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  1. Looks like Adam has a chance to go all the way. Now's his chance to get Jordan out before she wins this game again.
  2. Do you all get that next week Rachel can't play in HOH. So if Adam got Jordan out all they would have to do is win veto. This is if Adam was smart for his game.
  3. Oh I know. Adam is happy just to play the game. More power to him, that's all I would want to do. Just to play the game and get to the final 5 is cool. If I were to ever play the game, I would play for America and not even try for the money, I'd just try to stur things up to get people talking about me.
  4. Lol I don't think you understand. He's safe no matter what this week. He has the VeTo so he cant be on Block. If he uses it Jordan goes up not him
  5. Not one of you are looking out for his game. You all just want R and J in the F2. The only way Adam has a chance at the final two is if he takes P or K. If he sticks with R sand J they will kick him out and he will be placed third. P and K both suck and he has a chance with winning if he plays with them to the final. If he is in the F2 somehow with R or J it's 100% he will get 2nd place. All the Vets would vote the other way. If he does not use the veto he will go down as the worst player to play this game ever. Whe your at a point of final 5 it's time to play for yourself and vote out the people that will win the game. On a side not Jordan is the biggest floater to ever play this game. She sucks at every comp. The only one she won was thrown to her to win. Without Jeff she sucks so she went to Rachel and what do you know now Rachel is carrying her weight. By far the worst floater t the point she won her season by floating.
  6. If he doesn't use it he is stupid. They could get Jordan out this week next HOH Rachel can't play! So then she gets voted out. Then he had a spot in final three. Adam is going to the end because he is at the point where everyone if they are playing to win would take him to the final two.
  7. Hello Kalia? She has what 2 to 4 comps won and she came to play. She last in every endurance comp over some of the most fit people on the house. Lol I did say some not all. She is also not scared to go against the rest of the house. She never changed teams or floated. She came to fight from day one. I would not vote for her just because she annoys the he'll out of me but don't say none of them have played the game.........on a side note wow Adam won the the veto! That's a first.
  8. So besides Jeffs looks why would you want him to win? I don't even have to look to know 99% of the people for Jeff are basing there vote off his looks. I'd like to see a Noobie win for the reason the Vets had a chance to win not once but twice so they don't deserve the money from anything and if any of you dare give Jeff The money after he has 15k already from comps you are evil. Give it to someone who needs the money.
  9. Wow I had no idea so many people loved her. I almost didn't watch the season because she was coming back. She is one of the most annoying people to ever play this game. The only person more annoying was Holly in like big brother 5. I think that's the season she was from.
  10. I think Enzo should win again. All the players this year are boring.
  11. Dani should win she's the only one in the season that tried a huge move and it worked. Everyone ells was a floater or just floated with there team. Dani is the only person that played to win.
  12. Make an option to pay so much to be able to watch them. Most of the DR stuff is asking production about shit. And when they go in there it seems like they are coached. That's why we can't watch all of it. They told everyone to end there sentence with Zing the other day. No way did they all do that without being told.
  13. Yeah that's just ruining the game for everyone. It's like the entire week was a waste and once your voted out you should stay out. A great idea I think is to make hidden prizes for them to find throughout the house like a secret door (they did something like this before) that led to a choice of three boxes, one good for all, one bad for the person and one good for the person. No idea what of just little thing around the house to entertain the viewers. Show us some of Adams and Danis birthdays in the house. It's getting boring watching the same thing. Show me Daniel when Jeff walks out the door an hour after being HOH. They need a 2 hour episode after the last episode showing reactions of the houseguest to others talking bad about them in the diary room. That I would pay to see.
  14. But yes they are Loosing ratings, that's why they threw this twist in so they don't loose a vet and then we watch boring episodes with Adam and shelly chatting. America loves competition and fights that's why they brought back JJ and RB. They were looking for a way to get fans to watch again. To bad Dick had to go, the season would of been better.
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