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  1. Thank you, Marty for the welcome. This cat was a sort of oddity. He was huge and his tongue was too big for his mouth so that was a normal look for him, Unfortunately, he got hit by a car last year and died. My friend was so devastated but the big guy lives on in our memories, It's funny how a lot of comments posted on BB were so like what I would have posted. I couldn't stand Paul. There's a fine line you walk in the BB House and Paul never got the memo. He was just too crude and tormented a lot of the HGs. I was surprised at a lot of the votes. Ones that I thought would not vote for him, did. On the other hand, I was not a big fan of Nicole either but between the two, I would have chosen her over him. Now he can go back home to his mommy and daddy and tell them how he was robbed. *snicker* One thing I never understood was the total mess of the BB House. I don't think anyone ever picked up their clothes or made their beds with the exception of Victor. I guess if you stay in bed all day, there's no need to make the bed. I've been debating whether or not to subscribe to BBOOTT. Like someone said earlier, if I did, I"d have my finger on the "cancel" button. Ditto for Jason over Jozea
  2. I just joined Morty's forums although I have been following Big Brother all season. I guess I was a little timid and didn't post but when I saw the post about Paul sticking out his tongue, I just couldn't resist posting this picture of my friend's cat.
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