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  1. Dane won veto/used on himselfEste and Sam are nominatedAnthony, Kyra, Mark are Have-not
  2. Sam in HOH room throwing Dane under the bus to Cory. Sam telling Cory that Adam can be trusted.
  3. SAM won HOH It looks like the secret room has been found, blood veto in the foreground. Adam and Sam are in the pantry discussing her upcoming noms. Sam says she won't put up Kyra, Dane or Damien. She's thinking about nominating Anthony, maybe Cory. Adam is telling her not to tell him any names she's thinking about.
  4. Kiera, Eddie and Stef talking about the need to win this week's HOH which they believe will be endurance. Then "bam bam bam" they will knock the other side off Sam telling Adam he is being paranoid about thinking people want him out. Sam says "mama got into everyone's ear yesterday". Adam is most worried about Damien winning
  5. https://www.bigbrothercanada.ca/news/clarification-of-march-16th-2019-pov-comp-rules/ BBCAN answers to complaints of cheating.
  6. 12:13 BBT Karen is telling Demika that they're not playing Kevin's game. He will be going home. Telling them how she'll play the "mom card" to convince Dillon to help get rid of Kevin.
  7. 12:11 BBT Karen claiming that Neda and SIndy (I think) are the fakest people ever. She's dropping the F bomb left right and centre about all the fake people in the house and that she (Karen) is honest and real.
  8. 12:03 pm BBT Ika and Karen continuously Neda bashing. Last night Karen was SIndy bashing. (both acting like 14 yr olds with their bullying gossip)
  9. 12:10 BBT Kevin is talking to himself in the SR about Ika possibly refusing his Veto he will use on her. (WHY would he save her!?). He seems to want to save her, put up Dillon and have Karen vote out Dem. Ika will vote out Dil, leaving a tie for Kevin to break. However, he seems to be unaware of Karen's loyalty to Demika and that both votes will be to eliminate Dil.
  10. 4:15 BBT "NOMINATIONS TODAY" is still on the big screen so we're not sure if they've been done. Probably not.
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