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Shades of Seasons Past


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The premier of BB 20 pulled the greatest ratings last night and if you weren't watching there are plenty of reasons why.  The night begins with an audience full of vets which we as fans usually enjoy.  Chicken George, Bunky, Kaysar, Michelle, and many more were front and center for the pre-recorded premiere of BB20.The most anticipated night of the year left fans celebrating around country because we finally have a cast filled with all new players.  In the episode we can get a pretty clear idea where production is headed with the "Technology is taking over the world".  From intros, to friendships, to comps, to betrayals the first night was jam packed.  


We meet the first eight HG and immediately the game has begun.  Julie of course names the first four HG that have been selected to enter.  Tyler's name was first up but as we saw he truly is a superman because he lingers intentionally (it would appear) because he knows the first to enter curse and wants no external influences on his chance to bag $500k.  The first HG to enter the house has never won BB.  Unlike Bayleigh who practically lunges through the front door, thanks girl.  You NEVER want to be the first player to enter the house. There are a couple of aha moments the second all of the HG have entered.  We see the wheels turning for several players even in the first few moments.  Hallelujah!  We have people in the game that really came to play!  Tyler is sniffing out Steve right away, who of course was the first in the house to tell a lie about his profession.  I called that one before the premier.  These people will never openly buy what Steve's selling.  First of all, a mechanic's hands are the hallmark of their profession.  Secondly, he screams COP!  Within moments of entering Tyler is already suspicious. Steve tells us he will not be letting anyone know he was a police officer, nor that he teaches Criminal Justice.  I understand the paranoia a police officer, especially former undercover cop, in this game people make quick assumptions and connections and Derrick won the whole damn thing BB16.  Problem is that both Brett and Steve decided ahead of time that lying about what they do will prevent others from seeing them as a threat and sending them home early.  Honestly, we all know that more often than not what we fear we create.  The key to a good lie is there has to be an element of truth.  Brett attempts to consider this when creating his cover story but then picks a job in technology that he has no idea what the job is?  If it is even a job title at all, it sounded more like he just through two words together and threw them out there when asked what he does.  Bottom line is these two ranked in the lowest of the players for my personal preseason ranking. Based on last night's episode I nailed that prediction.  My guess would be that Steve goes home bye week 4 or 5 if he makes it through this first week.  I also believe that Brett's need to be the center of attention will result in Brett blowing up his own game and he will be lucky if he makes jury.  


Scottie gets chased through the house by Rachel once she realizes he has never been kissed or had a relationship.  Scottie is probably the one player I didn't really get a clear read on from the first appearance.  He could be the love child of Andy Herren and Johnny Mack based on appearance but it will remain to be seen if you possesses the cut throat DNA required for an archetype like his to make it to the end.  He interviewed well, plans t hide his super fan knowledge which is a savvy move for his own longevity.  In recent years the 'nerd' has been a very early target because of Ian and Steve but Scottie appears to possess some skills and abilities those two lacked.  I will keep watching to see how he decides to use or not use his athletic prowess and if he really can avoid fan boying everything BB to avoid making himself a target.  Angie and Kaycee were also relatively low on the exposure train last night.  The only parts of the premier relating to these two that made any real impression on me were there intro packages. Kaycee's intro did improve my initial impression.  I mean I want to cheer her on, she's from my hometown and a female athlete that doesn't use it as a prop.  It's her temperament and ability to not become the 'Alex" of the season I look forward to discovering.  Social strategy has become a huge part of being successful the first half of every season and I just can't read which way she will go.  The episode didn't really offer me any new insights other than she seems likable, her family segment was fun to watch.  Angie on the other hand is as cooky and wold as we would have predicted.  I was as shocked by her segment when she discusses pondering religion at 12 years old (which in of itself isn't odd) but then her same 12 year old self decided to convert to a pagan witch?  None of us could have predicted than.  It was the only intro segment that was more shocking than Winston kissing his gun and proclaiming he doesn't go to the movies without it.  Winston's love of guns doesn't bother me, I think it was a poor choice by CBS considering our current political/social climates.  People are sensitive about weapons right now and this triggered some really negative backlash from fans towards Winston when in all honesty I think is unfair.  Fans should direct that frustration towards production and CBS because they chose to highly it not him.  I will say had they just focused on the scrubs in the medical setting and all of his love for his dog it would have been received with a flash mob of Winston fans that had been growing by the day since the cast was released.  Bottom line, he has a right to love his 2nd amendment right let's not box him he.  He is not a Cody.


The funniest HG's based on last night's premiere were:  JC, Sam, and Winston.  All three are players I like and two of them are players I believe can play smart enough to make it to the second half of the game.  Remember, this is a marathon not a race.  The first half of the game is all about observing, playing the middle, keeping out of drama, and only winning if you absolute have to. Winston had a very up and down introduction to America.  Fans were falling all over themselves preseason over Winston.  I myself, believe he will be there for the long haul and has the qualities necessary to make it to those final two seats.  He's articulate, funny, humble, and seems very down to earth based on all the preseason research.  The intro package production gave him stirred up some controversy over his love of the 2nd amendment and it did not help him with the fan base.  I hope people will keep it moving and the uproar dies down by the end of the second episode that airs tonight.  JC on the other hand stole the show last night!  While my initial impression when they released the cast was like, oh no Jozae .05 after doing to background on him my feelings about his 'character' on this season  quickly changed.  He's energetic, sociable, and really funny!  I feel like he will make it to the second half because he is not going too seem like a threat to the other players and he says he wants to lay low where the game play is involved.  I don't think he has a chance to make it final 4 unless he manages to create an alliance where he is really well insulated the second half of the game and someone drags him to the end.  All in all JC had most of the funniest moments of the premier.  He knows his strengths and I hope he stays that path and uses that to his advantage all season because the one thing I am certain of his he will be fun to watch.  He will keep the feeds interesting and that's a player I would like to have around when we have 98 more days to go!  JC has already created this amazing energy with Sam and since she is the 2nd funniest character in the house these two can deliver a hilarious summer filled with one liners and clips we will cherish for seasons to come.  Sam didn't rank as high for me as these two guys did but she actually climbed the ranks for me after the premier episode aired.  The comments Sam makes are going to have us all LOL for weeks to come if she can now survive one of the first two punishments of the season.  I may start a running record of Sam-isms for the season.


Poor Samantha finished last on the spelling comp that 1/2 the house played which left her as a robot until the first love eviction, which won't happen until next Thursday.  That's such a bad stroke of luck for her but I feel like ifs anyone were going to be able to not allow this to tank there game it will be her.  She will make a few physical appearances over the next week (my guess would be for comps only).  Otherwise she is sitting in some secluded control booth outside the house and can only navigate the robot from room to room and see through the robots eyes and talk through the control boots.  Everyone seemed very sympathetic to her punishment.  Thats a plus.  JC ran right over and announced he's thrilled to have a robot his size, someone he can actually look in their eyes and takes her by the end telling her he loves her and they are probably going to get married now while humming the wedding march.  It was GREAT!  A few other HG went out of there way to include Sam and empathize for her, like Rachel.  That was nice to see, but this disadvantage the first week in the game where you won't always have an actually presence in the game is going to be a real challenge.   Sam is going to give us the best DR's and if you weren't already a Sam fan after her, "I'm sweating like a nun in a cucumber patch," you are now!  For me, the only thing that was shown on the premier that was funnier than Sam and JC's commentary is Winston's response to Kaitlin.  Kaitlin of course enters and immediately douses everyone with her essential oils and aura identifications and immediately announces she can clear all of the HG Chakra's which went over like we would predict.  In the DR Winston tells us her has no idea what 'Chakra" is but "it sounds sexual and violent.  I am not into that."  That was it, I was in tears laughing.  If premier is any indication BB20 is going to be a breath of fresh air after two of the worst seasons in the last three years.  


We always see one or two people playing too hard too fast or making a ridiculous spectacle of themselves the first night. I'm thrilled that we didn't.  a few players had some cringe worthy moments for me.  While it wasn't over the top the personality gave us a glimpse of what is likely to come.  Rachel.  I really don't want to dislike her.  I mean it's night one.  She is loud, definitely thrusts herself into the center ring in the loudest way possible. I also see s tendency to be too aggressive.  This is the same fear I have about Angela.  She is one of my top female picks preseason but my impressions of her downgraded significantly after the premier.  What happened to laying low the first few weeks and controlling the hyper competitive side of you until the second half of the game?  I think looking Shaggy in the eye and without any forethought immediately admitting if I win this face off I won't keep you safe was a HUGE mistake.  She promised her group prior that she would keep them safe.  I understand that, she shouldn't have said that either.  Come on those were both rookie (recruits) mistakes.  What they both should have done was listen to everyone.  Don't give up anything but do your best to reassure people you will give their thoughts and feeling serious consideration then wait for things to play out.  I don't blame Shaggy for approaching Angela and considering proposing they each keep the other safe regardless of who wins but beyond that....play it close to the vest.  Don't make promises make mental notes until it has played out and you know exactly what your choices are.  This is BIG BROTHER and its night one so the one thing you should expect is the unexpected.  I mean I HATE that production tells the house if you win you can keep 8 people safe before it begins but not knowing the selection would require choosing two of the groups of four players that entered the game together was a gut punch.  I hate it, but no way I feel bad they are both fans of the show and should anticipate twists within twists. The only player in the game I have zero interest in is Kaitlin.  She was number 16 on my preseason prediction list and nothing changed with the first glimpse into the game.  If she continues on as she did last night she will be sent home quickly and it wouldn't shock me if she went first.  Angie is the only one that appeared to bond with Kaitlin and while she may have a little more staying power than Kaitlin she isn't a powerhouse player that can save her.  The only other two HG I haven't mentioned are Bayleigh and Haleigh.  Haleigh ranked in the top 1/3 for me in my rankings.  I have to some underlying concerns that will have me following her first days on LF closely but when you break down her preseason research alone she could be an end of season contender.  Bayleigh on  the other hand made terrible first impressions in preseason and I still don't foresee her making it further than jury if she's lucky.  She has a very strong personality and comes off too arrogant for me.  I will admit she had a few moments last night that surprised me but not enough to swing the pendulum.  I don't hate her.  I do like the way she approached Swaggy after he won the comp, suggesting he dial it back and be more aware of how his words and actions are perceived by others.  The problem for me is she also seems like the type to 'do what I say to what I do' kinda approach.  I am going to keep an open mind.  NO one on the cast drove me crazy or worked my nerves.  That's a first!

The one thing that seems noteworthy to me is the fact that after two hours we don't have a head of household.  Instead we see two HG's are being punished, and 8 HG's are safe.  I am thrilled there was not a first night eviction.  As most BB fans should be.  We've complained about this for years and we will actually get to watch all 16 HG's on the LF the first week they go live.  I don't mind that they did a comp where someone wins and keeps 8 players safe the first week.  That's a nod to Paul's twist (BB19) and the friendship bracelets.   I do appreciate that at least players had to compete for the advantage.  While production has stepped up their comp game and set designs in the last couple seasons (BB19 and CBB) it was boggling that they created two completely different competitions for two groups of 8 to compete.  I did not care for the fact that the comps had absolutely nothing in common.  One group of 8 drudged through  the black box in goop and sludge to find 7 envelopes.  The player who didn't get an envelope loses and receives a punishment while the player that find the envelope that says "escape and play" will be the HG that faces off the winner of the other comp.  However, the other 8 HG's were hung from bungees and required to build a tower that spells out houseguest?  The first of the comp to spell out the word in the tower advances (actually has to win) and the last person left (SAM) receives the other punishment.   So laggy didn't actually 'win' anything he just found the random folder that advanced him while Angela actually won the spelling comp.  It are these kinds of moves that production makes that lends themselves to fans discussing the influence production purposefully makes on the game.   with the winners of each comp facing of on surfboards (season 6 throwback) to win the ability to chose 8 players to have safety from the first eviction.  Fortunately, thanks to an inside leak we already know who won the first HOH and which two HG were nominated so that makes this a tad less annoying by the end of the episode we have 16 HG's, two suffering punishments, 8 players with safety, 1 with a huge disadvantage, and some friendships already forming and drawing attention.

Tonight we will view the second half of the season premier and feeds go live after the show.  This should provide much more insight.  While I hear Tyler and Kaycee made a final 2 today.  We also hear that BB20 has had  the first kiss in the house this week.   There is a lot more to learn as we are permitted inside the house tonight.  I hope that was big enough sip of RealiTea for today!  The second episode is minutes away and once I've had some time to observe the hamsters in their natural habitat I will make some more concrete predictions but for now it just to early to know who wins my support and who I want out!






















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