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Julie has told us that if Sam is evicted she and the power come into play Sam will have to complete a task Julie gives her to re-enter the game! I had to jump in and spill the RealiTea! 


If the vote comes down to Sam being evicted, Sam stands up and says not so fast! I have a +1 power. She is given a ‘task’ by Julie (sounds like what they did in BBOTT). If she completes the task she’s right back in the game! It’s good to know what to expect heading into tonight! You can hear it from Julie in the video below.




Not sure how much of a ‘power’ this is? It’s an advantage but not a power if she has

to ’earn’ her way back in the game, but I will take it! 


 I have already said the chance she won’t be able to is slim to none. That would be a flop for the show but then again production does seem like they want to troll us sometimes, can you imagine them blindsiding us?! Tune in tonight and come back here for how this crazy week ends. 
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