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  1. Makes sense - Thanks!!
  2. Did I miss it or did Jeff not ask if anyone wanted to play the Hidden Idol? Russell kept going on about he had one. Maybe the fellow that does secretly told them he has it.
  3. Do we know when the final episode will be, a Sunday and three hours, again? Thanks!!
  4. Do we know when the last show of this series will be and if it will be two hours? Thanks!!
  5. Am I understanding this correctly? BB can tell them who to nominate and vote for? Why are we watching this show if that is true? I know I may be naive, but tell me this isn't so.
  6. Thanks - we leave town on the 18th - so that works out great.
  7. Because of some upcoming travel plans I'd like to set my DVR to record when I'm away. Do we know the dates when the last Thursday and 3 hour Sunday programs will be, yet? Thanks!!!
  8. They were able to do their extra task very quickly and then they took on the task no other teams would/could complete. The other teams had a task that took very long to finish and the cowboys finished their real task in several minutes. Last to First with lots of time to spare!
  9. Do we know what the schedule is for the remaining epsidoes and when the last three hour show will be?
  10. Wouldn't it be great if they were broadcasting all the shows in HD? Guess they need too many cameras to consider doing that. Or, is there some other reason they don't?
  11. I agree - something should be done. The other thing they could consider on the short hops is let them take the train or fly, team choice. Sometimes the train in Europe is faster than the plane.
  12. I asked this in between seasons and didn't get a reply. Maybe folks weren't reading as much on the board when the show wasn't on. I'll try again. Something that bothers me about the race is this: The team that comes in first leaves exactly 12 hours later, the next team 12 hours after they came in, etc etc. But, it seems that many of the teams all end up on the same plan (last night two planes close to each other in time) and the advantage of coming in first is lost very easily. In the big bicycle marathons the first place rider for the day rider starts the next day and then next rider starts after how many minutes he came in after that first rider. Don't know if what I'm saying makes sense, but it seems that on TAR they are almost starting a new race each week. Why don't they just let them all leave at the same time if they are all going to essentially catch the same plane. My wife says that if they get one or two teams so far ahead they might end up being 2-3 days ahead of others and there would be no way any of the other teams would have a chance to win. Anyone else have thoughts on this? Thanks!
  13. I am a relative new watcher of TAR and usually only lurk here on the forum (I enjoy all the comments very much) but something bothers me about the way the have the race set up. It seems that whoever comes in first on a given episode then leaves 12 hours later for the next leg, which is fine. But it seems there is never a plane available to get them out of town without almost all other teams making it to the airport and being on the same plane. They loose the coming in first time advantage and it simply starts all over as a new race each leg. There have been a few legs where they are split on two different planes leaving at different times, but if a team is 2 hours out in front at the end of a leg, shouldn't they have that advantage on the next leg? Don't know if what I'm saying is making sense, but there has to be some way to let that first place team have their time before the next team can catch a plane. My wife says it they did do something like this the the first place team might end up winning by days instead of minutes.. I think of the Tour de France. They all start one after the other after the first leg based on how far apart the were when they arrived. They all don't start at the same time each day as it seems is being done on TAR because the winners have to wait half a day for the next plane. Thoughts, anyone? Am I missing something?
  14. Thanks - that makes sense about where they were sitting.
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