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Let's Get Together for #BB20


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So far we have no news regarding the theme or cast for Big Brother 20. We did get confirmation that Big Brother Canada will return on Global for a seventh season and CBS announced that Celebrity Big Brother will return for a second season.


The American version of Big Brother launched on July 5, 2000, with Julie Chen with co-host Ian O'Malley (O'Malley who was later released from his contract after only one month on the series) introducing to us to ten strangers who were selected as the first houseguests: Brittany Petros (hopeful actress), Cassandra Waldon (a UN communications director), Curtis Kin (a lawyer), Eddie McGee (student), George Boswell (roofer), Jamie Kern (former Miss Washington USA), Jean Jordan (stripper), Josh Souza (student) Karen Fowler (mother), and William Collins (political activist).


So what's the point? This website was covering Big Brother since that night on July 5, 2000, when Curtis walked into the house and said it looked like an Ikea store exploded. To my knowledge, this is the only website currently covering Big Brother that has been there from the start. I'm proud of my site's long history, but it's in jeopardy of ending. I am old and disabled and dependant on volunteers to watch the feeds and write updates.  Each season fewer people post updates on the forums, my source for the text you read here, yet we're still getting 100's of thousands of readers hungry for all the Big Brother daily dirt. 


You can save the Morty's TV coverage of Big Brother from extinction by donating some of your free time, and becoming part of this proud tradition. Join the forums, or Click Here for more details for helping with coverage on our social media pages, or even get your own forum to blog on.

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