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  1. I must have missed something this week -- what happened to Arthur that prevented him from working out in the gym, requiring antibiotics, and Dr. H. increasing his calorie intake?
  2. I'm so mad that these two threw the weigh-in and didn't have the decency to be honest and admit it. It's so obvious they must have drank a bunch of water each just prior to the weigh-in. I don't really care that one of them went home, in fact I'm glad he did, but like Bob said, it's offensive that they would give up this chance when so many thousands of other people would love to be on the ranch. I think BL needs to bring in a rule that if you gain weight you are automatically eliminated that week. Or at the very least that if you gain weight, then next week's weight loss is measured from your lowest weight on the ranch, not your falsely inflated weight the week prior. Just watch, next week Don is going to lose like 20+ pounds and have a free safe week. It's just not fair. Grrrr.
  3. I noticed Nick & Vicki didn't have to do a speed bump this week for coming in last on last week's non-elimination leg. Does anyone know why they didn't get an extra task?
  4. Just read this on nbc.com: The season premiere according to NBC is Tuesday, September 21st at its usual time slot, 8 p.m.-10 p.m. Eastern.
  5. Melissa is a lawyer, so it's no surprise that she has a huge ego and an innate ability to lie. Like Bob & Jillian said, she should just admit that she's playing the game. We all know she is anyway and from what you're saying here, it's going to become blatantly obvious next week.
  6. Wow, does Danny ever look like a young Dick Van Dyke now...
  7. I notice the NBC website says next week's show is at 9(8 Central) and that last season's finalists arrive to cheer on the Season 8 finalists as they take on their biggest challenge: a marathon! Does anybody know when the finale will air? I'm guessing perhaps Dec. 8th?
  8. I don't think these girls have ever chopped wood, because I'm thinking if Tiffany had wound up and swung that mallet like an axe they'd have been able to ring that bell. Maria's attempts were just pathetic.
  9. Sean seems like such a genuinely nice guy. I was really happy to see that he'd continued to do so well at home. And I just love that he & his wife are going to name their baby Jillian. Brilliant!
  10. Wow, he looks great in his "after" shots. It was nice to have a happy ending after such a gut-wrenching elimination tonight. So happy for him to have found love as well as lose so much weight.
  11. I wonder if TBL will ever do a "Second Chance" season for contestants who were booted early & didn't lose it all the first time, or those that have gained it back? I guess it would be as close to an All Star season as they could get for this show. I'd like to see Dan given a second chance and also Carla. They both still have massive amounts to lose and weren't on campus long enough.
  12. Wow, amazing weight losses for both of these two at finale... but somebody please tell Estella not to wear sleeveless dresses anymore
  13. I think you are totally right. She is 5'6" so 117 lbs is way too skinny IMHO. I think she went to far too much of an extreme just to win that money. The Weight Watchers charts say 124 is a minimum healthy weight for that height and I agree. I'm also 5'6" and fairly close in age to Helen, and I dropped down to about 120 at one point after a severe illness and looked awful. I hope she gains a bit and is able to maintain it.
  14. Can't help but wondering when I see Ron's skinny wife, what on earth does she feed those guys to make them all so huge? And knowing her husband's lifelong struggle with his weight, why didn't she instill good eating habits into her sons when they were younger? She obviously knows how to keep herself healthy. I know you can't always control what your kids eat, but if you don't have the junk around the house when they're little, then they can't eat it, and hopefully can learn good habits to take with them as they grow up.
  15. I was really disappointed in Helen's make "under". She didn't look any different. I was so hoping to see her hair a more natural shade, perhaps a darker blond or a light brown, and a much more modern style. She still looks like she's stuck in the '80s Maybe she will surprise us and have a proper makeover before finale night.
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