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Blindside Blowback


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Last night’s eviction episode was a LF’s dream! Want drama? Excitement? Twists and turns that leave you wondering what will happen? Well, this was what we got! 


When the feeds went down we knew Kaitlin was leaning towards voting as Tyler wanted which would make it 7-6 to send Steve home and save Sam. But she told Angie and Haleigh the whole scenario and with 2 hours to live eviction anything could happen. 


When the votes come in Steve says goodbye to all the HG after being evicted by a vote of 7-6 it sent as shockwaves across BB fandom as it did across Soggy and Bayleigh’s faces! Faysal, Soggy, and Bayleigh were completely blindsided. 


Of course the only HG out of 16 I can’t stand to listen to takes center stage again this week. Why do the BB gods punish me so? The girl who has spent the first two weeks always making herself the center of attention betrays her team (Foute) which in BB typically is the next person to be targeted. No instead she will be the center of attention all day every day for the next 7 days! I need a vacation from the feeds already this week. 


7:01 pm Feeds return Tyler/Fay/Soggy in SR discussion about the vote/power. Bros walk in, Tyler slides his way out as soon as the Bros walk in and Winston says, “cool meeting.” 


Soggy is like what? What did you say? Fays is giving Soggy looks like what is that? 


W-I said cool meeting, with what ya’ll are trying to...


S-with what’s up?


W-repeats  “I said cool meeting. With what ya’ll are doing.”


S-we can’t talk to Tyler? What we can’t talk to Tyler?


W-You can do whatever you want bro. 


S-alright then. 


Soggy and Winston are the same player type on opposite sides of the house. String arrogant dominant males who think they are the best guy in the room (both would be wrong).


This exchange increases the tension for the night with Bay/Rockstar trying to calm Soggy down, telling him to just chill and reel him back in. Brett on the other side is telling Winston to chill but to Angela he’s like Winston needs to realize it’s early and he can’t be giving them a reason to put him up this early. 


This exchange becomes the focus as the nights continues. These two measuring themselves against each other doesn’t bode well with either team. Tyler was very smart to exit and keep it moving. If you ever play BB don’t leave yourself in the mix when people are butting heads. 


Kaitlin is seen with Team Foute for about 20-25 min after the live show ends and feeds return. She exclaims she’s going to find out about the power. Kaitlin repeatedly tells everyone she will be holding 1-1’s in the HOH room. She says it over and over and I see my own future through her aura! 


Wow what power because I foresee myself with feeds on Mute 22 hours a day this week while she’s HOH! 


7:18 pm Kaitlin tells Angie, Haleigh, and Faysal they are not an option. 


Scottie goes to Soggy to tell him he voted for Steve to stay. Soggy tells Scottie he knows that he wasn’t the swing vote while Bayleigh tells others she’s certain Scottie was. By 8:50 pm


Soggy is climbing the walls. Literally he’s rock climbing his frustrations away in the living room as Faysal sits on the couch being his audience. Then he starts demanding the cameras look at him. 


Foute is chasing their tails trying to figure out where the vote came from...Scottie? Angie? Faysal is like there is no way Kaitlin did it...”she wouldn’t flip on us this early. (Now remember Angie and Haleigh know who did it.). 


Kaitlin is seen asking Tyler who she should target? Tyler plays this well. He asks her who she wants? She says Tyler is smarter than she is. I wish I could report that Kaitlin has the house figured out and is using that to manipulate Tyler and infiltrating Level 6 so Foute can use Tyler to make Level 6 believe she’s with them to get as much info as possible. That’s not the case. 


Kaitlin winning HOH was the best case scenario for her game. Foute is chasing their tails trying to determine where the swing vote came from. Soggy seems pretty convinced it’s Angie because she was the one that proposed voting for Sam to pin votes on the Bros. Remember Foute was positive the vote was going to be 13-0 or at the very least 9-4. They NEVER thought Steve would go home. 


Had Kaitlin not won HOH those suspecting it may have been Kaitlin would be paying a lot more attention to that. Since she has the HOH this week they will let it go and part of them wants to believe there’s no way she would flip. 


Here’s where they are their own worst enemies. 90% of the time they are talking game and planning things but they have a terrible read on the house most the time. This is why they were able to be blindsided. 



9:09 pm HOH reveal. 


By 11pm Foute has claimed the HOH as their own and while Kaitlin is clearing Scottie’s chakra outside the HOH Foute plans ‘their’ HOH without her. They have no confirmation of who the rogue vote was. Some say Scottie, others questioned if it was Kaitlin, and Tyler is convincing them that he’s convinced it was Brett’s power that somehow switched the votes but this one is the only idea shot down because Scottie and Soggy both say Julie would have told the HG the power was used. For now. 


Tyler can play dumb for now because no one thinks Tyler knows the game. I don’t see this lasting all week.Someone will Spill the beans that Tyler swayed Kaitlin because Angie and Haleigh both know the truth. 


Soggy overhead Angela talking about her ‘squad’ and Tyler’s name was included so NOW all of a sudden he’s had a come to Jesus moment and realized Tyler is with Level 6 and he can’t tell him things anymore.


These players need to be a lot more careful of who’s around when they talk! It happens a lot they didn’t see someone in the room when they start talking or don’t check the surrounding rooms. Great feeds because it’s messy but terrible for the game. 


Way to go mastermind King of the BB house. Bayleigh has been trying to tell you for two weeks! Her read is way better than his but it’s not a bad idea for her to keep him out front because as the days pass Soggy is a shield. It’s a tightrope walk for her though because she’s also easily seen as a means to target Soggy by going after her if they can’t get him. 


Prior to the new HOH happening Level 6 all said they would nom Bay/Faysal and make Soggy choose between his BF and his GF if he managed to win the veto. If he doesn’t then they can consider BD Soggy. 

That’s the smartest play! I don’t see Tyler having enough influence to sway Kaitlin to do that. 


Kaitlin has done a decent job of playing off the vote. She acted shocked and questioned who the vote came from. I don’t think it would have deflected from her as well if she wasn’t HOH. 


Foute plans to have one member in the HOH with Kaitlin at all times so she is never alone with anyone else in the house. Too bad Kaitlin has already asked Tyler what she should do because he’s smarter than her and asked him to sleep in the HOH with her tonight. They expect the Bros or Angela and one of the bro’s to be Kaitlin’s targets. I don’t see that happening either. 


This won’t last because Tyler has already volunteered to be a HN along with Haleigh, Angela. The way that comp played out with so many zero’s it doesn’t seem likely the losers can be made HN’s this week and likely she will be given the task again. 


Brett is laying it on thick with Kaitlin. It’s clear she needs tons of attention and physical contact and both he and Tyler know it and are playing that to keep her feeling good about Level 6. After midnight Faysal tells Bayleigh and Soggy that if they want to keep Haleigh and Kaitlin with Foute Brett needs to go soon. 


Now he’s not all wrong here. He correctly identified that’s the one real personal connection Haleigh (especially) and Kaitlin both have on the opposite side. Oh yeah and Tyler but his name isn’t mentioned. 


My take is Faysal’s sudden revelation has more to do with his jealousy than the game. This is exactly why Tyler knows to distance himself a bit from Haleigh. Every thing Faysal sees and interpret is screened through his obsession with Haleigh and that will be what ends his game. 


Kaitlin gets drunk so there’s no real discussions about nominations. She made it clear to everyone she will be holding court in the HOH to have 1-1’s with everyone tomorrow. What will be interesting to see is how she manages Foute’s goal to ALWAYS have one member in the HOH with her at all times. 


If they try to wiggle their way in and be present while she talks to people will she allow it? If she doesn’t how will she manage telling/explaining they need to go?  Will she ask Tyler to sit in? I think she’s likely going to want to be alone with people because this is her chance to hear what they say and make her own assessments. She’s already said her goal is to figure out the power. 


Will Sam tell her? Will the others tell her? If they do that could swing her further Level 6’s way. Right now she’s able to hover between the two sides. Both teams are aware of that. Both teams will

Want her to prove which team her allegiance is to now. How she handles that will have a huge influence on her potential longevity heading into next week. 


Foute is back to 6. Kaitlin being HOH regardless of which side of the house she ultimately lands with she’s not a vote for Foute this week. Fortunately for them with Steve gone they have Scottie to fill that number loss. 


Angie and Haleigh really seem to be waivering on the Foute team. We see them talking a lot! Sorry their whisper game is STRONG! They have the best handle on things out of that group, especially Angie. They won’t jump ship yet, but it’s gonna happen and I need to see Angie collecting some more allies in the house like Haleigh has. 


Level 6 however don’t lose a number in Kaitlin being HOH. In fact they gained Sam! This gives them 7+JC so even if 2 of them were to go up votes could tie and Kaitlin would break it. My impression is Tyler has more pull right now. The major factor will be what’s told to her today before nominations. 


The one takeaway I got from all the aftermath of the live show is Scottie has a better read on the house than anyone in Foute and most in Level 6. He goes to Soggy right away. 


Scottie shows anger towards the Bros for voting Steve out. He shares his displeasure with Foute and says he would target those two for lying to his face. He also acts just sad enough about losing Steve. Scottie played this very well. You can tell by the convos others have.


We hear the bro’s talk and they believe Foute thinks Brett had the power and used it. To their credit it was discussed and that is what Tyler shares he thinks happened. However Foute knows the show and dismissed the chance that’s what happened. 


Winston says Foute still thinks they have Kaitlin. Brett points out its to easy for her to still jump back to the other side.  They both agree Scottie is a rat and neither feels bad for voting Steve out. They say they will never trust Scottie.


Bayleigh wants Winston gone and feels like Brett would be cool without Winston here. Scottie points out that Brett is the more dangerous of the 2. He’s exactly right! Scottie also tells Bay that he doesn’t trust Haleigh. She’s too flirty with all the guys and they both realize she’s covered at all angels because she flirts with Brett, Tyler, and Faysal. 


This makes Scottie suspect Haleigh flipped. He’s wrong there but every other thing out of his mouth is spot on. This is the most I’ve heard him talk. Usually it’s just him running information he’s heard back to Soggy. 


Problem is Foute doesn’t see Scottie to be as valuable as he really is. I will pay attention to these ‘chats’ today. I think for today Kaitlin is still under a strong enough spell of anything is brought to light about Tyler she will dismiss it and probably even run it back to him. That would be great for him because it identifies who he needs to watch out for. Foute is so far off the mark on many things the dirt they will try to bring Kaitlin pretty much already knows thanks to Tyler reeling her in. 


That’s all the RealiTea on the blow back from the glorious blindside last night! I love the fact we don’t have a whole ‘house vote’ happening. This was a fantastic start to the season and it should only get better from here! 





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