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  1. Emmett hurt his foot playing soccor,he didnt wear shoes because he didnt want to roll his foot.I think it may have worked out better if he would have put his shoes on....but that may just be the mother in me.
  2. Is that really called getting NAILED ???What Jillian did?????Wow where I live what they did wasnt getting Nailed.An teachers all over do more then what shes doing evey day.Big Brother isnt a show for kids to be watching it says 18 plus for a reason,an if parents are letting there kids watch it shame on them.I cant think of a better way to spend some time in the house :-) its better then sitting around bitching an talking game 24/7 .
  3. Love Emmett His smile :-) My eye candy
  4. First HOH is Suzette,she has 1 hrs to nom 2 for evection. Suzette answered the phone to become the HOH Emmett an Tom nom. going to play for POV wow this is going fast
  5. Iam thinking with how cold an snowy its out..it will give me time to do some posting here from the live feeds.The U S A posters do such a great job at keeping us up to date its the least I can do to help out :-)
  6. Way to go Ian,Iam sure he will get a girl to go swinging with,it will be an eye opener for him arrowhead thanks for the song LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!
  7. For me Iam so pissed I got the feeds this year.Ive been getting them for 7 years an this year they are sssooooooo BAD.I can get on,they freeze,or the fish.If they keep up like this ,its the last time.
  8. I think Jordan should have taken some of the money she won last time an gone back to school.Listening to her on the feeds....wow..my 8 year old grand daughter is way smarter then her.It must be an act,I cant believe anyone can be THAT stupid.
  9. Well its back to the house for us all,that must mean its about time for Big Brother 13 to start...yahoo Been watching since season 1,its just addicting....cant wait :-))))) Hello to everyone!
  10. WWWWOOOO HHHHOOOO way to go Fabio...winner
  11. Is anyone from Mortys going to Vegas,would love to hear some of the goings on about the house guests?Any one??
  12. I have been a fan of Brit from the start,her an Lane made me laugh many times ,the banter back an forth was great.I think Iam going to try an get her to join the forum as Iam sure she will fit right in with the making fun of ,name calling an belitteling she does ,is what alot of people have done to her on here.Yet that is what people DONT like about her,that she was doing in the house.
  13. No they are to be back up after tonights show :-)
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