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Eighth HoH 6 Fessy
Nominee #1 3 Scottie
Nominee #2 3 Brett
Veto Player #1 3 Tyler
Veto Player #2 3 Angela
Veto Player #3 3 Hayleigh
Veto Host 3 Kaycee
Veto Winner 6 Brett
Veto Used? 3 Yes
Saved Nominee 3 Brett
Replacement Nominee 3 Kaycee
Who is the first HG to vote? 3 Angela
Evicted HG 9 Scottie
Will America be involved in a twist this week? 3 No
Will Voting Be in one or two parts? 3 One
Will there be a Double Eviction this week? 3 No
Weekly Score 60  


This weeks Point standings


Fuskie                21 Points

vyvashuss44    21 Points

gishy333tx        12 Points

KatFer                6 Points



Total standings


gishy333tx         45 Points

Fuskie                    35 Points

vyvashuss44         30 Points

Dade                     30 Points

monadyan           26 Points

KatFer                     22 Points

kitten200             18 Points

BBWatchr            16 Points

Kakidoodle09        6 Points

Flickz                      5 Points

Jinx                         3 Points

Nataliebb23           2 Points

Vampirelover         1 Points

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