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    Just a mom raising the 2 best boys in the world!<br />My oldest is in the Military....ARMY and my youngest just started college.......he is still living at home so I am not an empty nester yet!<br />I have my own business.......not making millions.....just making the bills. And that is ok for me!<br /><br />Any other questions? Just ask.....most of the time I will let you know!!
  1. After the show was over and the news came on, they had a story about Brittany's house catching on fire. I didn't hear all the story. They did say that they didn't tell her until the show was over. How sad is that. I hope she uses the money she won to help out with a new house. This may not be the right place to post this.....sorry!
  2. Thank you so much!! It was I who wanted the pictures!! My mom loves this show and if you could only hear what she would say about Jessie and Chima!! And the woman is 83!! Shame on her!! Not really!!! I wanted these to make a b-day card for her!! We arn't the sentimental kind!! Thanks again!! Mary
  3. Could someone please post a picture of Jessie and his so called purple pants, swim pants, spedo's.....or whatever you call them!! Reason.... My mom watches Big Brother and will be 84. I want to copy a picture and put in on a b-day card for her.......she can't stand him and I'm sure she was making some comments when it came on!! THANKS Mary
  4. As I had said in another thread....Kristin is so reminding me of Vicky from the last couples show. Not a great fan of hers here....not for Vicky either. Just some of the things she says it reminds me "High School"!!! She thought they had it made in the Face Off. Guess she was wrong!! To much of an attitude for me. As for Sione, I can understand how he felt. Jillian did leave him out and should have worked with him even if it was just to push him along on the treadmill. She is there for her ENTIRE team. They are the black team now and need to work together. Bob didn't seem to be upset about all of it. Yes, they do need the support and if Bob has to give it to them for a work out than good for him. Jillian is now their tranier and I think it needs to change and they all need just to "make up"!! Jillian is a proven winner. That is for sure. If I had to work out with her I would be in tears too!! We will see what happens next week!!
  5. For some reason Kristin is so reminding me of Vicky from the last couple show.......and that is not sitting good with me!!! She thought that they would really win the "Face Off" and was very cocky and acted like she had a chip on her shoulder. Someone is going to knock it off...........
  6. Carla can come here and be my best friend!!!!! Joelle......PLEASE......as Bob said....."Talk, talk, talk" That woman made my head spin!!! I can't believe how selfish she is....and act like it's not her fault.... Ok....I've changed my mind on the 2place winner......I now hope it's Carla......that way she can smile away....especially at Joelle!! Good work for the other teams!
  7. David screwed it for Dan.....I could see on Dan's face that when David said that he knew it was over. How sad is that. It's a shame that our younger generation has gotten to this point. I know that my younger son could loose some weight. It is just to easy for them now to drive up and get somethig to eat and then sit in front of the TV. We didn't have all that growing up.......Hopefully by watching my son will do something when the cold weather is gone or fading away. The grandparent team was the best. I felt so sorry for Gramps. My heart went out to him. When I saw the results of them both I was so glad!! I would love to see them get $100,000.
  8. Our beloved Will has been a past guest on the TV show "The Doctors". It airs on ABC in my area (Atl GA) He has been on there a few times.......One of the hosts, Dr. Travis Stork, was of course on the show The Bachelor! Here is a link......he also talks about the misguided jock itch!! [url="http://www.thedoctorstv.com Type in the search area Dr. Will Kirby
  9. Does anyone remember this show from last year? October Road. It was on ABC......and of course when I get into a show it won't be there next year!!! So I won't find out if the young boy finds out who his real father is and if the romance that was so not expecited will last......and if the wedding will occour......... I despise it when they get a show on and then.....poof......it's gone!! And then we go to Friday Night Lites.......now I find out that it will be on a cable station and then later may be shown on "regular" tv............ Just hook me on and pull me out from it all......
  10. Thanks for the info.....Didn't know that "Myrtle" had passed. What a great lady she was!! I guess "Opal" is taking over where she left off.....almost!!
  11. I am so glad this idiot is GONE....out of there......by-by!! I've seen younger kids with better attitudes than this guy........I could have thrown something at the TV when he was talking with Julie after the show.......the boy hasn't got a clue!! I hear the circus is always looking for new clowns!!
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