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  1. Despite possibly feeling bitter, the other houseguests at the party were laughing and having a good time. Shane and Danielle had to be dragged there and were a bunch of whiny, bitter, sad sacs during the interview. They seem to be the only two that don't realize their summer was spent playing a game, not at a job to pay their bills and not a dating show to meet a mate. They can be bitter, no one is saying they can't, but to me their attitude and how they are handling the situation shows me a lot about their character and so now did I not only not like them in the house, I don't like them out of the house either.
  2. after seeing their interview at the party I see they are both stupid, bitter, and delusional and it turns out they are perfect for each other
  3. Both Shane and Danielle arrived after all and they are acting like a couple. Shane confuses me. Dani said she will be in Vermont soon lol Danielle must have drugged or bribed Shane because he is acting really into Danielle. Oh and watching Shane still be so bitter about Dan is making him look like such a tool.
  4. I read Danielle is not going to the party that is going on right now because she wants to avoid the negativity. I thought she couldn't wait to get to a club and dance. Oh reality must really be hitting her and not in a good way.
  5. Since AG seems to love Frank it looks like we might be seeing him every season ala Jessie.
  6. I don't know how she will survive outside of the house since the men won't be locked in and will be able to RUN
  7. Watching her with Dan right now is disgusting. Talking in that baby voice, telling him that she loves like family She was trying to get him to say it back and he told her to "quit fishing". I still can't believe that she doesn't ever feel a fool when Dan calls her out on her weird behaviors, she just keeps on at them. I hope I never see this nutcase again after Wed.
  8. I really wish they would catch up with the BB players after they watch the show and read the boards. I would be interested in hearing Shane's take on Danielle then.
  9. I agree Wingman, her winning will disgust me just because she sucks so bad as a person. I don't really see great game play from her either. She had two men to hide behind and her lying wasn't even game play, just her normal pyschotic self so I don't think she should get any credit for it.
  10. I'm still hoping for some Dan misting tonight so that Danielle will go home.
  11. Wait now her boobs are fake? After all the times I have heard her tell shane how they are real When I look at her moedeling pics I don't see beautiful at all. I see the joker face, lie telling narcissist. I couldn't watch the feeds at all last night because of her. I have never disliked a house guest this much, she is just vile.



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