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Season of Newbies


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It’s finally here! Tonight is the premier of BB20 and I hope you are as excited as I am. What’s there to be excited about this season? Who are the new houseguests and how will they fair in the longest season in BB history, 99 days? What’s happening on the live feeds? These are all details you can find here each week as the season progresses. Join me here a few times a week to get all the RealiTea all season long. I will give you the facts along with my own personal assessments and analysis of everything BB20. 


We have 16 new faces. 8 men and 8 women are already forming alliances and enemies as they have been in the house for about a week by the time the veil is lifted for us tonight. All new players in a new house for the first in several seasons. If your a long time fan like myself that should be reason enough to be excited about BB20. This year’s theme in the house is technology and you will see symbols from apps and games throughout the house. Social media already plays a huge role in this game (outside of the house) so producers have taken that and morphed the BB house into a virtual cyberspace. 


One detail shared by production is that we will see a nod of some sort to each of the previous seasons of BB. I noticed the first one most of us are celebrating already. No returnees this season. The next one I observed was in the reveal of the BB house. In season 2 only glass separates the main bedrooms and this season the pink and blue rooms have a wall that can be moved to create a clear view between the two rooms. I love that!  We will see how often the HG actually utilize it.

CBB also seems to have left its mark because production included a fuse ball table upstairs inside the house and there is even a giant jingo in addition to the fun rock climbing wall.  This is a great addition to BB proper. The lockdowns can last for days between HOH, Veto, twists, etc...so having more things to gather people together and create social environments inside the house is a welcome change.


The audience on tonight’s premier (previously recorded) will be stacked with players from past seasons. Expect a lot of guest appearances by past players even if there are no vets cast this season from the premier night on I anticipate viewers being innondated with throw backs and guest spots all season long. After all this is the 20th season. We should also see some competitions and rewards brought into this season’s rotation as a nod to all the seasons that led up to the 20th. 


There will be some version of audience voting. From what I’ve heard so far one will

include a twist on traditional voting and the ‘popular vote’ will come from how HGs are trending on social media. Here’s the down side, from my POV, CBS has a tendency to leave these types of twists in a very vague context which can frustrate us LF (live feeders). I expect greater detail on how that will work, there is said to be a reward and punishment handed out based on who is trending the highest and lowest. However, we have no idea is a player is trending the highest because they are disliked or involved in a controversy this would result in a reward? The way production likes to troll fans at times throughout the season it wouldn’t surprise me.


This season is shaping up to be a fun stroll down memory lane for long time fans. It should also create some unique opportunities for an entire cast of newbies to navigate the game in new ways. One thing is certain for the next 99 days we will all enjoy the same crazy ride! Regardless of what happens in the house check back here and we can sip some RealiTea about all things BB20. 



Update:  POV played out and Faysal won 

based on conversations and surprised tones this was a new comp no one was prepared for. Paint Balls, snakes, and electric shocks involved. 

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