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  1. So happy to be watching the 16th season with Morty!!! The best big brother page ever <3 Watching for 16 seasons and counting. Hate how big brother put the sides of the house on the live feeds but it is what is. thank you Morty for doing all you do and having a great site and forums
  2. what a night for them to not show the feeds and to not have flashback
  3. can't find flashback either on super pass and something happened last night would love to be able to use flashback
  4. me too two of them and got the white koi but on super pass no link to click and not able to view the koi
  5. okay got feeds on bb lite but nothing on super pass very weird there isn't even a link to click
  6. on super pass still the same don't see any live feeds just tried bb lite to see and nothing just log in loop where are the feeds? yes i know they don't get turned on till 12 but I figured I would see fish or something. Does anyone else see anything on super pass to click onto the feeds
  7. So does that mean super pass won't have the link up or just took it down for now?
  8. When you went on superpass what did you get? I didn't see anything for the live feeds like I did last year just videos when you clicked on big brother but no click here for live feeds or anything.
  9. Thank you for all your help and patience. One more night!!!!
  10. I did get it up and running I didn't tell my computer which aplication to use so I have it up and running I had to make my own shortcut. My only last question and thank you for answering them, is when you said it asks for the superpass name and password it didn't do that for me it just showed a screen and said feeds won't be available till after the show. Am I missing something then? I will also check the fb page
  11. One more question so if I'm on a mac should I download the bb lite one or the other one?
  12. omg thank you so much! I so love morty's and its members
  13. okay so bear with the computer dumb person, lol. So what is the air platform? I should get rid of real player and use the bb lite? Sorry for all the questions I just want to be up and ready and using the best. I thought super pass and real player were the only way to go. Not sure where air platform comes into either. Again sorry for all the questions and thank you to all that responding
  14. Is this better than viewing them on the actual super pass site and with real player? Sorry for the questions I'm computer stupid and barely got it up and running with real player and superpass and now to add onto that switched to a mac
  15. See this is what is happening I know this response is old but this is what is happening to me now. I'm signed up early I try to view the old clips or videos and I get the screen and arrow but when I hit the arrow nothing happens and it usually just loads.



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