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  1. We loved the Mole but the best part was how Anderson Cooper handled the show. Please get him also.
  2. TV Guide has a column about the incidents with examples. It is everywhere. We can only guess the conversation at the exec's and our hostess' breakfast table.
  3. I don't know what I am doing here, but I would like to start an update on General Hospital. It is going toward celebrating its 50 anniversary . Many former actors have returned and it is really fun to see them and especially to remember. Join in on Abc in the afternoon and SoapNet during the evenings. Soapnet also has the entire week on Sat & Sun. Sleuth----- GH is my one soap also and I have been watching since 1984 through the best and worst
  4. Yes Chat works fine for me. After I adjusted my font and colors. Looks and seems to react like the former chat. But what do I know? Thank you Morty for completing this arduous task. Whew Now you must rest up the short time before BB starts. I am happy
  5. YES! We get it on TV also and it was spectacular as always but this was bittersweet. What can I watch now? After Atlantis lands.
  6. "Fuskie Who notes the target date for Endeavour's delivery to the LA Space Museum is February, 2012..." Thanks you, Fuskie, for your efforts in reporting and for your amazing knowledge. Thanks to Endeavour for 25 breath-taking flights. We anxiously await your arrival in California sometime in February when we will be able to visit you. We expect to be overwhelmed!
  7. Some special thoughts and prayers for the crew to take additional care of Endeavor so she comes back to us. After retirement, she will be only 30 miles from my home. I could walk to see Endeavor!
  8. ]Flight Day Seven - I Can See Russia From My Space Station Incredible Coverage, Fuskie. Great service.
  9. Have a "Happy" b-day, Morty. Stay well, my leader 'cause I am late by your time sleuth
  10. Great stuff, Fuskie. Picture and videos are keepers. And so thrilling to watch Everything is so sharp and clear now. Thanks
  11. What a great ride, from Launch to Landing. You have brought such joy and education into all our lives. We will always look forward to more "learning" from you. Thanks
  12. --------------- size] Best idea I have seen not yet mentioned, Jersey. I get so angry when we buy the feeds and they are allowed to whisper. BB should do a shout out and tell them not to whisper. and mean it
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