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  1. One of the magazine list Amazing Race Season one is being Release this week? Can anybody confirm this? And what is the release dates of the other seasons?
  2. Let get real here People: This is a third World Nation: It hardly unlikely the people has ever heard of a computer or know what one is. No Broadband or WIFI Access also make broadcasting impossible on any previous Survivor seasons. and as will on this one.
  3. Just found out it also by email from ABS-CBN and I have to thank you for posting a link to Pinoy Big Brother web page. Since I visit the Philippine every year for the past 4 year I found that I enjoy watching differ countries versions of shows on American Television. Last November I was enchanted with a Philippine version of WHO WANT TO BE A MILLIONAIRE. and I was surprise that Philippine televsion have a free version of American pay-per-view events. Please post update on what is going on in the Pinoy Big Brother House.
  4. I also found that it was strange that this season of amazing race the teams did not go all the way around the world. Seem like they only gone 3/4th the way and double back from India then to England etc etc. which help out some of the later teams more than the earlier ones by giving them more rest and sleep on the planes. There was way to much advertisement for Travelocity, Free trips by American Airline, automobile from Ford, for some teams while others got cash and at least one winner of one pitstop got nothing. which suggest to me that the producers of amazing Race favor some teams with prizes over others.
  5. Hello Everyone: I am back on this forum (Some how my membership was lost since when Amazing Race 6 or 7 have a pit stop in the Philippine. I was not able to access this site again since last week). My have my own views about the plane debate which I like to share. I found that while it was very unusual that the plane doors was shut and the jetway begin to pull away from the plane and then return for the other couple. Rob and Amber really lost the race in Miami Little Hanvana area. Rob and Amber was in the front of the plane and was the first couple off the plane and out of the airport first. They also were first at that marker for little Hanvana and went off in the wrong direction. They must have at least a 10 to 15 minutes head start on the other couple and they went at least a mile in the wrong direction. When They realize that they were going the wrong way they should have stop asking strangers and retrace their steps. Meanwhile the other couple made up for lost time and got lucky with a cab driver who speak Spanish. While the second couple almost lost the race by having not the fare to pay the cab driver but they still came in first. Editing of the finish suggest that Rob and amber was at least 5 to 10 minutes behind the winners and maybe the third place team at least an hour or two behind rob and amber. To me the race were not even close and that the right Team finally did win In the future seasons of Amazing Race I would like to see the posted time at the end of each pitstop and at finish line of each contestants display at the end of each show.
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