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  1. 12:43PM BBT: James walks into the HN room and Corey is now awake. James gets into a bumper car and lays down. 12:46PM BBT: Corey is just staring into space in the bumper car with this legs hanging out since he doesn't fit. No one is talking.
  2. 12:40PM BBT: Natalie woke up and walked into the bathroom and then she went back to bed. James is in the bathroom looking at the bottom of his feet and poking them with tweezers.
  3. 10:11AM BBT: Corey and James have still not slept. Corey is now working out and there is no conversation.
  4. 7:13PM BBT: Day, Paul, Paulie and Zay are talking in the HN room. Paul is telling Day Tiffany's plan to put her up and turn everyone against her. Paulie says they already know that is the plan.
  5. 6:52PM BBT: Tiffany tells Corey she is going to put up Day as the nomination when Corey pulls himself down. She said she absolutely is.
  6. 6:45PM BBT: Tiffany continues to tell Corey that Day told her about the 8 pack and how there are five people that want to work together and should she work with them.
  7. 6:41PM BBT: Tiffany tells Corey that he deserves to know the truth about everything and that everything is making sense. Tiffany tells him that Day has been planting seeds to everyone. Day 1- Tiffany says Day made a final 2 with her and she was like "I don't even know this girl". Tiffany says she thought in her head "Ok this girl has my back and we will take it from there". Tiffany says she swears on her life that from there Day pulled her in the room and was like "We need to get rid of Frank, I can't stand him and we need to get him out pre-jury". Tiffany says Day told her that Frank was gunning for her hard. Tiffany says she was like "yeah yeah and she thought everything was cool with him and her" then Tiffany says Day told Frank that "Tiffany is planning an all girls alliance". Tiffany continues to say that Day was planting seeds to both Tiffany and Frank against eachother.
  8. 6:39PM BBT: Tiffany now in the Tokyo room with Corey and tells him that she wants to tell him everything and that she won the Roadkill and she is the one that put him up. Tiffany says she wants to tell him everything and she believes him. Tiffany tells him that someone has been "fucking her since day 2 and has been playing everyone". Tiffany tells Corey that it is Day. She tells Corey that Day has told her everything.
  9. 6:35PM BBT: Nicole, Corey, James and Michelle talking in the HN room. James says again that he thinks Corey should save his ass and again talks about what happened to Bronte. Nicole says she is not afraid of going on the block because she has four solid votes. Michelle tells Nicole that Tiffany told Paul about the "8 pack". James says that Paul needs to be lucky that he wasn't a casualty from the aftermath of that group- spying. Michelle asks them if they fully trust Paul. Nicole says she isn't counting him as her four votes, Corey says he does trust Paul. James says when they aren't in power they just need to watch everybody. Nicole says the people that are freaking out are freaking her out. Natalie walks in and tells James that his dinner is served and that Bridgette made him muffins and she made him garlic bread.
  10. 6:29PM BBT: Paul goes back into the Tokyo room to talk to Tiffany and "tell her what he found out". [Paul is clearly not on her side and she is still believing him..]. Tiffany tells Paul that Day told her that she is playing both sides and planting seeds to everyone. Tiffany says you can't trust her and that she is an idiot for trusting Day. Tiffany says that is why she was pissed at Day. Tiffany says Day fucked her over with everything and that she is so hurt and the girls should be trusting her and now they are trusting Day. [It seems she is using Paul to deliver a message]. Paul asks Tiffany what he should do.
  11. 6:27PM BBT: Paul tells Corey and James he is going to try to keep finding stuff out. (I just realized Michelle is in a bumper car there as well). Paul says no one is not going to vote for Tiffany except Bridgette and Frank and "me" (for some reason he says Tiffany and Frank think that Paul is on their side and they count him as a vote). Corey says he thinks they are going to put up Nicole. Paul tells them that Tiffany HATES Corey and Nicole. Michelle says that Tiffany calls her and Zak brats.
  12. 6:26PM BBT: James tells Corey he should use the veto and save his ass, because look what happened to Bronte.
  13. 6:22PM BBT: Frank walks into the HOH room where Paulie and Natalie are still talking. They are talking about tofu. 6:24PM BBT: In the have not room Paul tells Corey he is "in" like a "jk fk" and he has all the goodies. Paul tells James that "your boy is a spy" that Tiffany and Frank were telling him "that he is on the outside that he was lied to". Paul is pretty excited. Paul says that Tiffany told him there is a 5 person alliance and that he is just a number to them.
  14. 6:18PM BBT: Zak and Day are whispering about Tiffany. Zak says Tiffany thinks she is close to her and she is going to let her think that. Zak says she is not "not happy" that Corey won the POV, but she was just wondering now who is going to go up. Day says she loves Corey but "ya'll my girls". Day says Paulie gave her a beer.
  15. 6:15PM BBT: Tiffany, Paul and Frank are still talking in the Tokyo room. Paul is playing dumb and acting like he's pissed. Paul says he is worried about who to trust because he is getting boned left and right in this game. Tiffany says me too and they fist pound. It is all pretty irrelevant because Paul is just acting and Tiffany and Frank seem to believe him. Tiffany is telling Paul how the girls had an issue with Frank and "this girl" was using her the whole time too. Paul says he is equally as upset. Tiffany says all she is going to do is tell the truth. Zak walks in and now they are talking about food.



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