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  1. 849p Paul and Paulie in bed in the HOH whispering about what the plan is for now. Paul says Michelle was crying and she is soooo over James. Vic is soooo over James. Paulie says he's fine with Z or Michelle leaving cuz the 2 of them can reel whoever is leftover in. They are trying to figure out what James would do with his care package of nullifying 2 votes. Paul is saying they if they clip Michelle out now, that's one less person for Bridgette and for James. Paulie says if Z stays the only persons that will go after her are Vic and Bridgette.
  2. 836p Z in the shower. Nicole is asking if they are out of toothpaste again and Z says yes. Nicole says "uggghhhh". Them WBRB. 839p z and Nicole in the main bathroom. Cam 4 in the kitchen, Paul, Michelle, Natalie, Paulie, Vic in the kitchen talking around the island. Cam 3 on Corey and Nicole snuggling in bed. Corey says this was his favorite comp so far. He got to eat chips and salsa and hang out in the pool. He says he was a good boy. Nicole asks if she can play with his hair. He says yes.
  3. 741p Corey is cooking on the stove. James is still sweeping the kitchen. BB tells Nicole to put on her microphone. Bridgette is giving Corey advice on how to cook the corned beef and the feeds switch to Victor alone in the HOH. He's feeding the fish.
  4. 736p Bridgette, Natalie, Z and Paulie are cleaning the Tokyo BR on cam 2 and cam 1 Cam 3 is the bathroom. Paul asks James is he won this comp last season and James replies he doesn't wanna talk about it. When Paul asks what time it is, James says we were out there for like 5 fucking hours. Michelle says its crazy! Nicole tells Corey he was passed out and tells Nicole she probably wanted to come cuddle. She says Mhmmm. Nicole asks if she can shower upstairs but James and Victor tell her the shower is broke. Victor says he got robbed this week.
  5. 733 p James is sweeping in the kitchen area. He says he's going to make some corn beef hash soon. Paul and Corey are with him in the kitchen. Natalie is complaining that all her clean socks are gone. She says its funny cuz she just had folded all of her clothes. Bridgette is asking for Clorox wipes.
  6. 730 p Victor just asks if they did this comp on purpose to make us clean up? Victor keeps finding CK undies that belong to Paulie. He thanks him! Bridgette is asking Natalie if all her underwear was spread out but she's wanting to find Frank's tshirt. Victor says its like an easter egg hunt. Nicole says it's starting to look like a house again and the floor looks pretty good already! Corey asks James if he needs any help? Paul is pissed that his shoes "got all fucked up" to Victor. Victor says that all we can admit to is that we stepped on stuff.
  7. 726 p Natalie is complaining that she had all of her underwear in a Ziploc bag and someone ripped it open and tossed it everywhere. Corey is in the bedroom looking for his mesh shorts. Paulie says and Calvin Klein underwear is his. Paul says "this is fucking wild"! Victor says his hands are already burning and it made it worse having to dig through shit. Natalie says that was the grossest comp!
  8. 719 p Just got on the live feeds. Looks like the BB house has been tossed. Clothes and mattresses are scattered everywhere. HG's are sorting through clothes trying to figure out what belongs to who. Nicole, Paul and Michelle in a bedroom sorting through clothes. Paul says if his leather jacket would have been there he'd be pissed. In and out of WBRB with the fish. Z is cleaning the safari room. James and Natalie are cleaning the kitchen counters. Paulie and Z are in the Tokyo BR and Z says "maybe this is their way to make us clean up.
  9. 5:15p Michelle is laying down for a nap. Da and James are discussing her conversation with Paul in the HOH. She's upset that he's going to put her on the block. She's asking James if she's wrong for feeling like she doesn't matter. She doesn't think it's fair that when other people freak out about going on the block, Paul won't put them up. She's freaking out too and all Paul is telling her is to trust him and that he has her best interest at hear. BB tells Paulie and Corey to stop that! THen BB tells Corey, Paulie and Vic to stop that. Not sure what they are doing since my feeds are on Da whining to James. Now we have WBRB!
  10. 5p Paul asks Bridgette who would be her potential noms if she wins HOH. She's trying to avoid giving him a straight answer. She says Nicole would be her first choice. She's also concerned that Michelle and Da are becoming close. She doesn't feel that Michelle is that big of a threat to her right now and if Da leaves this week, that will take care of itself. She doesn't trust James since he went back on his word and put her and Frank on the block and that really hurt her feelings. Feeds switch to Corey, Paulie, Z, James and Michelle hanging out in the UK bedroom - just small talk going on. Z leaves and Da joins the room. Everyone is asking James if his stomach was feeling better. Michelle says hers bothered her too. They can't figure out what it was that they ate. James is eating a banana and Paulie says he always thinks its funny when anyone eats a banana. Michelle says she doesn't understand what about a banana seems sexual. She said girls in high school would eat bananas very suggestively at school. Paulie gets called to the storage room to exchange mics.
  11. 4:45p Bridgette and Paul in the HOH room discussing replacement nominations. Da seems to be the one going up. Paul is professing his opinion of character. He tells Bridgette the people that kiss his ass first are the ones that need to be put up - they put themselves as his first target. Bridgette is telling Paul that Da approached her yesterday in the storage room suggesting that they all need to target Nicole. Bridgette is spilling all her information to Paul. Paul is questioning why Da reminded him that she is his "ride or die". He says his observations of Da make him not trust her. He also tells Bridgette that a lot of people in the house are coming to him telling him that Da is freaking out. He says the only reason she is freaking out is because she has not been truthful. Bridgette is asking Paul who knows about his plan. He says Vic, Corey, Paulie and possibly Nicole.
  12. 11:32 a Paul and Paulie still comparing stories of friends that are doormen at nightclubs. Michelle goes to put her swimsuit on. Not much happening. Da wakes up and they say hi as she heads to the bathroom. Paul and Paulie move to the safari room to continue chatting. Paulie shouts out a morning greeting to James as he heads to the bathroom. Outside, Michelle is now sunning with Corey and Nicole. Corey gets in the pool and Nicole asks him if he ever swam in the pool with "lines" in it? Corey replies "You mean lanes?". Nicole says she's never seen one of those (indoor pools). She's asking how swimming competitions work and what the practice is like when you are on the team.
  13. 11:23 a Paul, Paulie and Michelle sitting in the kitchen talking about trips to NYC. Michelle finishes up eating. Paul and Paulie think people are more friendly in NYC versus LA. Paul is in his HOH robe. Corey, Nicole and Bridgette are sunning and there is NO conversation. You can hear the planes flying by overhead and that's it for sound.
  14. 1041 Natalie is running laps in the backyard while Paul, Nicole, Michelle and Corey are discussing game. Well, Corey is just laying in the hammock - not saying anything. Z has joined Natalie to run laps. Paul tells them that Frank told him he is being used as their knight in the big game. Corey is yawning loudly and not contributing to the game talk of Michelle and Nicole. Michelle says she hates Tiffany so much. All 4 feeds on the backyard. Michelle tells Nicole that Tiffany told her that Da and Frank have a final 2 deal. She says she's playing everyone like a fiddle and she doesn't want anyone to fall for it. Nicole and Corey ask Michelle why she is so worried about it. Corey reassures Michelle that she has nothing to worry about and no one hear likes Tiffany and she will be going home this week. Michelle says she just wants to cry because it bugs her that TIffany is playing everyone and she doesn't like her. Michelle is worried that they won't see Tiffany is a threat and that she is smart and she already passed up an opportunity to send her home. COrey is so frustrated that Michelle is stressing about TIffany possibly staying. He tells her again that Tiffany is going home this week.
  15. 1033 Paul, MIchelle and Corey talking in the hammock. Michelle is asking them if it pisses them off that Tiff is making up stuff about an all girls alliance and an all boys alliance? Paul says he just playing along with the other side since they think they have the numbers to vote out who they want. Corey is skeptical. Corey wants to trust Da and asks Michelle to tell him if she hears anything. Corey tells Michelle that he trusts her 1000%. He just wants his name to stay out of Frank and Da's mouth. He just doesn't understand why Da was crying when he won POV. Paul is gone and Nicole joins them.



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