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Wk 3 POV results: Winston is Still a Terrible Player


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Last we were here, I left you with Scottie winning HOH in week 3 and nominating The bro’s being the likely plan. Friday despite lots of efforts to redirect the targets by JC, Scottie did in fact nominate the bro’s! More interesting to me than that is the fact that Chris’ exit alone has allowed players all over the house to begin socializing with everyone and building some new social capital that’s critical in this game! 


Winston following nominations on Friday ends up along his mind and unleashing his irrational fury onto Scottie. I’ve realized I could never describe this well enough to convey the actual event so below you can watch Winston make the dumbest move possible for himself and the bro’s.






Let’s keep this moving at a reasonable speed because I have 2 days of feeds to brew and serve.


Veto drawing Saturday morning. Veto players are:







Tyler has NO intention of winning but if they can throw it to the Bro’s that would be ideal. At one point Scottie tells Kaycee that Rachel better not use it if she were to win because if anyone changes his nom’s he’s throwing their BF up. This spreads through the house pretty quickly and since it aligns with Level 6 plan for neither Rachel/Tyler to go after veto they let that rumor stick. 


Veto went down early this afternoon. Comp involved spinning (like the dizzy bowling comp) but sounds like cups/blocks (stacking perhaps) were involved. As a superfan Scottie and Tyler both had to be geeked out. They’re playing a comp that repeats yeah after year. Not quite OTEV but the comps have really been more inventive and to this point a few new ones they could never prepare for based on their extensive BB knowledge. That’s cool for them. Oh and who won? Scottie did! 


Winston and Brett aren’t deflated or pissed immediately when feeds return. However it doesn’t take long for Winston to go full crazy eyes. They strategize (being generous here for times sake) early this evening in the storage room. Winston wants to threaten him without being ‘threatening’ like last night. Brett wants to go right up and talk to Scottie. Winston says he needs to cool off first. Brett heads upstairs and the saddest most hilarious moment with Winston ensues. 


Winston is sitting alone in the geometry room assuming Brett would follow. Brett however is already up the stairs ready to talk to Scottie 1–1. Winston sits there continuously calling for Brett. 


Brett. Hey Brett. BRett. I need to talk to Brett. BRETT! Hey Brett! I need Brett! Where’s Brett, I need to talk to Brett”! 


It’s the funniest thing I’ve seen all week. Also terrible for Winston. This only reassures Foutte that Winston is lost without Brett and Brett is the mastermind, I mean look Winston is paralyzed without him! 


The Bro’s still want to push the narrative that he could BD someone else who is a threat to Scottie and avoid having 3 people mad at him (Brett/WinstonRachel). This of course will never work. All of their conversations do strictly revolve around the foursome (W/B/A/R), which is interesting to note and great for Tyler and Kaycee actually! Lol. 


Late night last night they take a mildly different although equally as horrible approach. They corner Scottie in the HOH once the BY reopens to deliver their genius master plan. Take one of them off the block and send Kaitlin home. This would appease both sides? I will get to this eventually.  But first....


Tyler/Kaitlin upstairs loft discussing what the voting looks like. Brett is definitely looking like prime meat ready to be BBQ’d. Tyler tells Kaitlin he has an equal relationship with both so he just wants to vote with the house. Kaitlin boo hoo’s over not being able to vote against him but agrees it may be the only shot they have. 


8:55 pm Saturday 

They can hear Scottie and his haram in the HOH room. Tyler tells her to go socialize. She’s immediately annoyingly reactive saying, “I don’t want to socialize. I just WANT TO BE WITH YOU! Why don’t YOU UNDERSTAND THAT! (Me gagging). 


Scottie is in the HOH bed. Faysal is there but he looks more like Scottie’s bodyguard because there are most of the female players (no Sam, Kaitlin, or ) are lying I almost a perfect circle around him in the HOH bed.


They are having fun with rapid fire questions that rapidly progresses from PG 13- NC17. I am unsure if Scottie see this as more of a blessing than a curse. He definitely never seems comfortable with all the ladies. But they are showing him with their undivided attention before the BY reopens. 


JC and Tyler have discussed the fact that Kaitlin stalking Tyler all day every day is horrible and Kaitlin has to go soon. We see JC and Tyler having a myriad of quick and dirty strategy chats the last few days. Last night they were talking in HN room and had just discussed Kaitlin needing to go and Kaitlin of course walks in. 


Ty and JC pick up there convo a little later in the SR. JC is constantly telling Tyler that he needs to get away from her as soon as possible. She’s terrible for his game. Tyler exhaustively says I KNOW! Basically explaining he’s 100% on board with Kaitlin going out soon but for now he needs to keep her misted and then she can go out and he doesn’t care! 


Today is Rachel’s bday so there was some celebratory activities happening last night. She was an annoying OTT crazy person but it eventually stirs up a bit of drama. 


At one point Rachel is using the intercom in the HOH to solicit Tyler to come give her a bday kiss. It’s all in good fun and everyone is being playful around the house after working together to create a surprise cookie bday cake for Rachel. Tyler eventually runs up to the HOH where she is (alone) and dramatically grabs her kissing her cheek. 


Yep! I know what you’re thinking! You are thinking what every LF’s across BB nation was thinking. Where’s Kaitlin? This is gonna send her spiraling! It does of course but in a way that has her running around demanding people tell her 3 things about herself. Needy. Messy. Jealous. Insecure little Kaitlin rummaging for affirmation. She does make it clear she didn’t know how jealous Tyler kissing Rachel would make her. 


Put a pin in that! This will come up again as time passes. This is Kaitlin after alI! She’s a leech Tyler cannot burn off his jock. 


 Let’s get back to Brett leaving (assuming Sam doesn’t use her power). Terrible move for Tyler’s game and Faysal’s game as well. Both move up in the ranks as next biggest targets. That’s an angle Tyler should be discussing with Faysal on the low. Also Foutte perceives Brett as the puppeteer master mind which is the perfect shield for Tyler. 


Faysal is not who I would want to tell about a secret power. This kid can’t lie. He’s got loose lips and if Tyler or anyone is smart enough to regularly invest time into drawing him in he will likely spill the RealiTea that Bayleigh has a power that will change the game! 


As of Sunday morning, Scottie’s side wants Brett gone and keep Winston as the season’s pawn. He volatile and has zero strategic game so he’s the lesser threat. Plus they keep insisting Winston can’t win comps. That’s Faysal, Bay, Haleigh, Angie and they still kinda believe Kaitlin would vote with them. I’m not so sure so that’s only 4 votes. 


Level 6 side however understands keeping Brett over Winston is the more beneficial play. They know to some degree that Brett is the bigger threat to Foutte, although I hope at some point Tyler gets the low down on his oppositions misconceptions about Brett being the ‘mastermind’. That would help him understand he needs Brett to stay a little longer 1-2 more evictions until Faysal and Angie go out. Otherwise people will being looking his direction more and more. 


The only other informative event that I saw was Angie Haleigh Scottie’s convo HOH 7:55pm Friday. 


Angie ponders why ‘they’ never talk to her? Is it because I’m so different? 


Haleigh says yes because you’re so different from them and I think they’re scared of you because you’re so abrasive 


Ding! Ding! Ding! You are not approachable to them at all Angie. It’s a two way street you have nothing in common with them so you are abrasive like ‘you don’t need to talk to me!” air about you. You also spend a great deal of time talking crap about people. Unlike them. 


Haleigh’s analyzing various people. Relatively accurately for Winston. She points out she thinks he lives a very isolated life and doesn’t know how to socialize. Work, home, dog , sleep. Says she’s not surprised he’s single. He’s very self centered and doesn’t interact with you unless he needs something. Haleigh is a front runner to make it further in the game down the line. She needs to stay out of drama and scenarios where her abilities are exposed but as it is now I could easily see her make F8 if not F6 depending which players make it to eight with her.


Haleigh goes on to say she thinks Rachel is up there more and talking more because she knows the ‘ship is sinking’ and she’s looking around like I better get off this ship’


I’m like WTH? Then I immediately remembered they are only seeing the foursome: Bros/Angela/Rachel so that I can overlook but really you get one HOH that looks like it’s finally going the way you want and the 8 person voting block is sinking because one person may go home? These people! I swear. 


Rachel and Angela talk in the hammock last night about 11:30 pm. They discuss that they are people in their Level 6 alliance (JC/Tyler) working outside the alliance. They realize this means they leave the foursome to take all the heat for L6. Good for you girls. I’m glad they are woke enough to see that is what’s happening. What they will do with that knowledge, if anything, is anyone’s guess. 


12:35 pm hammock

Glen Close/Bay/Angie

Discussing girls sticking together want to get Haleigh so Glen Close (Kaitlin) leaves to use BA and grab Haleigh and a tissue for Bay who is doing the annoying thing with her nose. Later the three decide ‘Team This’ is perfect name for this new alliance because there’s 4 of them?


Gone are the days of legendary team names. Last year we couldn’t get anyone to name an alliance thanks in most part to Paul. This year two are in the BA, fart and name their fart duo! I swear. 


As soon as Kaitlin leaves Bay tries to change subject to Sam saying she needs to go soon. Angie asks Kaitlin? Bay’s like no jeez. Come on. Lol. Remember Bay knows Sam has a power. She has no idea right now that Sam’s has an expiration next week. 


The bad news is Kaycee tells Angela that it expires next week. Angela was not aware of that. Angela and Bay have been hanging out A LOT. Angela doesn’t know Bay has the latest power and if she casually mentions Sam’s power has a deadline this is a HUGE advantage for Bayleigh to preserve her power. 


Then Bay says we can’t forget Tyler. Angie says are we just not talking about it with Kaitlin? Angie says she’s not forgetting about Tyler. They discuss putting K/T up then Angie says so he can just win veto and pull himself down? Bay’s in agreement saying he needs to be a BD.


Since Chris has left and power has shifted there is a ton of crossover talking happening in the house. It’s great because we actually see and hear players like Kaycee/Angela come out from the shadows more and more. I heard more from Angela the last 3 days than last 3 weeks combined. 


I love finally getting to hear more from Kaycee as far as game goes. She actively social across the house. This weekend we see her and Tyler meeting. They confirm their F2 we heard about prior to feeds. This is in fact a F2. They are both smart and have a good sense of the house and the game. 


Kaycee’s engaging more in the groups and both Kaycee/JC and Kaycee and Tyler have had game strategy talks. Kaycee and Tyler joked they’re in an alliance playing complete opposite games. 


I am here for a Tyler/JC/Kaycee F3. I wouldn’t be mad at that. Much better than a Winston/Brett/Scottie F3 that’s for damn sure! Definitely better than a Brett/Angela/Rachel or a Angie/Faysal/Haleigh F3. I like Haleigh but the other two are HORRIBLE at this game. I do not want to watch and listen to them all summer with their ridiculous hypothesis and complete lack of strategic minds. Even common sense for that matter. At least that’s how I feel this week after all we’ve seen. 


I like Bay. She’s smart and she observes a lot more than she speaks. She’s been socializing a lot throughout the house now that she’s free of the ball and chain. She’s spent a lot of time with Angela. She’s STANing hard for an all girl’s alliance and keeping Faysal closest at the same time. We all know Chris ordered Faysal to look out for Bay and for now she’s taking advantage of that. We know because she told Faysal about her power. 


We watch Bay make various visits with Scottie. As I listen to them talk I think she’s underestimated him a bit. She’s digging for information to get a better read on Scottie but he doesn’t give her much. She has to keep switching up her questioning. She’s definitely fishing and from what I see and hear Scottie is aware and hesitant to give much of anything specific. 


Scottie doesn’t know about Tyler’s power or Bay’s power but as a Superfan he’s very aware there are unknown powers. Not to say I don’t think Scottie doesn’t like Bay. He does and he’s definitely all in on the Foutte side at this point. He’s also showing the entire house that he is a person people need to watch. That’s where I see Scottie making some mistakes here winning this HOH. He’s putting the battle between ‘teams’ before his own individual game. 


The BY opens last night some time after 10 pm. BY is open the Bros take the opportunity to speak to Scottie alone in the HOH. Winston is doing most of the talking when I pop in. Essentially they are proposing that this is a change for them 3

To work in secret. Since Winston blew up on him they can play out the rift. Scottie could send Kaitlin home appeasing both sides of the house so he’s straight with everyone. 


This goes on for a bit. Winston is doing a decent job with Bret interjecting briefly on occasion. Then Winston goes just a step too far in both my eyes and Bret’s. He goes on to say that Winston can use Scottie for a pawn every week (playing up the rift) to get a real target out. WHAT? Brett’s body language makes a quick shift and he attempts to cut that path off. 


Brett says let’s wrap this up we’re trying to keep this secret. Again trying to prevent Winston from continuing to talk about the whole weekly pawn thing (this time inferring Winston can be Scottie’s pawn and vice versa. When Brett does this Winston says, “Calm down they’re in the BY”. 


Sigh. Really dude? When Scottie does finally talk he says he has some reservations. Not least of all in a F3 scenario they propose he knows “you 2 are always taking each other.”


Winston interrupts. I mean he can’t even sit back for a second and listen. He counters immediately with some insane explanation about F3 HOH it’s a completely different competition scenario where Scottie will smoke them and choose who he wants to take. Then tries to say it doesn’t matter. Once you get to F3 it’s every man’s game. 


WHAT? Wow! This guy is awful even when he’s trying really hard to be good. Who willingly wants to face off F3 with 2 people who would take each other? 


Brett again tries to redirect the convo. Says o don’t want to patronize you. Just think about it. We need to get out of here before anyone comes inside and we ruin the element of secrecy. And Winston again says no! I want to hear his thoughts. Everyone is outside. No one is coming in yet. And keep talking! I’m wanting to slap some damn industrial duct tape on his mouth at this point. 


Brett, I admire you not wanting to campaign against your bro but bruh...its time to save yourself! Tap out! Plead for votes and let Winston go home! That’s actually the best outcome for all involved! To save us from summer of pawn Winston. 


Scottie finally speaks again and says as far as being ‘blood free’ this week. I mean your guys’ names came up a lot this week. From both sides of the house. I mean when I talk to people your names came from people on both sides of the house. (Not true he is totally lying and planting a paranoia seed here). 


I hear BB fandom all collectively saying they are shocked by Scottie! Me too! I was confident he gets the game and he’s played the fly on the wall strategy up to now. I think winning this for the team was a mistake but he’s showing us he has some chops! Let’s not forget Steve! Steve won those well times HOH’s to take out a big target and then falls back into the background so it’s possible. 


I think his chances were better had he landed on the other side following Chris’ eviction vote that rocked the fan base. Picking off Angie and Faysal, as well S

Kaitlin leaves the Level 6 players to take aim at each other while he hides in the corners. Scottie would be well aligned heading to the end with an Angela/Winston/Kaycee F4. Or a JC/Scottie F2. 


Scottie and Tyler are both showing themselves as triple threats. They have all three ingredients to a perfectly balanced game in many respects. Tyler should have considered just coming clean to some things with Scottie and could have easily misted Scottie and I see that as a missed opportunity. For those who are against Level 6 this season the Scottie HOH and Foutte boost in confidence has given them a week of feeds that’s their dream come true. 


This is where I am unlike Scottie. I am here for the player(s) not the teams. I hate the teams and I loathe that year after year recently the fans laser focus on the teams and create just as much drama, animosity, and exclusive behavior as the HG more often than not. Maybe if they liked who they liked and not choosing sides the narrative of the game outside the house would be much less exhausting. 


Well, there you have it! Lots of cross contamination happening. Tyler has been much more laid back this week than I think he should be. Bayleigh has finally entered the game! Scottie is shocking all of us and the Bro’s are OTB with virtually no chance of Scottie changing nominations since he won the power. And yes Kaitlin is still crazy stalker chick. That’s all the RealiTea for today! Unless something very unexpectedly exciting happens I will be back tomorrow after we see the fallout from the veto ceremony. 


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