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  1. Final thoughts:


    - Best line was Paul telling Julie he did not know why he lost but "the stats were there". Yeah but the votes were not. : ). Rigged or not the vote was entertaining television. 


    - The jury would not know how mean xmas was. Not sure Josh would have won against her. I think the votes would be the same (for/vs Josh) except Alex and Cody.


    - Can't thank CBS enough for the cast this summer. Freed up a lot more of my time.


    - Thanks to Morty, the LFU crew and all the posters. Made a bad season entertaining as always.


  2. I dislike Vanessa and Austin both on a game basis and personality basis. Putting all that aside I think Vanessa is dreaming if she thinks she has any chance against Austin or Liz in the final two. The Austwins, Jackie James or Megs will never vote for her if she is up against either Austin or Liz. I also think it would be very sleazy to abandon Steve now and there will be a backlash if she does both in the game after the game is over. BUT if she can blindside Austin now and then get Liz out next week she just may get Austin's vote on an ego basis alone (she was smart enough to get ME out) and he would probably sway Liz with that logic (assuming she CAN get logic). To me that is playing the odds she is always spouting about.


    This season has been a tough one to bear but I love the game. I am not often right about the choices the people make but the human dynamic continues to fascinate me. So I will root for a J/S final waving ba-bye to Van. If not its comforting to know Morts is here.

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