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SHOTS Fired! Level 6 v. Foute


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Sunday shaped up to be exactly the opposite of what it normally is. People have been wheeling and dealing all over the house to secure the ‘bro’ they prefer to stay and as the day progresses the wheels just fall off! JC finds himself in hot water. Kaitlin throws herself a not so surprise party. Bayleigh gets a peak into the actual game not her obstructed view of it. Brett becomes the center of a tornado in the house! If all that wasn’t enough Sam has a complete meltdown and goes off half cocked after a trip to the DR to have a check in with the resident therapist.


The morning starts off happily for me because Angie and Haleigh have a convo where they’ve clearly had enough of Kaitlin. You can watch the convo below where they are not buying any of Kaitlin’s b.s. and there is some animosity bubbling up to the surface which continues to widen the cracks in Foute. This seems to have a lot of weight thrown into why Kaitlin ultimately ‘calls a house meeting’. 



But first...Rachel/Bay also have a convo in the BY around 11am. This is one to watch because Bay is warning Rachel about the fact that Foute’s plan is to wipe out her group of four. It’s just one of many indicators that 1. Ladies are trying to pull together all female alliance. 2. Bay is sharing insider info that helps Rachel. 


Let’s dive into the meltdowns that begin happening when Sam decides she needs to have 1-1’s. Sam basically kicks Scottie out of the HOH to interrogate HG’s. Initially she starts with Brett and I’m suspecting at this point she’s just trying to determine if she should use her power this week. That goes LEFT very quickly. This becomes important after Monday morning.


Instead we realize Sam is having a bit of a paranoid meltdown letting her lack of understanding drive her talking points. I have no idea where this originates from but Sam accuses Brett of trying to BD her and by the end she’s proclaiming she wants to work with him and have a 5 person alliance. Then she sends Brett to bring Angie/Haleigh up for their good old fashioned tongue lashing. Not too long after Faysal/Kaitlin interrupt. 


Listen this whole situation doesn’t have an effect on what’s happening at this point in the day, this will however plays a role in what happens with Kaitlin by Monday morning. Kaitlin seeing Sam in the HOH freaks her out believing some deal to BD her is in the works. Of course it isn’t but this is the most unstable girl in the house.


It does seem, to the LF watching from the outside, that is Sam may be trying to figure out if she she use the power.  Is Sam possibly saving Brett is he’s the Bro ultimately evicted? However it’s feeds gold just the humor of it all. Sam is so even keeled and kind to everyone so much so that seeing her go completely off the rails for a while is comical and entertaining at the very least. 


Eventually Sam talks to Tyler and by this time she comes back down to reality. The problem is now Kaitlin is paranoid and asks Tyler why Brett, Scottie, Sam all upstairs talking. Are they talking about targeting me?! Tyler tries to calm her down but as we all know he hasn’t been spending enough time with her and she goes into full spiral mode. 


A conversation begins with Bay/Kaitlin where they begin to question JC’s actions and what he’s saying to one isn’t what he says to another. This is beginning to spell trouble for JC. It’s this conversation that motivates Kaitlin to go all the way back to the Steve flip. 


4:33 pm HOH 

Kaitlin’s tells Bay that she’s untouchable because Sam owes her. Oh yeah also tells her “she owes me because FYI I’m the vote” that flipped on Steve.


If you STAN for Foute this is amazing. Bay knows Sam has a power. She could easily tell Scottie, Veto ceremony they decide to throw her up to flush out Sam’s power. Fortunately, Kaitlin spilled so much more after this that Bayleigh should leave very suspicious of Scottie. 


Kaitlin stresses she feels Tyler is more loyal to Kaitlin/Bayleigh than Rachel/Angela which isn’t true but by the end of the word vomit session Bayleigh is on information over load. Two key things I see by the end. Bayleigh now knows Scottie was the rogue vote against Chris. Kaitlin also inadvertently reveals that both Haleigh and Faysal knew about Kaitlin 


This is important because as I’ve said Bayleigh has been really investing time and energy into Scottie because he was so loyal to Chris. Now she’s going to be completely sketched out with Scottie. That’s really a key perception to have as the alliances all around the house are beginning to shift and people are beginning to try to select more long term groups moving forward. 


The next thing, more importantly, that Bayleigh appears to walk away with is she seems to maybe trust Tyler more? Yes, I said it. With all the rapid fire information coming at her from Kaitlin with everyone else Kaitlin’s perceptions of what’s been happening actually has the opposite effect I think many of us were on pins and needles waiting to see happen which is Kaitlin spilling to much tea about Tyler’s roles in recent events. We get confirmation of my suspicions about that result when Bay talks to Kaycee in a little while. 


There are many downfalls for Tyler on pulling Kaitlin into his fold. However, the one positive is Kaitlin really is clueless and interprets information based on her desires and she places a lot of blame onto Brett manipulating her, not Tyler. By the time it’s over it feels like Bayleigh sees Tyler as less of a threat than before this information download began. 


Bay then talks to Haleigh after she leaves Kaitlin. Not ideal at this point but as the night progresses it certainly could be if Bay played this correctly. After questioning why Haleigh didn’t tell her that she knew these things you can see where Bay is now even more skeptical of Haleigh/Angie as well she should be. If you STAN for Bay this should be celebrated. Bay needs to cut Angie loose. She also needs to really distance herself from Haleigh because Haleigh is all about Haleigh. 


Kaitlin goes to Tyler after this convo and spills that Bayleigh told her that Brett said JC was trying to get Kaitlin out. Tyler tries to smother the flames saying he doesn’t believe that. Brett could have made that up. Again emphasizing she’s trusting Foute people too much. They are not looking out for Kaitlin. I like that he focuses on incentives here. However as we all continue watching Kaitlin is spiraling all day. 


Bay talks to Kaycee and initially I’m feeling like all these convos have been strictly to gauge people, collect some intel to help her use her power the best way and identifying which HG are her biggest threats.  As this convo happens I begin to feel like Bay finally is seeing how insane the people in her group are and is looking for the best avenue she should take at this point.


When Bay approaches Kaycee to have a chat this seems like a more genuine strategy session where Bay see’s Kaycee as someone she can work with.

Bay reveals to Kaycee she’s concerned about Kaitlin/Tyler/JC after asking Kaycee who she is looking at and Kaycee says she’s concerned about Faysal (he may target Kaycee) and Kaitlin. 


What’s interesting is then Bay says she’s feeling a little better about TYLER. Bayleigh seems to see Kaycee as neutral and a potential ally because of that. She pitches that maybe they should be working together because with Chris gone, she doesn’t really have anyone now. Kaycee seems receptive to Bayleigh’s suggestions that they should work together. 


I’m happy to see all these people creating enough drama that Tyler is slowly moving down the ladder and he needs this. This week was looking like a runaway train for him but now, in part thanks to Kaitlin’s insanity, so many other people are being thrown under the bus he looks less and less threatening. Now look he’s not off the radar. But where he was easily moving towards be the next big fish to fry there are sharks emerging in the BB waters and they’re not named Tyler. 


Kaitlin gets more and more confrontational as the day ticks on.Ironically she sits there with Bay telling that “Kaitlin wants to say ....but ‘game Kaitlin’ needs to stay quiet.” 


Listen right here Kaitlin’s future self needs to take advice from her past self around 10 pm later tonight. Just sayin’! 


Kaitlin now runs around insisting that Scottie is going to put her up. She now goes to Bayleigh and then to Angie like what’s happening? Scottie is going to put me up. He told me if the veto is used he’s putting me OTB. 


This begins a giant game of telephone game. This is the key moment that sets up the rest of the day. The others go to Scottie and ask what’s going on? Did you tell Kaitlin you were using the veto and putting her up. Scottie of course is as surprised as the rest of us and denies saying that. 


Kaitlin eventually goes off half cocked on Scottie. She confronts him and when he drives home that he didn’t say that we see again that Kaitlin’s mind’s eye need some Lasik surgery stat! She ultimately says to Scottie that he doesn’t have to say he’s gonna throw her up there for him to make it clear to her that’s what he’s planning. 


Tyler again tries to reel her in but he’s unsuccessful. From this point Scottie pulls the rest of Foute (minus Bay) to the HOH to explain to them that he never said that he was throwing Kaitlin OTB. 


This is where Scottie has been a LF’s dream because they want to see some hard and fast moves to shake up the house. Scottie is playing like he has way more social capital than he does. People see exactly what he’s doing. They are making mental notes and riding his HOH but he’s tried to do too much and gets bloody as hell! 


Eventually Foute tells Scottie he must tell Kaitlin about the deal the bro’s proposed. In Scottie’s version not only did they make this absurd F3 pitch to him but they suggest Kaitlin be BD’d. Scottie really drives this home with some umph! Now she’s shook! She says she should confront Brett right now. She’s been trying to save him all day! He’s lying to her face. 


Scottie and Angie are now gas lighting Kaitlin and encouraging her to call a house meeting or go call out Brett. Look you know you are a complete idiot (Kaitlin) if Faysal is the one telling you not to blow up because it’s bad for your game because Faysal is horrible at BB. Angie, Haleigh, and Scottie have an agenda here and it’s not in Kaitlin’s best interest. 


If you ever decide to play Big Brother and people are encouraging you to call and house meeting or start a fight you should be 100% certain those people are not with you! Especially if those people are superfans! YOU NEVER call a house meeting! NEVER! Clearly Faysal sees not so much it’s bad for Kaitlin but it’s bad for him and his group but she ignores him because she is like an attention addict who is desperate for a fix! 


Fortunately the whole scenario falls flat because the kitchen crew doesn’t take the bait. I was actually shocked at how well the bro’s handled it but especially Winston! Calm cool and collected. 


You can watch how it begins and

the ‘power’ move Kaitlin thinks she’s making here: 






This doesn’t have the effect that Scottie and Angie were looking for but it does start multiple arguments across the house. It left LF’s who are team Good feeds disappointed to because we love a ‘house meeting’ even though if you’re a HG you should never want one. 


Kaitlin is mad at everyone saying no one checked on her after. Which both Tyler and then Faysal follow her to the BU and are the ones taking to her about why she can’t do things like that. Because they aren’t seeing her as a ‘victim’ makes her go full spiral. Eventually JC joins the BY and reinforces this is a game and she can’t melt down every time someone lies. 


Angie eventually joins and after 15 min people are all surrounding a sobbing Kaitlin listening to all her victim noises. What’s interesting is Haleigh heads into the HN room with Rachel/Bro’s for quite some time. This not only angers Kaitlin but makes Faysal suspicious of Haleigh’s loyalty. Haleigh blows up on Faysal telling him NEVER to question her loyalty and storming off. 


Bayleigh and Haleigh agree they are not getting involved in any of that drama. They think Kaitlin is an idiot for taking the bait. While JC is already showing up more on radars around the house today it worsens when he gives Kaitlin tough love. Kaitlin unleashes on JC. Haleigh however is in fact in the HN siding with Bro’s and Rachel despite telling Faysal she was listening for the betterment of Foute. 


The other outcome in all of this drama is everyone is talking about Kaitlin. Much like the fan base does. She’s nuts. She’s a loose cannon. She’s UNTRUSTWORTHY was a common thread in all corners of the house. Now these were murmurs prior to her meltdowns yesterday but once she spills she was the vote to keep Sam and there are some incidents where Angie, Haleigh, Bayleigh catch her telling people things they told her or where Kaitlin didn’t tell them important details she was privy to it all takes on a life of its own. 


I share that perspective because no one wants to work with her and she’s still not seeing that because she’s so self involved. Listen all of this begins really unfolding around 4:30 pm and the fallout continues until about 3 am. Kaitlin does know she needs to work because prior to all the drama yesterday she had been campaigning for Brett to stay. Whereas JC was very much team vote Brett out. The votes were looking very even as usual. 


Team Foute plans to vote Brett out. Remember despite Scottie’s goal to cut down the numbers on the power voting block he doesn’t see he still is very likely not to have the votes send Brett out who they all believe is the brains. So Angie. Bayleigh, Haleigh, Faysal all will vote for Brett to leave. 


Level 6 however wants Brett to stay for a myriad of reasons. They would rather work with him. Keep Brett as a shield. So that’s a lock right now for Angela/Rachel/Kaycee/Tyler/Sam with 5 to keep Brett. After last night now JC went to Brett and tells him he appreciates that Brett didn’t throw JC’s name around in that argument and now he wants to keep him which gives them 6-5 if Kaitlin does in fact lean Foute’s way. 


The veto ceremony happened Monday afternoon and nominations don’t change. However, Kaitlin is still convinced that Sam/Brett were trying to get Scottie to BD her. She heads up to the HOH and confronts Scottie. I’m the process warns him not to do it because Kaitlin is untouchable. Sam has a power and if you send me out she will save me! 


This is so dumb! Kaitlin you’re freaking out because you think there’s a plan to BD you where Sam agrees to use the power to help that plan. On the other hand you threaten Scottie with Sam’s power! No sense at all. Sadly Kaitlin has now spilled the RealiTea that Sam has a power that Scottie should be worried about. 


Kaitlin then goes to Tyler and tells him how she just screwed everything up and he manages to keep his cool. I was worried when I saw this that maybe Scottie would try to flush it out by going ahead and nominating Kaitlin! Thankfully the meeting came and went with no change. We do see Scottie and Faysal sharing fears about Sam’s power. What if Brett stays? What if someone else goes? Faysal points out he heard it expires this week if she doesn’t use it then it’s void. 


Foute doesn’t have a clear understanding of the power. They are pieces but those lead them to fear it’s more powerful than it is and for Level 6 and Sam that’s not a bad thing. Faysal and Scottie decide they need to send Kaitlin in every time Sam talks to someone she needs to be the next to go right to that person and get in their ears. That’s a terrible idea! Kaitlin? Really! Then Faysal imply Scottie needs to threaten Sam not to use the power. Also not a good idea. Finally Scottie says he will lean on Sam and kinda threaten her but waiting until Thursday to do it. 


Wow! Right? I mean 99% of this happened in a less than 12 hour time period Sunday. We are seeing it overflow into today. For now let me leave you with the current voting appears to be sending Winston out. Sam is very unlikely to waste her power on Winston. You could argue using it and not using it being good or bad equally. If the vote is changing you can find out here where we can sip all of the RealiTea together.

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