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Hold tight! It’s a Rollercoaster of Emotions


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Wow, just Wow! All of this happened in part because of Soggy’s constant desire to tell Tyler everything. He still doesn’t seem to comprehend this fact. Since the Veto meeting three players have been chasing their own tails. Kaitlin is exhausting. She’s the most malleable player in history. Soggy makes a little progress then screws himself repeatedly. Tyler has to be at his limits trying to keep Kaitlin on track and feed her need to be worshipped and fondled which is clearly the most icky part for him.




Soggy wants to talk to Kaitlin and Tyler together whenever he talks to Kaitlin. Soggy goes upstairs the first time has a few minutes alone with Kaitlin before Tyler joins (as asked to). This gives Tyler all the intel he needs to manage Kaitlin on a silver platter. Soggy leaks that Haleigh/Angie continually told Soggy not to talk to Kaitlin, just let this week ride out and save the rest for next week. 


This is information Tyler didn’t have and it’s the exact information that will pivot Kaitlin back to sensing Soggy Home because this Foutte alliance is untrustworthy. 


Later Soggy and Faysal are in the geometry room. Soggy talks about trying to swing 2 votes (believing he absolutely has 5 locked with Foutte). He emphasizes he would feel better having the 7 votes to stay than just focusing on getting the 6th to make it a tie and rely on Kaitlin to keep him. 


This is the right approach. As a player you cannot leave your life in this game to chance if it can be avoided. Where he’s mistaken his focusing most of his energy on flipping Tyler back to him. He’s still not realizing Tyler was NEVER with him. His second problem is he needs Sam or JC to flip as well to get that 7th vote. 


Soggy has spent 90% of his 20 days alone with Bayleigh or in his own group with Bayleigh. I say this every season you cannot cut all ties to other people in the house and you have to be present to really have the best opportunity to read what’s happening and who’s with whom!


I am not sure before Monday Soggy has ever even had a conversation with Sam. He always get like he has his large group, they can manipulate Scottie, putting all of his eggs in just securing Scottie basket and very dismissive of needing the interact with anyone else. 


JC is closest to Tyler and Sam. He’s not a floater that can be flipped in this scenario just because Soggy has a chat with him. In fact JC spent the better part of the day popping in and out of rooms saying he’s voting Soggy out. Right up until this afternoon Soggy is telling Kaitlin he believes JC will vote however Tyler and Kaitlin tell him to.


This is actually true where Tyler is concerned but Soggy has ZERO chance of persuading Tyler or JC to flip. To the point Kaitlin gets a little pissy with Tyler feeling like he’s not even willing to consider keeping Soggy. She’s right there too but he knows how to redirect her. 


Kaitlin had one of her many meltdowns yesterday (Tuesday) because people aren’t under her feet in the HOH. She’s the kind of HOH that makes us laugh because she genuinely believes because she’s HOH all of these people OWE HER and will have to keep her safe, do what she wants, no matter what. She’s mad so many people were up in HOH when Tyler was HOH but not hers. She says I want friends! Whaaa whaaa whaaaa! 


As if all of that wasn’t enough once Tyler is given the invitation Monday to join Faysal and Soggy it gets worse. Tyler is literally coming off his convo with Bayleigh when Soggy starts in again with his pleas. Again attempts to remind Tyler that they made a personal connection. Questions why would Tyler keep Winston when you have no idea what he will do and Soggy is not just promising but swearing on his father’s grave he would never target him. 


Ok that’s all well and good but it’s what happens next that has me palming my face like what are you doing? This continues Monday night and as recent as Tuesday afternoon as I am watching him once again with Tyler/Scottie in geometry room. Soggy shifts slightly arguing he’s a bigger target, he will protect Kaitlin, he will aim at Winston/Brett/Angela. 


As recently as this afternoon Soggy is still telling Tyler which HG he thinks he persuading. Soggy is feeling like he’s going to be most able to persuade JC. Actually based on what I saw yesterday Sam was actually his best shot. Sam is just nice to everyone and cooks all day. She’s at a disadvantage because she’s still trying to figure out the current game. 


Before I go into the late night convo between Soggy and Sam early Tuesday morning (weee hours) there’s an important point to be made.


While Soggy is putting in all this work various Foutte members have 1-1 chats with Tyler. What we wouldn’t have expected is for his own. Haleigh has said to Kaitlin she would vote Soggy out if Kaitlin asked her to. We’ve seen various shades of Faysal which creates a doubt where he will really land. 


Sam gives Chris (he flips back and forth from Chris to Soggy) advice that’s really intuitive. She tells Chris he needs to show his softer side and make more of an emotional connection with people. The persona he explains to her that is Soggy C is an act and pulls at Sam’s heart strings.


After watching it I was even a little concerned Sam may go rogue. Soggy literally hugs Sam and makes motions of getting her on a fishing rod as he hugs her goodbye and thanks her for her advice. 


Soggy should have taken her advice. IMO that really was his best shot at winning over some votes and getting people to see him differently. Nope he walks away and keeps doing what he has been doing which is circular conversations.


Rinse and repeat the same things over and over and telling Tyler everything.

I currently see an 85/15 chance of him staying. Unless Winston looses his mind or someone exposes something drastic about Tyler 85% we will watch Soggy walk out the door. His only hope is it somehow ends in a 6-6 vote with Kaitlin as tie breaker and Tyler wasn’t the last to talk

to her. 


Sam later shares with Kaitlin her convo with Chris. We really get our first insights into how Sam thinks in the game. Sam tells Kaitlin she bases her opinions on the ‘people’ who they are and how she connects with them. From her perspective Chris would be easier and more likely to be able to work with moving forward. You can communicate with him. He seems more open and for her game it would be better for Chris to stay than Winston. Sam goes on to explain that Winston is inflexible and like talking to a brick wall.


For the 10 millionth time Kaitlin walks away from that changing her opinions again. I swear in any conversation she fully subscribes to whatever that person says. This has made Tyler’s work really difficult because he is constantly having to manager her. This also means he has less time to spend with other people. He really knows he needs to be in the mix for but she’s sucking the life out of him. 


The other challenge he’s faced is she’s one of the most THIRSTY women we’ve seen In the house. She is very ‘Single White Female’ and is desperate for a showmance. She’s that girl that will do anything for a man to pay attention to her. To the point after telling Faysal last week she wanted to have sex with him to the other night telling Tyler she wants to kiss him so bad. It’s gross and really creepy to watch. 


Poor Tyler is being held captive by his own creation because if he distanced himself from her she will flip. This is also creating a lot of whispering all day Monday throughout the house that Kaitlin and Tyler may be the new showmance. Now with Kaitlin he’s been deflecting her advances with humble flattery and his concern and respect for her and her boyfriend. Finally JC matches his little but right up to Tyler and asks, “Are you and Kaitlin in a showmance now? Because everybody in the house is running around talking about it!” I love JC. He doesn’t hold his tongue and is so look b*%#/here’s how it is and you need to.... its fun to watch! 


Now Tyler KNOWS he has to spend some more time downstairs. Kaitlin in seconds is like you’re pulling away from me, I feel like you are spending more time with other people! 


OMG! Let me just be honest. Real talk, I had to take a long break from feeds yesterday between Soggy’s horrible convos to Kaitlin’s bi-polar moods all day it got to be too much! I needed Sam’s thinking spot for a while. Lol. 


Tyler hints casually throughout the day Tuesday he needs to talk to Kaycee, Angela, Rachel. As the day progresses he handles this as well as he can. He solicits empathy from the other ladies in the house. Tyler says he’s freaked out and doesn’t know what to do because “I think she wants a showmance and I have to keep redirecting it telling her he doesn’t want things to look bad to her BF.” Angela correctly replies, “it already does,” (look bad for Kaitlin). 


Angela isn’t wrong! We also found out this morning that Kaitlin’s BF has in fact contacted CBS and complained about production zooming in on his face in the picture of he and her on the side of the bed while she’s laying in the bed with Tyler! Expect to see a lot of that in the episode. Kaitlin’s BF isn’t down for Kaitlin’s game and I won’t be surprised if he revokes his release and then BB will tell her if that happens! 


Can we have this please?! After eviction of course but I’m HERE for watching her completely fall to pieces if that were to happen! She’s dug herself into this mess and she’s so needy and sensitive if she hears her BF revoked his release she will absolutely lose her sh*t! 


Soggy is still vomiting valuable info to Tyler which allows him to circle the wagons where needed. Soggy tells Tyler that he wants his vote and feels if he votes for him giving him the 6th he’s pretty certain Kaitlin will follow suit and break the tie in his favor. A lot of reasons why Tyler should vote for him but his strategy is to try and swing JC and or Sam so it’s a 7-5 vote in his favor and that’s all he needs. 


Me: WHY ARE YOU TELLING TYLER YOUR PLANS STILL? If you don’t have the feeds I swear to you Tyler has some kind of “talk to me” dust he sprinkles that people just feel like they can talk to him. It’s both exciting and aggravating. 


It’s exciting because Tyler is playing the game. He’s constantly moving pieces around the chess board and making moves that flawlessly unfold and it’s great to watch. It’s frustrating because you have this certain group of people that see exactly what’s he doing but still hand deliver what he needs to make it all possible! It’s mind blowing how they all still manage to drop war plans for their army right into the enemies hands. 


Little does Soggy know (because he’s so absent all the time) Sam is one of Tyler’s closest friends in the house. Tyler tells us in the DR that Sam is the one person he trusts in the game and they’ve made a genuine friendship but she’s his closest allie. Soggy is going to work. I give him that! He had his blanket moment initially following Veto yesterday but once Bayleigh rallies the group his best bet is to

try and pull on Kaitlin’s heart strings and secure at least one more vote. 


Tyler does eventually get to speak to Sam. He is such a committed player because he patiently listens to her tell him all of her opinions which takes about 30 min and he makes sure to seem so interested in her perceptions. By the end he’s like ok but are you gonna use your power on Soggy if he gets evicted? Sam swears she would never do that. Tyler plays the ok ok I didn’t think you would but Kaitlin was a little worried and wanted me just to check with you, but I never thought you would. You won’t right? 


Sam assures Tyler she will vote however Tyler/Kaitlin want. Even though she sees more potential to work with Chris than Winston she’s loyal to them so not to worry. This is the one place I see some potential for a rogue vote to get to a tie. That’s the last thing Tyler needs because Kaitlin having to break a tie in the moment live is a HUGE risk! JC isn’t going to flip. We haven’t seen Winston wig out like Sogyy hopes he could make him do. 


My favorite moment from the last few days happened yesterday. Tyler and Kaitlin were talking about season 16. Kaitlin says how much she hated Victoria. I can’t event remember who Kaitlin says she would be friends with from that season because what happens next was FABULOUS! Tyler is listening hanging half off the bed stroking Kaitlin’s hair says “Derrick and I would be friends.” This scene made me laugh so hard!!! It was live trolling or Kaitlin in the best possible way! 


Haleigh gives Faysal the 3rd degree because Kaitlin told her that Faysal said she’s his #1. Faysal replies that Haleigh isn’t doing anything for him to be her (Haleigh’s) #1. So this soap opera is still going on in the background. 


Haleigh is actually fairing the best in the Foutte group this week. She’s floating around and in with people everywhere so she could go in a different direction at any time. She’s also benefiting from the fact Tyler has to spend so much time stroking Kaitlin’s ego he’s not seeing exactly how good of a spot Haleigh’s manages to maneuver herself to this week. 


Angie is in the worst spot. She blatantly threatened to go after Tyler and he knows it. She’s been way too vocal all things considered and given Tyler someone to aim at next. I love that she sees him exactly as he is but she’s not reading other people well enough to see she needs to keep that close to her chest. 


Scottie is the one I can’t read. He’s telling Tyler things. He’s telling Soggy things. He’s stepped up his social interactions with everyone even attempting some mild flirting because he want America especially to see him more visibly with these powers floating around. I don’t think we will know where his true allegiance lands this week until we watch his DR’s. There has been a slight shift but...there’s no event or convo that clearly identifies what he wants. 


Finally. Team Foutte is saying each one will wear a Soggy C T-shirt Thursday night for the live show. Although we hear Scottie and Faysal late last night agree to

do so and have lengthy conversation about the effects it will have I’m not sure whether it will happen. Haleigh told Kaitlin about it and that she’s NOT wearing the T-shirt. 100% not happening. Soggy also says his eviction speech is going to be epic! He’s going to blow up everyone it’s going to be pure TV gold. Um...if I’m Bayleigh I’m checking him. He shouldn’t do that because what typically happens when a player does something like that is it hurts the people left behind that they’re aligned with. I hope we see a Bayleigh SHUT IT DOWN because it’s the last thing she or Angie need. Not that it wouldn’t be entertaining. 


Right now we have Tyler/Haleigh/Kaitlin discussing votes. I don’t see anything else of value until tomorrow before feeds go down. That’s when we usually have the best possible read, but again right up until eviction happens arguments, blow ups, drama can and does unfold. There’s the RealiTea. Chris is likely to go home tomorrow and I am counting the seconds until Kaitlin’s HOH ends!

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