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Exactly. You'll note that no where have I asked for a change in what or how you post. I don't want to make a blanket statement saying everything will be kept for 90 days (which sounds reasonable), when some threads (like obituaries) are more informational and if people want to make a discussion out of a death, then it would be better suited to "On Topic."

I think a bunch of people just got all shook up because we were so far behind in housekeeping their post numbers dropped significantly because of all the old posts. We also carried the operation up to date so that we won't have to try to do this during BB when thousands of posts come in per day. Last year, we had a milllion posts in just 90 days.

Unfortunately, I think everyone's efforts were in vain. I'm not up to covering BB this year, my plan to cover it as group doesn't look hopeful, so I'm looking into posting my commentary on another web site this year.


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