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  1. Frank America's Favorite??? (Think I just threw up in my mouth....a lot!!!)
  2. There are so many great posts on here that I will not take up a page with quoting all of them. I was sad when Ian didn't evict Dan as I felt he would win hands down over Danielle. However, as with many, many times, Ian made the best choice. Loved watching him win over Dan. I did not appreciate Dan's game play this season. Swearing on the Bible and the names of all he loved only worked because the others thought it meant something to him, Ian didn't need to do that to win and there in lies my happiness. Go home Dan, I don't want to see you anymore than I do Jessie. WTG IAN!!!!!!!!! <----The Quack Pack!
  3. Amen BeeeBeee!!!!!!! Dan's choo choo friends will be jumping up and down but I totally agree with "since it is Dan, all is forgiven and it's just gameplay". His actions are what give Christians a bad name. He didn't do all this swearing on the Bible and people he cared for to run with Memphis, why is it all so necessary now? It is why his game play was desperate this year because without all the swearing on God and Chelsea he would have been out the door long ago! really can't stand the dude and I hope that Shane and Frank can get most on the IAN choo choo and bring it on home.
  4. Wish Jenn was giving Frank a haircut instead of Ian!
  5. I kinda agree Smoopie. As someone else states he is playing both sides of the house which is going rather well for him right now but as we have always seen when it catches up it does so with a thud!! I do believe there is something going on with Ian as other posters have surmised as well. Walking in circles, constant rocking in a chair or hammock or whatever. He is feeling his oats going up to the HOH talking with Frank and Boogie. I feel it is almost a game.....let's see how many times I can throw the F bomb in one sentence. Feel quite certain this was not a part of his normal voc outside the BB house. He is trying to act all grown up.
  6. I am an RN. There are more things that define an RN. LPN's must have direct supervision under an RN to work in a hospital. LPN's cannot do any type of IV therapy. LPN's are granted much more flexibility in nursing homes as RN's are harder to come by. I have known some great LPN's and crappy RN's, just goes with life. RN's are a long way from being able to "write" prescriptions unless they have the additional training and are certified as a PA or NP. Danielle would scare me to work with as she "sees" herself as so much more than she is, at work and at home.
  7. I think Ian is a sweet kid and he is socially a kid. I do worry about him and if he is stable enough for this game he knows and loves so well because he is so socially awkward. The constant rocking, pacing and walking in circles is not "normal" behavior. The fact he so loves the game and can rattle off info like every player from every year does not mean he has a clue how to play the game. I hope I am wrong but that is where I see him......clueless.
  8. Unless I am mistaken at this time Danielle is an RN. She was telling Dan she wants to get her Master's and become a Nurse Pract. The way she was telling it to Dan they are on the same level as MD's. She expressed she would be a practitioner just able to skip medical school. As an RN myself I have worked with many NP's and PA's. Thank goodness they did not have the arrogant attitude of Miss High and Mighty. NP's have a scope of practice and limited medical knowledge as compared to MD's. Danielle would be the type of NP to avoid as all of us in the medical community must acknowledge our limitations or we become dangerous.
  9. Am certain that your statement is incorrect. While WE could drool over Jeff, love the "hot" pictures that does not mean WE did not see the real man. He has a strong sense of right and wrong and the loyalty that goes along with it. Those that feel Jeff talks down to Jordon....I don't see it that way. I love Jordon however the girl is ditzy, not unintelligent, just ditzy. There were times she would say something and I couldn't help but roll my eyes and think, OMG, did she really just say that.Jordon knows he gets frustrated with her and all I can say is, IT IS ONLY THEIR BUSINESS and we should all get out of it. Ruby, the season is at an end and hopefully you can breathe now. You have seemed so angry on almost all of your posts. It is what it is and us feeling upset isn't going to change it. We all have the right to express our opinions yet there is a small smattering of posters that get so involved and angry. It is now time for
  10. You are so right Marty. I don't understand why Jordon is so antisocial She has been that way all season but now that there are so few people it is so blantantly obvious and I think hurtful for her game. She could sit and laugh w/them even if she doesn't want to play cards. I love Jordon! (I know Rachel thread and I am getting there.) However, I have been so disappointed in her physical game play. Especially the last 2 weeks. Rachel has carried her every step of the way. I know that Rachel must have wanted to express her frustrations but she did not demean Jordon in any way in the DR or to others. I have never been a Rachel fan but I gotta say that this Rachel, without Brreeeaaaannnn, is a girl I like!! Hope you bring it home girl!
  11. I agree with all you said but one thing troubles me. I would vote for Jeff as I think he played a great game until he got burned by Shelly (sorry Jeff, she keeps saying wait till you see the tapes). Oh yea Jeff, wait til you see her on the tapes. However, I hope all the house guests are able to get past the season and any wrongs they feel were done. I hope Jeff decides not to be friends w/Shelly but don't want him wasting his time on her by holding a grudge. Now, the troubling thing. If Jeff and Jordon's votes are split between them then Rachel may sneak up and snag the prize. A vote for Jeff is also a vote for Jordon and vice verse. It is going to take a lot more than Jeff's winnings so far for he and Jordon to decide where they are going to live and let them get established. What do you think Marty, KyWildCat and anyone else this concerns. Oh yea, dear BB gods may we never, ever hear from the Donotos again. EVER!!!

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