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  1. 1:01 AM BBT Matt and Raven having after-sex cuddle session. [I think sometimes the HG, because they're in the dark and can't see, forget the cameras see in the dark. ~GreenMtn] Alex, Christmas, Josh, Mark, Paul in KT. Most of the talk seems to continue to be centered on Cody and Jessica. Jeeez. "Hi, I'm Alex!" she says, as she flips her hair back with both hands. "Where's my makup mirror?" Alex: "Adios" Josh: "Where you going?" Alex: "Sleeping" Paul: I thought you were gonna scare Jason." Alex: "I know, I am. I have to plan it out, I have to stand in certain places, I have to do certain things." Josh: "Why?" "Well guys, I made to the end so...." {Funny how Christmas' scooter doesn't squeak on the Live Feeds like it does on the CBS show.} Alex jumped out from under the covers in the Green Room and scared the shit out of Jason. Alex, Jason, Josh, Christmas and Paul in the KT. It's STILL Jody bashing. Beating the old dead horse to a bloody pulp.
  2. 9:09 PM BBT Kitty Cam. A couple different messages to feedsters appear, like the typical "The House Guests are doing something .... ". One of the messages says feeds are off until 9PM Friday Night and be sure to watch the special Friday night show. Lame.
  3. 3:44 PM BBT Paul joins them in the KT. Alex starts assaulting Jason. She's wailing away on him. Finally, production says "Safety First .... Stop that." Jason says "it took you long enough."
  4. 3:41 PM BBT Everyone except Paul and Christmas are in the KT. They are talking about Cody and how they think he will act in the Jury House. Alex says she hopes he doesn't act like a tool bag. Raven yells, "He'll be a toolbag! I cannot stand that man!" Alex says if he starts fights in the Jury House then he is an actual toolbag. Josh wonders if production would remove him from the Jury House. They all yell NO. Mark says they had to have people in the Jury house to keep the peace when Paulie and Zakia(sp) were in there. Christmas joins the other HG in the KT.
  5. 3:33 PM BBT Jason, Alex, Josh, Mark in kitchen. The HG are just waiting for the POV comp. They wonder if it will be late, or even at night. Jason mentions the one they did in the middle of the night. Jason:"They've been keeping us up REAL LATE lately." Mark: "OTEV is usually at night, but we've already done OTEV." Alex is pissed because she said she didn't hear Cody's exit speech because as soon as Cody said "Jason and Alex" she tuned him out. Then she said she thought she might "wig out" and "choke him on National television." She said she would have jumped up on the table and production would be yelling "Separate ... Separate."
  6. 3:25 PM BBT Christmas is grilling Kevin. Something about talking to someone about the veto. Christmas asks him not to talk about the veto until after the veto is played for. Kevin say OK, he won't talk to anyone about it. Kevin is confused. Christmas goes up to HOH and re-tells her Kevin-conversation to Paul. Paul says he is so sketchy and is always trying to stir the pot. Paul: "He's probably the one with all the rogue votes."
  7. 3:19 PM BBT Josh says he likes Mark and will be friends with him outside the house, but can't be friends with Cody outside of the house Raven walks into kitchen where Josh and Mark are. She says she has no respect for Cody. "At all." "Cannot stand that man." "He can go F himself."
  8. 2:02 PM BBT Feeds back. Alex says maybe this a lockdown so they can put out rat traps. They are in no hurry to go to HOH. Alex: "This oatmeal is so good." Mark and Alex say they're waiting for each other. Mark washing some dishes. Jason also still in kitchen. Mark heads upstairs. Jason helps Alex with her backpack. WBRB
  9. 2:01 PM BBT "Houseguests, please report to the HOH room for a lockdown." WBRB
  10. 1:54 PM BBT Alex is telling Mark and Josh about a previous season where Team America was offered $5000 to convince the house that there was a rat in the house. Jason yells about the rat: "he's right by Mark's feet." Mark doesn't move. Josh says he hope the rat climbs in bed with him and bites one of his nuts. Jason still yelling. Alex says "No more Mountain Dew for you."
  11. 1:52 PM BBT Alex still talking about Jason drinking Mountain Dew. Alex: "Where's the rat? show us the rat!" Jason: "THERE'S NO F*ING RAT!!!"
  12. 1:49 PM BBT Alex tells Jason he has to stop drinking Mountain Dew because it makes him act all crazy. [Meanwhile, Alex is hyped up on Coke.] Alex to Jason: You're bad enough when you drink regular things like chocolate milk, you must stop drinking Mountain Dew. In the kitchen, Mark tells Alex and Jason how much better this season would have been without Cody and Jessica.
  13. 1:41 PM BBT In the storage room, Jason and Alex cementing their alliance. Alex tells Jason she will probably go first. Jason is worried the rest of the house will figure out they have an alliance and try to send them out. Kevin walks in to storage and asks Alex if he can have a Coke. Alex says yes, but he decides to drink some kind of juice. The fridge door stays open while Kevin pours some juice in a glass, offers it to Alex and Jason, who decline. Mark comes into storage, gets something from the fridge and shuts the door.
  14. 1:40 PM BBT Alex, Jason and Josh in storage room. They're arguing about the rat. Jason still maintains that there is no rat. Josh says there is. Josh to Jason: "I hope that rat bites your d*ck off." Jason: "OK, if I see that rat, I will lie down on the floor, apologize to everyone for not believing, and let Josh kick me in the balls." Josh: "I'm good with that." Alex to Jason: "You better hope there's no rat."
  15. 1:31 PM BBT Josh in HOH shower. Paul and Jason mess with him somehow under the shower door. He yells. Maybe they just grabbed his foot and scared him. Jason yells to production, "Please get us out of these costumes." Paul: "Kevin hates Alex. And Alex hates Kevin." [Really?] Paul and Christmas talking about how they want Mark out first. Paul says that Alex told him she was worried about Jason. According to Paul she said if he messes up, she'll cut him out. Josh gets out of the shower and joins Paul and Christmas in conversation about Kevin and Mark. Paul tells Josh to go downstairs, so people won't think they're working together. Paul feeds the fish, because Christmas can't do it.



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