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  1. What if they evict the baby, but not the mother... or vice versa?!
  2. A computer doesn't mean internet access.
  3. Has ANY American Idol "winner" actually done anything remotely successful with their contract? It could be because the past winners are outside my music listening repertoire, but i can't recall anyone being "big news" outside of the "AI" universe..
  4. AI was a popularity contest? Man.. CBS should have posted phone numbers on the screen to let people vote on them if that was the case... And this isn't "Rising Star".. this is American Idol.. Carrie sings well.. but she has no personality. Bo sings well.. and has lots of charisma and that translates into personality. His age has nothing to do with it. Regardless how this last vote turns out.. Bo is clearly the IDOL...
  5. No one is arguing that Romber lost the race in Little Havana, Miami. It's just that if U/J didn't get on the plane, Romber would have won. Race over.
  6. Who says it was fixed to make them lose? It was fixed to keep the tension... (and don't even TRY to tell us that the camera folks arn't in constant communication with someone with deep pockets) If U/J didn't get on that flight, it was race over. And everyone knows that.
  7. here's another one from the Toronto Star.. Question 1: why was the sugar factory in Aguadilla closed? What was the point of watching the onion chopping, airport begging, raft building, golf-ball whacking, taxi meandering and all the other manufactured drama if the teams must wait until 7:30 the next morning for the race to resume? This is like having a marathon where every four miles the leader must wait until the other runners catch up. Totally weird. Rob and Amber, love them or hate them, had a significant lead at this stage. What kind of deranged show penalizes contestants for succeeding? Question 2: during the last roadblock, when a team member was forced to plunge off a 10-metre bridge and swim 90 metres to the next clue, how did Team Romber manage to go the wrong way? All three teams were on the bridge at the same time. Signs were posted. How could these Survivor veterans blindly dash into the woods? I watched the scene a few times and some critical segues are missing. Hmmm. Question 3: why did the American Airlines flight to Miami allow Uchenna and Joyce to board? Forget Paula and Corey, this scene demands a PrimeTime Live investigation. Let's see. The flight is to leave at 10:04 a.m. Rob and Amber, ahead of Uchenna and Joyce, persuade a clerk to put them on standby. They dash to the gate where, according to a P.A. message, final boarding is underway. The airplane doors close. The Jetway starts retracting. Okay, "reality" television is anything but real. Scenes are wildly edited to create characters and a compelling narrative. Fine. Good. Understood. But is it possible that Uchenna and Joyce: a) became aware of the earlier flight on their own, got on the standby list, c) collected boarding passes, d) persuaded the gate attendant to call the pilot, and e) got permission to board, all in a few minutes? In this post-9/11 environment, if this really happened without direct permission from Homeland Security, we should all start travelling with a camera crew. Very fishy. Question 4: why did Romber have such difficulty finding the cigar shop in Little Havana? They breezed through previous episodes by co-opting the locals and taking nothing at face value. Why didn't they borrow a cellphone? Why did they rely upon directions from shrugging street urchins? Why did their taxi mysteriously vanish as they sprinted down the wrong street mistaking a Tire King for The King of Havanas? By sharp contrast, Uchenna and Joyce's driver was so helpful
  8. I actually didn't say that U/J shouldn't have won it.. hell.. they are upstanding citizens whom I would gladly have as neighbors! They did DESERVE the win based on morality alone. BUT.. I had over 250,000 miles in the air last year as atravlening consultant, and i have ONLY seen the plane return to gate and allow people on ONE TIME.. and that was a prisoner transport. It would have been a very different mood if Romber had won... and I am glad U/J won... but it does look suspicious was just my point!
  9. There is only one reason the pilot would allow boarding after the check, and the door was closed. And that was by "act of congress". Not only was the door closed, but the ramp had been pulled. There was definetly some meddling by someone to get U&J on that first flight.
  10. There is a route map on CBS wesite which details the path they took.. http://www.cbs.com/primetime/amazing_race7...oute/route_map/ maybe not going to Asia?
  11. Merideth gave Ron some cash out of his pocket last night as well... it was a TASK that said specifically, you cannot get assistance.
  12. What is the Amaing Race all about? It's about couples touring the world in a blitz fashion, learning about tradtions and interacting with the locals, for a chance to win $1,000,000.00 These people are using their wits and anything they can to win. Including asking the locals for help. Just wait till next year... There will either be a rule change, (where they can't have a "tour guide" (which i doubt.. that quashes the mingling with natives).. or every single team will spend all their time LOOKING for a tour guide.... It will be funny.
  13. The rules don't say they can't ask for help, and there is NOTHING stopping the other people from asking as well. As for the "team of 3".. I have read elsewhere on Morty's that neither Amazing Race or Survivor AIR in the UK. SO it's unlikely that they are being helped due to their faces... remember.. ALL the teams are traveling with a camera man...and there are people who will do anything for that "chance at fame".
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