontrollably from behaving like a toddler to a middle schooler with Faysal. It’s insane. Baby voice and you know I’m you day one if you did this I won’t be your friend. Quickly escalating to a hormonal pre-teen threatening if you don’t do what I want you to do I’m done with you! You’re dead to me and you don’t want that so you better save me! 


Listen BB summer is like research for teaching middle school. I get to take notes on how these behaviors come about what certain people need to see or hear to manage them! Most of the conversations and behaviors are mirror images of what I see and hear all day at work. Fortunately watching from a fat allows me to enjoy the entertainment of it all and collect valuable tools for behavior management. Hmm. Maybe I should deduct the cost of the live feeds as a business expense? LOL I’m just kidding but you see my point? 


I’ve never watched a more mentally unstable player in the game in 20 seasons and we’ve had plenty of loon’s over the years. I’m guessing Faysal and Tyler will share an Lyft to the courthouse to request their restraining orders post BB. 


Faysal does try to negotiate some answers from her. His questions about why she’s withheld so much from him between the flipped vote for Steve and no warning about Chris. 


He’s cleverly (unintentionally) taunting her with why should I trust you? You didn’t tell me about the girls alliance. Nothing you’ve done shows me that I’m your #1! 


Again I love every millisecond of this exchange but horrible strategy by Faysal knowing how erratic Kaitlin is. Just know this goes for about 16 rounds by days end. Which has us wondering ok, this horrible recruit has done every single thing he shouldn’t will he ACTUALLY SAVE KAITLIN? 


As the day ticks by we see witness Faysal talking to nearly everyone at one point or another behaving so torn. I however am thinking there is zero chance he will use this on Kaitlin over Haleigh. Now that he can’t go anywhere and he can use this in his courting of Haleigh the rest of the season dangling the, I saved you! You should be falling into my arms finally. 


Well, honestly if Kaitlin leaves the house I wouldn’t be surprised is Haleigh does actually submit to her attraction to Faysal later in the game. For now Haleigh’s approach is to give Faysal all the attention possible, cuddling, flirting, touching, feeding his need for her attention. 


Thank goodness (around 8:30 pm) Faysal finally told Haleigh he plans to use the veto to save her. This seems reliable because since feeds returned he’s danced around Kaitlin’s demands for his sworn dying loyalty and guarantee that he will save her. 


Listen if Kaitlin really could have won this and threw it to Faysal she had motives. Kaitlin’s ego would want to make him stand in front on Haleigh and profess his loyalty to Kaitlin over her in front of everyone. That’s the nasty vile kind of who maniac she is in this house. 


I HOPE she threw it! I hope they vote her out! Kaitlin isn’t the type of person that would throw it to guarantee her day one’s safety. No way! The same way she demanded Brett apologize to her on live TV, she wants Faysal to fall on the sword for her as well.  


For the remainder of the day Faysal wanders around with his woe is me story for everyone that will listen the rest of the night. Even after he’s already told Haleigh he’s bringing her down. I think 10% wants to hear what people are thinking but not to hear which person they want to stay but to gauge where he will stand with the house when he makes this move. He wants to save Haleigh. 100%. I feel like he genuinely feels the pressure of now having to choose between his two ‘girls’. 


Kaitlin accurately points out to Tyler and Kaycee in the geometry room that her biggest fear in the love triable between herself, Faysal, and Haleigh week one was that with those two they would always choose each other over Kaitlin and now that’s what is happening. 


I need Faysal to realize that if he leaves Kaitlin up there and she doesn’t win her way back in on eviction through Sam’s power app he becomes the hero in every single players eyes! No one wants Kaitlin there and he’s one of the few that doesn’t realize this. 


9:50 pm

Sam/Tyler/Bayleigh eventually interrupts a private chat between them. Tyler has been trying to see if Sam will confirm to him who she use as the replacement nominee. Sam is having no part of that at first. She very absolute in her resolve to not tell anyone anything until the veto ceremony. Tyler tries to adhere to Sam’s desire to follow the word for word rules the HOH gets. He says ok, you can’t tell me who you will...are you willing to tell who you won’t? 


Eventually with enough verbal massaging it does seem Tyler gets a little insight but definitely not as much as he was hoping for. Sam had told Tyler and Rachel that Angie would go up next if need be. Now In this post veto conversation Sam says she won’t bother with Angie. People want her out, she can go next week, she’s not a threat she can’t win anything. Now Tyler is really seeming internally concerned. I think he gets enough to know it won’t be him. She does allude to Rachel. 


My thinking here is Sam wants to sit someone next to Kaitlin that would never be voted out over her. She wants Kaitlin to be evicted. That’s perfectly clear. 


Once Bayleigh interrupts crying and appearing highly stressed and emotionally vulnerable (she absolutely knows that how you appeal to Sam) this turns into a you’re ok pep talk for Bayleigh.


Listen without going round and round with exactly what was said Bayleigh walks into this room with an agenda. She wants to break up the Sam/Tyler 1-1. She wants to sniff out whether Sam may be considering nominating her. She wants to seem done with her group.


Bayleigh does all she can to minimize herself as a threat by focusing on the similarities she can draw between Sam having been isolated socially by a robot twist and Bayleigh being isolated because of her association with Chris.


I won’t downplay that several HG have hit the wall that happens every season about week 4. Emotions run high, paranoia grows, people are missing their families. It’s all been building up and bubbles over year after year in this point of the game. 


I do know Bayleigh’s been frustrated with her team. She’s mad there’s so much information she wasn’t aware of. I also know Bayleigh is a warrior princes in this game and NEVER makes a move that isn’t defined and pre-meditated.


You go Girl! I see you! I’m pretty sure Tyler sees her to some degree as well he’s just as careful with what he says to her while delivering just the right combination of empathy and encouragement.


I started watching Tyler Sam convo about 9:45 pm and finally left about 10:20 once the 1-1 talk between Sam after Tyler’s exit. Bayleigh does a amazing job at playing the “I’m a lone wolf in this game...just like you Sam and shares some personal facts to reel Sam in.


The only other moment Saturday that exceeds all of the rest of them is when Kaitlin goes full dragon mode when she feels personally attacked by Angie and Bayleigh electing to wear Swaggy C shirts when she is on the block.


Kaitlin’s infuriated that they don’t stand behind her decision to evict him. She’s appalled they are still holding a grudge over and it and she’s seeing this as a gauntlet being thrown down where they will evict her over some (in her mind) petty revenge move. Um kind like what she did to him. Kaitlin is the victim in any given scenario. 


I love the shadiness of it all! I think the decision to wear them was outstanding entertainment. Unfortunately, for them, if they do vote her out and she does come right back this is a bad game move because Kaitlin won’t forget it.


Who knows maybe if they all lead her to believe they will vote for her to stay and then flip at the last second she will be such a wreck she won’t be able to complete the given puzzle. From what I’ve watched of her she will more likely take her rage and use it to boomerang back into the game.


By midnight the have not’s end and the traditional midnight food fest commences. I stop watching once we see Kaitlin now laying all over Faysal in round 16 of why he owes her. It eventually leads to Kaitlin reverting back to middle school girl desperately seeking any kind of male attention because all of her girlfriends get it effortlessly and she must find any way possible to achieve it.


Kaitlin tells Faysal that she’s secretly in love with him. Isn’t that bad! I’m so naughty because I love you. I want to have sex with you! 


I’m done! I throw in the towel. I can’t watch anymore. She’s done this with both Tyler and Faysal various times throughout the last four weeks. I know Faysal has zero interest in actually falling for this but he loves that she wants him. He’s the kind of guy that will now throw this at Haleigh like look she wants me...I mean if you don’t want me I could easily go over there. In this aspect of emotional manipulation Faysal and Kaitlin are exactly alike.


This truly has been the most exciting re-set week in the history of the game.

All of this knowing there’s a very likely chance whoever goes out will solve the preschool level puzzle task and walk right back in. I suspect we see much of the same on Sunday. 


I do hope Tyler finds a path to prevent Sam from announcing her power on Monday. At the very least he really needs to get her to wait until eviction day. Brett and Angela now know about it but Sam has a lot more to lose than gain by leaking this detail.


Can you imagine all of the build up production has made leading into the final week of Sam’s power and she destroys any semblance of the shocking reveal to HG when the power is actually activated. Nothing about spilling this is a good idea.


That’s the RealiTea! Savage Sam has been a loose canon all week so far so there’s no telling what she will do! I will however be back to spill all of the details after the veto ceremony tomorrow. 







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