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Feeds are Lit! Nominations are In


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I think it’s important for all of you to know that I am all about great game play. That comes in many shapes and forms but I love seeing players aware of the hierarchy of the players, make a plan, and execute it to propel their game. That being said I’m also team good feeds! I don’t care how terrible the game play. My disclaimer here is in this is I’m especially here for it if the excitement doesn’t burn others games whom I like. By all means blow up your own game. 


With all of that clear last night’s post live eviction party was incredibly fun feeds! No one except Scottie was free of some kind of drama or scandal and escalated as the night ticked on! Today as we head into nomination day Sam has adamantly been asserting she will not be chatting it up with anyone she knows what she’s doing so leave her alone! 


Sam leaks this morning a few people we won’t see OTB but otherwise she’s ready to make her own moves. Between last night’s full Foute implosion and Sam’s savage approach (which I love) to her HOH I have all of my snacks at hand and plenty of tea to sip all day long! Before I reveal the nominations let’s enjoy a all of the RealiTea from last night’s live episode fall out! 


To keep things simplified here’s a summary of how Kaitlin reacts to hearing Angie flipper her vote. How she responds to an accusation she herself flipped. Finally how she responds to have no idea what happened with the vote. 


Kaitlin argues with Haleigh 

Kaitlin argues with Faysal 

Kaitlin argues with Tyler

Kaitlin argues with Bayleigh 

Kaitlin plays victim crying to Scottie 

Kaitlin plays victim crying to Tyler

Kaitlin plays victim crying to Faysal 


The highlight of all the arguments was with Bayleigh for me so you can check that out below. That’s all I am covering of Kaitlin. We’ve all seen and read enough about her to imagine exactly how she behaves. 



What is important about Kaitlin’s cycle of aggression and victim noises is that Tyler seems to come away unscathed. The rest of Foute was already over her but saw her vote as a benefit and that’s currently no longer enough of an incentive to hang on to her. They are all DONE with her. 


Sam’s HOH 11:45

Savage Sam has been unleashed and she’s gives zero f’s about how anyone receives her HOH reign. Prior to getting her key she tells everyone that she is not holding 1-1’s. They can come for the room reveal but then they have to get out and

leave her alone this week. No one is allowed in her room. She’s locking her door and people can’t be in there unless they ask and she’s in there. 


From a game perspective this is a horrific social game move. No one can really say much this week but next week and moving ahead I expect this to be talked about a lot. It’s obvious from Sam’s point of view she’s tired of people laying up under the HOH all week. It’s been a stressful few Weeks and hopes people use this week to take a step back, relax, no stressing this week. See Sam knows her power plays this week but no one else other than Tyler and Kaycee know this. For now people make a few comments here and there but there is so much other action going on it’s easily overlooked for now. I don’t think this works out well for her after this week.


HN B/A/T Angela encourages Brett to play up being affected by Angie’s ‘bullying’.

She’s called him white trash and is personally attacking him. Angela explains that Sam is sensitive to being kind to people and they can use what Angie is doing to gain sympathy for Brett in hopes Sam will target Angie. This gets deflated this morning when Sam announced to Level 5 crew that Angie won’t be going up. 


I share this because there’s some valuable insight into how Angela moves. Considering she’s silent 95% of the time hearing her describe to Brett how she

perceives Sam and the best way to encourage Sam to do what they want is to appeal to her emotions. 


Angela is accurate in her assessment of Sam and her advice on how Brett should behave (Sad/wounded) is actually good advice were this any other week. I don’t expect to see anything from Angela for at least 3 more evictions because she is playing the silent out of sight out of mind after seeing how hard Foute was coming for her by day 3. She’s trying to float and while not my favorite type of game play,

in her situation an affiliation to the bro’s it is the best move for her.


After Kaitlin and Bay have their battle of strong wills Bayleigh leaves the geometry room and hears back to find Tyler trying to damage control her blow up with Kaitlin and I think sniff out where he really stands with her.


Bayleigh goes and asks to speak to Tyler pulling him from Angela. Brett. Kaycee. Rachel in HN. They head to the PBR and she just vomits all of her frustrated emotions with Kaitlin all over him.

Bayleigh downloads on Tyler that she’s about to snap on Kaitlin. She’s done with Kaitlin ‘bullying’ and tells Tyler she just can’t any more. 


Listen these two are on to each other. Neither is positive the other is on to them but each is very careful with every word they speak. Tyler does a magnificent job of empathizing with Bay’s frustration without saying anything directly negative about her. That’s the best move for now.


Emotions are running high and the last thing he needs is someone like Bayleigh running back to Kaitlin revealing he has no intention of protecting her.


Tyler also gives Bay a pep talk about not letting people (Kaitlin) get to her.

Ignore it. Don’t explode it’s bad For your game. He sees exactly what’s happening he’s not blind to it. Eventually JC joins and backs up what Tyler has said about it’s a game you can’t let it push you. Don’t worry. I can see Bay’s wheels turning and it’s clear she’s very suspect of Tyler but I didn’t see where he showed his cards at all. He ends the convo with emphatically saying he will not share this convo with Kaitlin this stays between them and any time she’s about to blow and needs to talk she can come talk to him.


Later in the evening Bay can be heard telling both Faysal and Haleigh (individually) that Tyler is behind this somehow and she can’t trust him. Faysal doesn’t buy it but Haleigh jumps right on the anyone but me train. 


Angie just completely lost her sh*t after Brett throw her UTB on the live show during his eviction speech. In the last blog I explained she cries for hours after this and trolls Brett calling him names, saying he’s white privilege attacking a working class mom just trying to get a down payment for a house. He’s an 80’s bully character slandering her good name. I was over it about 30 min after the HOH comp ended and said already this is yet another instance of horrific game play by her but it’s still important to report after crying for about 4 hours Angie starts banging pots and pans! 


1:45 am after Faysal/Bay/Hal/JC encouraged her to express her truth. May as well since she’s already been crying and screaming in front of everybody.


You can watch a clip where the best part for me is seeing Tyler dancing behind the door eating up every second of the chaos Brett caused (of his own plan) and Tyler is benefiting from ten fold for the time being. 



Tyler dancing behind the door is just a gift from the BB Gods at this point. This whole night works out for him perfectly. 


After a bit we find Angie (beet red in the face) sitting in the living room banging a pan with a spoon yelling at Brett upstairs playing Foosball with Angela with JC looking on. He’s ignoring her while she’s flushed and clearly losing her sh*t. Brett laughed at this all night until Angie literally sits on him. That he wasn’t down for but the rest is even more than he ever expected with his speech and he loves she’s showing the entire house just how crazy she is.


Again I am HERE for all of this! People from various rooms listening from a distance while laughing. I’m here for Angie only further blowing up her game. I’m here for Brett playing it well which is only going to infuriate her more! This was Feeds gold! Fans everywhere were glued to their screens until well after 3 a.m. before the house calmed down at all. Awful game play but every twitter followers dream!



2:48 Brett tells Tyler Angie needs to go she cannot be in jury. Tyler agrees saying she will never vote for any of them to win. 


Me: they better get Angie and Kaitlin out back to back next week. Wouldn’t it be AMAZING if Kaitlin went out this week and failed the ‘chance’ challenge to return to the game? Kaitlin is really at the center of 85% of all the drama in the house every week and isn’t even really playing the game. From my perspective thanks for some Telemundo Level feeds but you’ve exceeded your entertainment factor and every player in this game should absolutely want her out before jury. 


The one unexpected turn of events last night was Scottie is virtually invisible all night. I mean he’s eating up the fact there’s chaos everywhere because that’s a perfect distraction away from him but you hardly ever see him anywhere and he’s the quietest he’s been since Steve was in the game.


This is the BEST case scenario for Scottie coming off his HOH. The house is shooketh and I kept looking for him in a corner with popcorn enjoying the show like a LF. Based on the outcomes of his HOH all of the drama and chaos couldn’t have benefited anyone else more than him.


It would be a disservice to JC to not mention is outstanding performance tonight. He plants a seed with Bayleigh right before the vote telling her Kaitlin is turning on them, he’s knows it. She’s gonna flip her vote. He flutters from room to room accurately telling each player/group exactly what they need to hear and because he’s so tight with Faysal at this point in the game Faysal absolutely vouches for JC insisting he’s certain JC voted to evict Brett. He and Tyler really come out on top by the end of the night but tomorrow morning could be a different story once all the HG have a good night’s sleep and some new perspective so they need to be very purposeful in each move they make the remainder of this week.

Especially if Kaitlin goes on the block! 


We have numerous people in the house FUMING most of not all of the night. Bayleigh and Haleigh are so furious I half expected Kaitlin to burst into flames from their death stares. Angie is laser focused on her own feelings and making Brett miserable and her venomous response to his little plan is glorious to witness. Kaitlin runs from person to person being mad at them. Angela is pissed at Angie’s personal attacks on Brett to the point she’s telling him to go to the DR and complain. Bayleigh is WAY over FOUTE and cursing Chris and Faysal dragging her into the worst team in BB history when she could have been on the winning side of the house. Last but not least Faysal is indignant about the fact Haleigh and none of the women want to be in a showmance with him. Yes, he is literally more worried about whether Haleigh likes him. 


I stayed up until people finally went to bed and the only people still moving around (Faysal/Haleigh/JC/Scottie) eating raw cookie dough because they were going to take too long to bake. 



Sam/Kaycee/Angie in KIT 10:45 a.m.

Sam in her HOH robe says the reason she’s not letting anyone in her room all week. If you want a place to have some privacy you gotta earn it. 


A few minutes later she said she’s not using the camera system this week she brought the remote is down here (kitchen) so no one can use to. I don’t need to watch people talking in the kitchen I can be down here and see that. She does go on to say that she will let people take a poop alone in her HOH when they want. 


Angie starts to try to say that she would let people in her room but that’s a personal thing. 


11:15 Kaitlin/Angie arguing about Brett’s speech. Kaitlin is still insisting she’s the real victim not Angie. Angie should be feeing bad for her. Angie tells Kaitlin she doesn’t think Kaitlin should be running around kissing up to Brett, it’s not a good look but Kaitlin can play her game how she wants.



Sam tells Angie (in the kitchen) she can relax she’s not going OTB. Just sit back and chill this week. Sam gives her a lecture/pep talk and suggests Angie take a cue from Kaycee and Angela on how to lay back and chill. This doesn’t go over well and Angie of course responds let’s see how chill they are when their game is under personal attack. 


11 am

Kaitlin goes to Tyler and tells him she knows no one flipped the vote. She believes all of them and she knew

Something was wrong 5 min before they began last night. She saw Sam come out of the DR cackling and now she realized that was her gut telling her something was wrong. She says she questioned Sam about it and now that’s proof, her intuition is never wrong, Sam used her power to change the votes. If you want to watch another insane Kaitlin manipulation of the present and twisting it to the past so she can claim she sees the future check

out the clip below. 




Feeds went down just before 12:30 and been down longer than usual. Feeds finally returned and Savage Sam unleashed her quiet fury! Kaitlin is OTB! Sounds like Haleigh and Kaitlin were nominated and Sam called them out for playing the ‘flirt’ game. Sam says they are the opposite of ‘female empowerment’ They concentrate on flirting from guy to guy and makes a point of commenting on Kaitlin especially considering Kaitlin has a BF at home! 


Kaitlin is a puddle because of what Sam said and everyone is making their mandatory rounds sympathizing an acceptable amount for her. She’s already asked Tyler is he would save her if she has HG choice should she pick him? What’s his position. Tyler plays this well and says of course she can choose him. It would be weird if she didn’t. He swears if he were to win he would be her knight in shining armor. Which tells us pick him so he can throw the comp to Sam. 


There you have it! This was a huge jug of RealiTea after one of the best night of feeds in years! I LOVE that Sam called Haleigh and Kaitlin out! Thanks for putting them both up which puts Faysal in a horrible position and Haleigh is already on her apology tour. I will be back tomorrow with the full rundown of how the day of Kaitlin’s pity party festival plays out. I’m guessing attendance will be low. 



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