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  1. It's past time for her to go. She is completely useless. Why is she even there? If I was Cindy, Rafe and Jamie I would have po'd. The would have won that challenge if it wasn't for Lydia.
  2. I hope Gary is next. I wish he was voted out last night. I would've rather seen him gone that Jamie.
  3. I love Brandon! He seems like such a sweet, kind person.
  4. You are so right! I love Bobby Jon!!! I'm so sad he's gone!
  5. Has anyone noticed on the CBS website that the Bransen family is X'd out? I'm not going crazy am I? Aren't they still in it?
  6. The youngest son wasn't bad. It was just DJ that was such a jerk. I loved Tony and the youngest son (can't remember his name) I hate to see them go. I was hoping it was the Weaver family gone this week. After their comments last week about the Paolo's I can't stand them.
  7. It says on Phil's bio on the CBS website that he is married and has a daughter.
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